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TRIO CP9100 Cool Pod Features

  • Laptop Stand Cool Pod
  • Free Size
  • Rotates 360 Degree
  • Ergonomic Design
TRIO CP9100 Cool Pod

Find the best deal on TRIO CP9100 Cool Pod at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest TRIO CP9100 Cool Pod Price in India is ₹650 at Amazon.
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TRIO CP9100 Cool Pod Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Trio
Item model number CP9100
Item Weight 581 g
Manufacturer Part Number CP9100
Model Number CP9100
Package Dimensions 32 x 24.2 x 2 cm
Product Dimensions 32 x 24.2 x 2 cm

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TRIO CP9100 Cool Pod Reviews from YouTube

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Why can't I find exactly this fan on Amazon? The link shows a different cooling pad
this would be the most perfect if it had rgb on the side of it
Anyone got a surface pro 7 suggestion?
Do the intakes of the laptop have to be in the gap for it to work
MAN THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST LAPTOP COOLER REVIEW I'VE WATCHED. Good demonstration of how powerful the air is with that smoke thing. I already bought 2 laptop coolers, a 6fans and single big fan but I feel those aren't powerful enough to cool my gaming laptop down. And I will definitely try this one out
Thank you man, I found this and bought it, all I can say was great This cooler way better than laptop cooler I purchased before
Would be better if you didn't put the smoke source so close to the intake so we can see how powerful the intake is.
Is this for sale anywhere?
I feel like this is the perfect cooler for laptops that have fans located on the bottom of it. I'm getting it in a week so I'll update this after I test it
I have a question why didn't you test it on a laptop and compare the before and after computer heat
what if the exhust is in the rear of the computer, would not the intake grab the hot air back to the cycle?
couldn't find this in China, but I bought something just like it and all I can say is YES! this is what I wanted. the other cooling pad I bought would be easily smothered underneath in any application where I needed it and even on a hard surface it seemed to make a negligible difference. This type of pad on the other hand. whew. it has three settings. low, medium, and high. I find that in my normal usage. each setting lowers the temp of my laptop by 5C. if I normally run at 60C give or take, this things takes me down to about 40-45. The kind of temperatures I could only get before when on battery and battery saver mode. The intake vents on my inspiron 7590 are underneath and the exhaust is at the screen hinge. It forces air through with such a force I can put my fingers above the exhaust and feel it. Moreover, it keeps my keyboard cool. Like before this pad, even if my laptop temps happened to be around 45-50. the left side of my keyboard could still be very hot to the touch. the only concern I have is if forcing the air through at such force could damage my laptop fans by spinning them up higher than what was intended and maybe harm them or the motor. Probably an unfounded worry, but just something in the back of my mind. increased fan speed, even if it is because of air being blown across them, could wear them out this is a Dell Inspiron, I'm pretty sure I can replace the fans more easily than I could the processor/gpu :D Also I'm not quite sure how many watts it draws. I read that USB can deliver up to 4500 mW. that seems to fit how much this thing draws when I measure. If so, it could drastically reduce battery life your laptop by a few hours. of course, you could plug it into a portable battery instead my portable battery that I use to charge my phone could probably power the cooling pad for about 6 hours if I found myself in a situation where I needed to use the cooling pad on battery power but didn't want to sacrifice the battery life of my laptop. :) such a situation though is probably unlikely. but who knows.
What if the fan gives the cold air through liquid cooling in a closed casing
at 6:20 the real star of the show appears.
This feels like bad advertisement.
hi , if i got acer nitro 5 where the fans are in the back -right its better klim airflow or klim wind? ty
Does it sound like a jet Engine when you play fortnite?
What if my laptop blows air out right there. Would it just be sucking back up that heat?
theres a similar one which is from KLIM called KLIM Airflow. Is it the same or worse than this 1STPLAYER Black Sir C6?
I didn't know Harland Williams did tech videos
not for a macbook?
So I got this about 5 months ago and it works super well. I was hitying 90 degrees C on a lenovo y700, and now I use my laptop fans plus this thing a d Im getting around 60-70 C. Im happy with it and my laptop doesnt throttle anymore!
Thanks for the best review on a laptop cooler. I'm buying one now. Your appreciated
Is this cooler suitable for macbook?
Does air come out of the laptop? Does it make sense to blow air inside? Is there some sort of fighting wind directions
How does this work with laptops that has heat vent at the rear of laptop? Doesn’t in contra blowing heat back into the laptop?
Awsom job :)
Will this cooler works on asus zephyrus s15? The laptop design has lifted bottom panel
That was a great review, thanks.
this is good if you have a laptop that vents to the side. not good if you have a gaming laptop that has exhaust vents on the back as this will just recirculate the hot exhaust air from the rear vent
Is this work for MacBook 2015 retina?
looks good but a laptop sucks in air from the bottom side?
getting 2 for my jet engine i mean my ps4 pro.
Does this work for dell xps 15?
Hi, can you please suggest me a hight quality cooler for Legion Y740, its getting too hot like 94c and I am unable to decide which cooler to choose.
In my opinion, it’s not worth it if you have a 2017+ Macbook Air/Pro. Since the intake and exhaust ports are in the back, you’re more likely to damage the fans and melt the components inside.
There is one problem. As the hot air comes in front that means that all this air comes to the user. That could be uncomfortable especially if you want to use your laptop in summer
Useful for laptops that don't exhaust in the back
I loved the part where you tested the thermals (before & after), then rated the cooling pads by performance.
Best Cooling pad for laptop india : of time. no actual temp tests done.
Lmao Iets gt300 is a joke my normal cooler integrated in my pc goes all the way to 7200rpm
120$ kidding me?
which one was Rated #1 5 or 1
Which has solar power option?
Survival proof stats cool in temperature
calling pad main fan ki hawa nahe athi kya
Yes I am the owner of the 1 one
Holy crap, advertising laptop coolers and putting a mac on it— laptops without air intake? LOL
1:53 lol all he was doing that playing a gameplay video probably on youtube or something he was moving the mouse left and right but game didnt responded to it the character continued to fire
The music in the beginning is like watching freaking porn lol
4 my xb1
this only a compilation of ads video no tests done dont waste your time watching
I hate this video so much
What a shitty video.
don't buy the second one in this video. It is garbage.
Best Laptop Cooling Pad to Buy in 2020 Links: TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad TopMate C5 Laptop Cooler AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad Thermaltake Massive Notebook Cooling IETS GT300 Double Blower Laptop Cooling Pad >เม้นเเรกก จ้า
So just to confirm, the vacuum cooler sucks the laptop air out? (Which is the way it should be).
Now i already have laptop cooling pad i just need em vacuum cooler to make the set perfect thanks mate
Vacuum coolers look good. but they're really, really impractical. They're huge and need a tremendous amount of space.
Hello from 2k21. If you haven't learned it yet - you should measure the CPU's and GPU's clock speeds while testing a cooling solutions. You can have same temperature with both good and bad cooling simply because your system will throttle down the horsepower on high temps resulting in a "tie".
What if you combine them both
I wonder if the amount of fans in a cooling pad makes a difference? Mine has 5
Does the coller vaccum break? Does it last me at least 1 year? Answer please
Hi sir,is this the ultimate answer so i could already buy the Asus tuf a15 Ryzen9 4900H,I like asus po kasi,been using this for almost a decade,although ive tried acer,hp.Satisfied most with my opting to buy a15 ryzen since they say its fast in lumion,sketch up and 3d
Jesus is coming soon repent and ask God for forgiveness "God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son Jesus Christ that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life"
How much is that Vacuum?
Great video - love to see an updated test with the bottom of laptop removed and somehow air sealed to the cooler pad for a semi-permanent installation. During covid there's been no travel with the laptop.
Thanks po :)
nice laptop acer wits 1 is that
I'm also opting for the combination of both especially for heavy task. Like multiple tabs and apps along with zoom meetings. Effective naman yung cooling pad ko but there are still times na it wasn't enough.
i have this tool and it help decrease my laptop 0.1 C, thanks for nothing.
How did you buy the stand for vacuum cooler
Wanna ask. Do you think that vacuum cooler can be used on my laptop with the exhaust vent at the back? If no, is there any product that support my laptop cooling system other than cooling pad?
Salamat bro, buti nalang pinanood ko muna to bago magorder.
ano specs laptop mo po sir
my stupid question is what happen if i use both equipment will the temperature get 30 or 35 Celsius or it will been 40 Celsius please tell me cause i wanna run heavy game but the laptop getting heat up kinda 60 till 70 Celsius

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