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UGREEN CR130 7 Port USB 2.0 USB Hub Features

  • USB 2.0 hub 7 ports--Connect flash drives, card readers, keyboard to your PC/Laptop at speed up to 480Mbps;
  • Support USB 2.0 Spec. Backwards Compliant with USB 1.1;
  • Plug & Play, with over voltage protection;
  • Support 1TB and above mobile HDD and other storage devices; (Power hungry devices need extra 5V/2A power adapter);
  • Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux.
UGREEN CR130 7 Port USB 2.0 USB Hub

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UGREEN CR130 7 Port USB 2.0 USB Hub Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Ugreen
Item model number CR130

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Hello, the device is not working properly. I was likely to lose important information. Greetings.
Doesnt charge my iphone when connected to a wall socket
Complete rubbish. Throw it . Does not transmit information.
Buttons break after switching on and off.
Mine stopped working after a few days
hello, bro, i live im brazil (if i write something wrong, sorry ;-;)so, i want know if i can plug the device in the socket for the hole for it, nand dont use the usb port to a computer. if you don't understand me, please paste the text in google translator please :) ps i subscribe in your chanel: ola amigo, eu moro no brasil e gostaria de saber se eu plugar o dispositivo na tomada usando um caregador no buraco do carregador, conseguiria utilizar ele para carrega-lo sem plugar o usb na tomda, obrigado :) thanks for the attention(☞゚ヮ゚)☞☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
hi Its not working with usb extension cable.
Super shitty USB hub. Pretty nice night light.
Do you know how to remove the bottom casing? A switch of mine is broken I'd like to fix it but I think I might destroy this instead if I accidentally force it to open.
Hey, I have the same 7 ports, ¿you know what is the function of the port that it has on the side?, it is not USB.
I noticed that it can only work for just one device and cannot more. For instance I have two power banks, it can charge both in the same time. I guess it's a problem of my 7 port adapter.
When you said 7:47 I looked towards my clock and it was dead 7:47
What's the speed transfer of this thing?
I have this device, but don't working, my PC says it doesn't recognize it any solution? pls.
Is it possible to charge phone with it?
i was going to buy it but wasn't sure it's what i need thank you for making it clear for me this video really helped me take the decision to buy it.
Do you know if this USB hub backfeed the USB receiver (laptop o any devices) when the DC connector is pluggin?, I'm intersted in this USB hub, but a don't want burn my board, thanks for the answer.
i bought one with 4 ports and mouse dont work corectly (lags), usb wifi card dont work and thats it
Not working with Windows 8.1 , any Solutions
All the China seller does not know because they only want to sell easily and ignores buyers. This is a standard 3.55 dc barrel jack. Plug in dc and will spoil your USB Hub forever. The IC inside is not real USB chip. They are China made fake wafer. The speed is at least 6 times slower than normal USB. Not worth to buy because price is the same as real USB. Even 8 port hubs from House brand are fake. Never buy the hub that has this logo 7 or 4 in a box example shown in your video. Mine came in a box while yours has no box. Inside the hub you will see a too thin jumper wire soldered improperly. This means wrong design and there are no capacitors or any protection components.
Good video! You kinda sound like a guy who is trying to sell something. xD
The additional power from the micro usb seems to require the hub to be power cycled (unplug the other end that plugs into your pc) completely before it ‘sees’ that it is powered by the micro usb. That’s from my experience using a similar hub (smartdevil) anyway.
Tnx. Convinced to buy this. Will use it for USB Bluetooth, mouse and keyboard
Hi there! what do you guys think about this one? in's on sale now for 50$ looks very similar and characteristics should be the same I guess your thoughts guys!
nice , you deserve more.
What kind of mechanical hard drive were you using?
Run on mac?
So for multiple webcam it didnt work. Or when webcam plug in with other device it didnt work to
I purchased the same hub and it works perfecty with my razer keyboard, mouse and mousepad. Before I had struggle with hubs not being able to accommodate all my devices at once. I highly reccomend this product.
hi would you be able to test please an Orico 4port 3.0 hub also with mini usb power if that provides extra power thanks
the webcam part though. If it does not allow you to plug in other items while using the webcam then what's the use, might as well plug the cam directly to the computer
what if I plugin my hdd without using micro USB additional power ?
I gota get this Nice video
Hi bro I purchase 7 ports USB hub I am getting one problem pen drive copy photo videos to pc getting slow and cancelling can you help me please
Thanks for this, I'm the Sabrent 7 port USB 3.0 Hub instead. I kind of feel like Anker is cutting corners and not using usb 3.0 connections on slots 4-7.
Likely driver problem, depends on the operating system. I had similar problems with VIA USB3 chipset.
very nice and to the point test, I hope Anker wil listen.
Your video is indeed misleading as someone mentioned in a previous comment. Who wants a USB 3.0 to be connented on a Docking station? So it could be the docking station that causes the problem.
I'm having a bunch of issues with this device. At the beginning, the first 3 ports worked with external usb 3.0 drives. The other ports wouldn't work with many USB 3 OR 2 devices. After a couple of days, the entire hub stopped working. Power is going in from the AC adapter, but no ports work at all. Anker is going to send another one, but I have a feeling I'll be in the same boat as you!
What power (current) will deliver to each port?
"Nice little carrying case". OOOOOKay.
Does it work without power adaptor like Anker 3-Port data hub?
I ordered the Alcey 6-port w/ card readers. They claim all 6 are 3.0, guess I'll find out when it gets here. I was also curious about charging, I noticed some of the hubs have one or more ports dedicated to charging. I hope I can use it to charge my phone and tablet, I don't really care about "fast-charging" that just shortens battery life. I noticed at least one of the usb hubs I looked at said it wasn't for charging and I found that odd, seems like any usb would supply a charge but who knows?
damn I was about to buy like 20 of this, I need a trustable USB 3.0 powered hub, anker was my first option, now wtf should I do?
Okay, the only thing I can think of, is are your USB 3.0 devices backward compatible with USB 2.0? I have a old Vista computer that only has USB 2.0 and I have no problem using my USB 3.0 external Hard Drives and Thumb drives. Update, just got my Anker USB 3.0 7 port hub, just like you have and all 7 ports recognize USB 3.0. So I have know idea whats wrong with yours.
So it work on pc right?
Does This device work well with External HDD?
Do you need to plug in the other wire to an outlet or not?

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