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UK: Railways Book Reviews from YouTube

My railway experience in UK | UK train review in Malayalam
The Future is Great British Railways
Railway experience in UK | UK train review in malayalam | And introducing UK railway app how to us
The United Kingdom's High Speed Rail System Explained
Bro train ticket aganna book cheyya?
Tube nte travel expenses onn paranj tharavo? Approximately
Hi sajith enjoyed watching your train journey
എഞ്ചിന്‍ ഡ്രൈവര്‍മാരുടെ കഥകള്‍ കേള്‍ക്കാന്‍ ...
Good afternoon, Sajith's Vlogs. this is a beautifully decent video. thank. :)
Nice video👌👌
Variety thought aanallo. Great video to show railways here in the UK. Good going.
Nice one
Great video... u r luck to get gud weather.
Explained very well about the thing s you need to know about the train journey in the uk
Adipoli .
Woww it was pleasure to watch
Ithu super
Great train travel ..
nice video
The most expensive rail fares in Europe FACT , The railway has been heavily reliant no subcontractors , but trains will still be right by the Dutch don’t make sense. Too much expensive rail fares . Will not attract people back to rail travel .even if it has a new set up. People will continue to work from home.should just call it British Rail . Not Great British Rail.
Love the video. I too am a big fan of the railways. I agree that "All under one roof" is a positive. I just hope that the money doesn't stop coming as was the case with how BR were squeezed!
British Rail should never have been desolved in my opinion
Forget the concessions. Just renationalize it. Privatization just increases overhead and administrative costs for no reason.
I was a Signaller at Kings Cross when Railtrack came in. I could see bad things happening and so took redundancy. Unfortunately, I was proved right in my misgivings. A nice informative video.
Great, more socialism. Works so well in North Korea.
Just a shame we can not bring back BR as one big private company but owned by the government
This will be yet another screw up of the railways. Corbyn still BR with Boris flag waving nonsense! Painting trains in the Union Jack won't change anything the only way to get decent railways is to fully privatise them back to the big four with no government interference. I suspect the "Bring back BR" people will be drooling all over this.
Different operators having different tickets is called competition; that's.a good thing, it's why we have smartphones and other great tech where competing companies constantly try to out do each other. If you didn't know your local station didn't have a ticket machine when you bought the ticket, that's on you; do you think someone from GBR is going to follow you round all day pointing out where there are and aren't ticketst machines? coffee kiosks? toilets? Should they clean your shoes for you too if you step in a puddle? Also, the splitting of infrastructure from operators was and EU directive so you can blame them for that.
Very true what you said about local knowledge being essential on engineering sites, at least in the old days train crews on infrastructure sites were local unlike now where it’s all left to freight companies to cover engineering work where drivers are either travelling hundreds of miles or lodging in hotels to cover a ballast site on a route they may only go over every blue moon.
I say yes to Great British Railways. If they are to maintain our railways in England, Wales and Scotland (except Northern Ireland). And for more new trains being built to replace the older trains that need replacing and to be scrapped and some to be preserved.
You say the treasury never asked the boss of BR how they ran the railway, and thus, how best to privatise it. The fact is that back then, the eec (and then eu) were the ones pushing legislation to seperate the train and track. And this has happened long ago in every eu country. You also mention DB in Germany. Well the tory party used the 1993 railway act to break up our railway. And in germany in 1994, they had the bahn reform act, which was to reintegrate the east and west railways of germany after the fall of the berlin wall, but also sneaked in the seperation of train and track, and gave the lander of germany (the regions), the legal responsibility to competitively tender all their regional train operations. So if you go to Germany today, you will see more different liveries and train operators than we have in the UK!! And by 2023, all eu countries must competitively tender all their train operations to the public sector.
Has everyone lost the plot or what? They actually believe this bunch of lying muppets will improve ANYTHING? Tell you what,wish in one hand and shit in the other..tell me which fills up first.
Verry good video! the stretch of the gwr from swindon to Bristol via bath and Bristol to the south west is still un electrified, put on hold indefinitely, I drive past gantry's every day that were built over 4 years ago and still have no overhead wire
Good video. Deserves more views imo
very informative video, thank you for making this!
Good information 👌👍
As some commenters have noticed I accidentally cut a section in edit of the West Coast Mainline which does have substantial 125mph operations up to Scotland! Note that!
Pendolinos were introduced in '97 & the Class 222 'Meridian' is A Super Voyager as well I have books & videos that prove this fact Also learn the trains properly please
My experience with high speed trains all over Europe: France: over 300 km/h, no shaking Germany: slight under 300 km/h, no shaking Italy: over 300 km/h, some shaking Spain: around 300 km/h, quite shaking UK: 200 km/h, shaking 😒
You actually missed one export. In the 80s BREL exporter MK3s nearly identical to those used by the HST only with modifications to be hauled by Ireland's GM locomotives. They had the same bogies same carbody same seats same lavatorys etc. Though only ran in service at 100mph due to Irelands line speeds.
It's pronounced "Intercity one-two-five"
One LNER Azuma Coach Is 1.6M United Kingdom Has Spent A lot Of Money On Trains.
I've been on a few High-Speed Trains I WIll Just Say Two. One Is In Germany It Is The ICE 3 Super Fast And Was A Nice Ride. And Second Is The LNER Azuma 801. Well, The Standard Class What I Went On it's Fast at 125 MPH. But The Wifi is Horrible I couldn't even watch youtube. So I recommend Bringing CDs Or Something. That's All.
It must be said that the 125s and 225s are some of the best looking trains in the world. None of those wishy washy curves, they have sharp looks.
I think British high speed rail started with City of Truro/Flying Scotsman who were the first to hit 100 mph
395 used to be my favourite when I lived in UK
The ECML goes all the way to Scotland. And HS1 wasn't the first high speed mainline to be opened in 100 years. The Selby Bypass of the ECML was opened in the early 1980s, that makes HS1 the first since the 1980s.
Lumo train service is what I find interesting
What about Morocco, we have a dedicated tgv too haha
Well yes Britain had many pre grouping railways all building their section of track in the 19th century so of course our network is rather small and restrictive compared to other countries. Its Victorian charm should be embraced.
UK, Western Europe, China, South Korea and Japan all have extensive HSR Networks covering all cities and towns. USA, Canada and Australia take note!
The franchise system didn't mean that you would be riding a different train because of the contract change. In general, it was the same train and the same staff, just a new logo and colours, and someone different taking the profit.
One little criticism of this video: when Gareth was talking about the InterCity 225 he mentioned that it has a top speed of 140mph. This isn't entirely true. They were designed to have a top service speed of 140mph, but in reality the highest speed reached by one during test running was 162mph.
A load of crap, as usual from the UK. "We are the best" from the mouth of those, who sent... the Thameslink stock to the opening ot the Channel Tunner, because there was nothing else. The sooner you realise the UK is a dump, the sooner you will be able to repair the situation. Of course, now with the Brexit...
15:40 Jesus Christ, I cannot unsee that...
United States on Brightline

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