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Buy Tt eSPORTS (EA-MTC-AKCSIL-37) Keyboard online at Amazon. USB Connectivity
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The Lowest Price of Tt eSPORTS (EA-MTC-AKCSIL-37) Keyboard

Amazon Offers ₹5,801
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Amazon Offers ₹5,801
FREE Shipping
Out Of Stock

Tt eSPORTS (EA-MTC-AKCSIL-37) Keyboard Features

  • USB Connectivity

The lowest Tt eSPORTS (EA-MTC-AKCSIL-37) Keyboard Price in India is ₹5,801 at Amazon.
Buy Tt eSPORTS (EA-MTC-AKCSIL-37) Keyboard online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Tt eSPORTS (EA-MTC-AKCSIL-37) Keyboard Specifications

Technical Details
Additional Features Basic
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Tt eSPORTS
Hardware Interface USB
Hardware Platform usb
Item Height 13 Millimeters
Item model number EA-MTC-AKCSIL-37
Item Weight 277 g
Item Width 14.9 Centimeters
Product Dimensions 32.2 x 14.9 x 1.3 cm

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Tt eSPORTS (EA-MTC-AKCSIL-37) Keyboard Reviews from YouTube

Tt eSports Poseidon Z Kailh Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
BEST RGB MECHANICAL KEYBOARD? | Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review
Tt eSPORTS MEKA PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review (Cherry MX Blue)
Thermaltake Tt eSports Poseidon Z Mechanical Keyboard Kailh Blue Switch Review
whoa that old intro
these keys didnt lasted a year before registering twise the presses or not working at all. the keyboard looks new but the switches are trash.
Heyyy can I ask something? You know Thermaltake Neptune Elite? Is that switch replaceable?
5 years and I'm still using it. Although it went through a misteryous phase of keystrokes repeating itself, and it was unusable, storing it in a cardboard box under my bed for 3 years seeems to have fixed it magically
Oh, wow. I didn't realize my keyboard had that long a warranty. I've not needed it thankfully, but with a MFG Date of 2015, I've not got too long left.
bought this for $40.00 on clearance in 2019. Build quality is a lot better than cheap mechanical RGB keyboards in the market.
prefer kailh over cherry.... more clicky!
I have it Edit: but with brown keys
It isn't cheap... it's high end. Why did I click on this in 2019?
I am still using this keyboard after 5 years and it works perfectly fine
Mine died after one year of use. Two keys double and triple type on their own.
Dudes voice is so annoying
Bought this like 4 years ago. Developed key chatter issues after about 2 years. It's all over the amazon reviews. Definitely don't buy this keyboard. At least they're sending a new keyboard under warranty - upgraded to RGB version too. unfortunately the problem will return eventually...
mine is red doe...
Which is better. The first one or this one?
You should review the Zalman ZM K900, a really cheap rgb mechanical keyboard
HEY GUYS! If you happen to come across this video be sure to check out some of my newer content. It's not as horrible, I promise lol!
I use brown switch
how do i change the color
Hey man what keyboard is that at 3:10? I really like it
Review The DA Meca Z please
Can it do audio visualizer?
How do you get to 5:16 to that thing, I have the keyboard and everything just never knew how to get there to customize it.
Is there a spiral effect?
Has the software improved since you made this video? Can anyone else with this keyboard let me know?
are they cherry switches or kailh?
for the time it worked i rly liked this keyboard the keys were a tad wiggely for a 100$ keyboard and it just up and stopped working after a year no fixes that i could find and i looked everywhere would not recomend im quite butt hurt about this shit if i mgonna spend 100$ on a keyboard it better work for more than a year as i know some shitty ass keyboard that stand up to some bad treatment over 10.
OMG ! typing sound is amazing
Subbed just because of intro
How Nvidia's cards are lining up the 1050 should be close to the 970
this poseidon z has the brown switches?
make a tenkeykess version of this
Can you get this in the UK ? If so, can someone provide me with an Amazon link
omg thank u for showing me this i always wanted a wave type mechanical keyboard so thanks im getting it for my bday which is the 22nd
I'm so happy with this keyboard. Looks very nice with the price
Are you Taika Waititi?
Are the key caps ABS or PBT? Doesnt say in specs
Why blue so fkn noisy... I have Red switches and they are the best!
you really deserve alot more subs, that was a top tier review, thanks
I'm typing this comment with this keyboard now, It's actually very good! I recommend it to all of you guys! *BESIDE* *HATERS* :)
Typing with it right now, I love it! Definitely recommend to all :)
when I subscribed to your channel there were around 100 sub , now around 1k sub ...... congrats
Another great video! Keep them coming.
Not a bad price point all things considered, but you lost me at "red only" ! Great vid!
that moment when your sub count is 1080 lol
Does it work with Mac?
There is a Rgb version of this keyboard
I know it's been 3 years, but I bought one of these boards a few years ago and within the first 8 to 10 months the top row (from q across to the right) began double and even triple inputing. it might've jusy been my board but please watch out.
It should have zero stars in Amazon. Keys started failing (some writting 2 letters when pressing it once, others not writing) after a year and a month. So, the sellers warranty was finished. I had one year more of manufacturer warranty, I sent them the keyboard (I had to spend £12 to send to Germany) and the nightmare started: they did not have the same keyboard with my layout, so they only offer a different (was so difficult to deliver a different layout and switch my keys?). They refused to give me my money back, they only could send a different branch WITH A DIFFERENT SWITCH. Ok, no problem. But I received it and it have some keys out of place and a couple of the damaged (see pictures). Ok, not a big deal, I can live with it. The problem, is that this keyboard had even more keys NOT WORKING AT ALL. I kept sending emails to them, and they all get bounced (I think they blacklisted my email). I have to add, that just to get a broken replacement I had to email them a lot, they really suck at communication I had to be on top of them all the time. I will never buy another product of this branch, no matter how cheap is.
I've just bought this keyboard. If you want full N key rollover, not just 6 to 8 keys, you have to connect the keyboard to a 3.0 usb port( often in blue color and behind a desktop computer). 2.0 usb ports can only support 6--> 8 key ghosting. Hope this helps.
This keyboard is completely a waste of cash, do not even think of buying this. Membranes last longer than this piece of shit, even if you're on a budget go for CM Storm, Kailh switches aren't meant to last. GET REAL CHERRY MX SWITCHES! Not some bullshit Chinese knock-off.
Is the RGB version's sound the same?
I buy this one
I got the tesoro excalibur and they both look and feels the same
Blue kailh registered twice after 11 month of use. Returned to a store.
Well built unlike their cases hahahahahahahahahjajajajajajajaj................. Kill me
I think this keyboard would be good for first time mech kb users because they won't be able to tell any kind of difference... plus I'm not picky and I think _any_ mech kb is 200% better than any membrane, for real
Don't forget there another well known MX clone that rival Kailh from China aswell, Outemu switch.
for cs:go kailh blue or brown?
This or the Razer blackwidow tournament edition?
I have this keyboard, but I feel it's hard to type on
i have that same keyboard and yes n key rollover it does have ...
I own THIS KEYBOARD if you have QUESTIONS ill answer you
it is NKRO if you plug it into the ps/2 port
mine doesnt work

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