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Flipkart Offers ₹4,990
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Turbo 4000 Boost Plus Dry Vacuum Cleaner Features

This is a 3 mode model i.e you can hang on shoulder, standing mode to clean carpets, and horizontal mode to pull via wheels.It has both Suction and Blower capability and has washable filter.It has turbo boost plus technology which results in high suction power.It has Copper Winding Motor.Dust Bag Overload Protection as Red Indicator Start Blink.For Best performance Continuous runtime upto 15 minutes, give break for 1 minute and then use again.

  • Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Motor Power: 800 W | Power: 800 W
  • Wheels | Blower
Turbo 4000 Boost Plus Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The lowest Turbo 4000 Boost Plus Dry Vacuum Cleaner Price in India is ₹4,990 at Flipkart.
Buy Turbo 4000 Boost Plus Dry Vacuum Cleaner online at Flipkart.
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Turbo 4000 Boost Plus Dry Vacuum Cleaner Specifications

Additional Features
Dust Bag Full Indicator Blink
Buttons Power On/Off
Indicators Power Indicator, Dust bag Indicator
No. of Motors 1
Other Body Features Top Handle
Wand Copper, Plastic Tube
Wheels Yes
Convenience Features
Motor Overload Protection Yes
Works on Car Battery No
Net Weight 2.5 kg
W x H x D 21.59 x 26.67
Blower Yes
Dust Collecting Feature Dust Bag with 3 Capacity
Filteration system Washable Filter
Type Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Motor and Suction Power 800 W(Motor)
Power Consumption 800 W
Power Requirement 220-240v

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Turbo 4000 Boost Plus Dry Vacuum Cleaner Reviews from YouTube

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Hoover U2716 Turbopower Boost Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing
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I just get mine from the website David dobrik recommended from Autospot.store
only for usa :(
The problem with most car vacs is that they do not have a narrow enough or long enough accessory that will reach between the seat and consol to clean very well the carpet below.
Can it be used to clean car seats too?
Harga berapa
how much and how to order?
Sir where we can buy and plz mention the price
What about xiomi cleanfly fv2 ?
Nakakabili po kaya ng filter ung s likod po?
Alam nyo po ba paano maayus ang button ayaw na po kasing gumana
Jorge vega❤️
Got this as a gift and what a piece of junk! Hardly any suction and ready to throw in the garbage.
Got one...Doesn"t suck at alll
Is this a techno party ?
Thank you, now I know that this machine is suck anyway ,,, ✌️👍
Mine does not work, can U tell me who manufactured this cause I would like shit in it and send it back. I spent more time trying figure how to lock this piece of shit just finally get it turn it on and not work.
Still the same shit .
The part that you just cut out, why can't the manufacturer do this same thing in the first place?😒
That's not going to do anything with that little motor its only got for fine dust that's all
Hi that was great, would you like to make video on more boosting this great vacuum cleaner pls, cos i bought it and want more power from this vacuum, I've done this mod and it works fine but i still believe you can take more from this stuff
Another improvement i made for this vacuum was change the wire because i noticed it got warm before some minutes of using, that means resistance, and i changed it for another much better and again i gained some extra power with just this easy modification, soon i'll post the video because its necessary some care because of the polarity to avoid burn it.
Guys and gals I tried this and it is so much better you should do this
Annoying music.
I believe they use 80watt 775DC motor, if you buy 150watt 15000rpm model of that motor and replace, you can get better results.
Wonder why they designed it to be so inefficient! I was gonna change the motor to get more suction. Your fix looks great!
nice thanks .
Yikes the packaging looks like a mummified body and motor sounds like a cantancorus granny..
At 5:18 there’s a chunk broken right where the hose starts to go up you can see it.
Hi Roger what's the best stuff to use to try get the original colour back iv got a turbopower plus in grey to do but iv took the hoover badge off where the air freshener would go and can see the original grey which is a tad lighter cheers can't wait to see your result on the turbo boost Dave.
Hi Roger, I am DR Electrics, Sketty swansea. We are now called Appliance Team Swansea Ltd. love your videos keep them comming!! Dave xx
When I ordered a lot of 2 DC-series Dysons on eBay, it came from a pawn shop, and they literally packed them side by side, with one inverted, and then wrapped them in a ton of plastic shipping cling wrap and then sent it like that. They only went maybe 2-3 states distance so they didn't get damaged, and it went FedEx. I was shocked and afraid there might be something broken, but there wasn't. Took me about 15 minutes to unwrap them! Also a lot of times, sellers do not montor their email inboxes, so they often never get the messages.
May I ask why this Hoover vacuum is so wanted with the collectors?
Lubricate the bearing of the motor and new bag and filter she should work fine for sure after good condition not bad for the year
Seriously, it wouldn't have cost the seller much more in postage by putting it in a large box with the foam peanuts.
Very nice Turbopower Boost. That one was manufactured in July 1992. I really liked the Total Systems, I just think they looked more complete, personally. It’s a nice cleaner, I wouldn’t worry too much about the damage... As you say, it is not detrimental to the machine.
This should come up nice after your TLC. Good idea to have the before and after on one video sir.
You have to open a case against that seller, especially that he ignoref when you asked him how to pack and post it.. some people..
You do like to rescue the unloved.
Being Ebay I would not be surprised if that piece was broker before it was packed. The buyer would think you assumed it broke in transit.

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