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Buy Trendy Retail Cycling Bicycle Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Handlebar Stem Riser Silver 25.4mm online at Amazon. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, lightweight, stiff and durable Adjustable angle from 0 to 90 degrees, satisfies your different needs Fits for ha...
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Buy Trendy Retail Bike Stem Adapter Riser Threadless Stem ...

Trendy Retail Bike Stem Adapter Riser Threadless Stem Adaptor 22.2-25.4mm Silver ... quill stem adapter riser made of good quality aluminum alloy- sturdy, ...


Trendy Retail Aluminium Alloy Bicycle Bike Handlebar Stem Riser ...

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, anode grinding processing. · Stiff and sturdy, ensure long lifetime of using. · adjustable, providing you with the most ...


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Made of good quality aluminum alloy, durable, lightweight, wear-resistant and solid. High performance folding bike with teeth stem adjustable folding riser ...


Buy Trendy Retail Adjustable Folding Bike Bicycle Cycling ...

Check out Trendy Retail Adjustable Folding Bike Bicycle Cycling Handlebar Stem Mount 25.4mm Red ... Aluminum Alloy adjustable bicycle handlebar stem mount, ...


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Made of aluminum alloy material, it is sturdy and durable. Handling more flexible, lightweight, easier to force when climbing, operation is comfortable.


Trendy Retail Cycling Bicycle Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Handlebar Stem Riser Silver 25.4mm Features

  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, lightweight, stiff and durable
  • Adjustable angle from 0 to 90 degrees, satisfies your different needs
  • Fits for handlebar with diameter 25.4mm (1 inch)
  • Suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, fixed gear bicycle, etc
  • Forged construction, integrated, great accessories replacement for bicycle

The lowest Trendy Retail Cycling Bicycle Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Handlebar Stem Riser Silver 25.4mm Price in India is ₹6,970 at Amazon.
Buy Trendy Retail Cycling Bicycle Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Handlebar Stem Riser Silver 25.4mm online at Amazon.
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Trendy Retail Cycling Bicycle Aluminum Alloy Adjustable Handlebar Stem Riser Silver 25.4mm Reviews from YouTube

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What size are the bolts ?
Old thread but just ordered this and no stem bolts, any ideas if it's m5 or m6 bolts?
What happened in your nose
dumb question maybe but how are they on a roadbike?
I think most people have to realise all these amazon parts are for entry level Cross country and trail. Anyone who knows the sport well knows if your doing some serious downhill or enduro you want the expensive stuff. But I juat bought a Wake Bar and Stem for my Entry level GT timberline (hard tail) and should do just fine.
Now if I only could figure my newton meters.
Homeboy looks and sounds like rick johnson,to cool.
I have a black color it looks great and much comfortable to use on a ride very easy to maneuver on a curve i do hope so it will last long
Can you buy any part which covers the gap as you see the top of the forks (metal) peaking through? 🧐
I just ordered one in blue for my Giant ATX. Looking forward to the first ride with the new stem. I ride West delray trails in South Florida. Thanks for the video oh I also ordered the 720mm handlebars on Amazon in blue too.
It is a bit scetchy on how cheap it was
Got it bit i cut my forks just below the stem..worked great!
I've had mine on my mtn bike for over 9 months and I've zero problems. I'VE also go the wave bars installed. Both have held up just fine and Ive gone on some rough trails and small jumps. Although, I am mindful about not landing with hardly any weight on the bars, just in case they break. But man, they look and feel nice. I saved myself like 150 bucks.
We have the same wake stem and same color too..been using it for a year and still no issue's.
Do you have to have spacers?
So what was your verdict? I just ordered the green one and the 720mm riser bars since my bike started with a 620 bar. Not gonna rude too hard. But damn needed wider
stem only 8 dollar check this short stem of wack from amezon
Isit a bright red or more pinky
The bolts strip really easily and the machining isn't that great
Hey, does the stem come with a top cap?
Can you cut down the seat post length
Do they make one of these to fit a R&M Nevo? The Nevo post diameter is 34.9mm?
I just received it today from abroad . I wish to see you how to set the springs adjustments . And what are there for those sides Allen keys for ? Should I loose them a bit or tightened ? They where tightened but the seat was hard as solid with no movement . Do you have an idea about these ? Thanks a lot .
Hi Chris, greetings from Valencia, Spain. I have just purchased a RM NEVO3 and I’d like to make some upgrades. Firstly, I’d like to get the suspension seat post replaced. Currently, it has a Satori (40 mm travel) but I find it a little bit short for some bumps on the road. Before I watched this review about Kinetik, all my attention was focused on LT Thudbuster Canecreek, as it’s 90 mm travel. But now, I really hesitate about which one I should buy ( Kinetik or Thudbuster) Could you give me your opinion? On which one would you be? Thanks for your help, and sorry to contact you on weekend.
Thanks. Great review and advice as usual. Just put one of these on my Specialized Vado 4.0 LTD. it came with Suntour straight spring suspension. Night and day difference. Kinekt is so much better. And fully adjustable for preload and leveling. Great product. Thanks again for the great reviews.
Mine came with two extra springs. My question is are these the same strength as what is preinstalled? There is no documentation on this.
I found that the “Cloud 9” seat that the rails are just a 1/2 millimeter to “wide” making it a bit difficult to attach the seat to this post.
Will it work when stock seat post is Giant Defuse???
Looking to order from your website. I have 2021 Gazelle ultimate c380+. What the size I need to order?
These videos are awesome! I was wondering if you could help me find a solution to a problem. I have a Vanmoof x3 and it has a 34mm seat post. I can’t find saddle posts or shims that convert to this. The few solutions I’ve found require ordering the parts from Europe or they are all out of stock. Do you have any ideas?
Would you recommend that with R&M Homage ?
Weight limit? 320 pounds.
Is this better than the redshift?
I’ve looked all over about this post, and even the website doesn’t mention it. I just wanna make sure; is the tilt infinitely adjustable? The suntour ncx has preset angles and I can’t get a comfortable seat angle.
all we need is a dampener on that seatpost
does the spring exchengability means, that i can then buy small version, change the springs for different color/hardness and then basically have the large version od the post (it would be the same as buying the large hardness to begin with)?
Have you had a chance to compare this to the Redshift ShockStop seat post? I have an eBike I'd love to get one of these for but still doing research. Also, in conjunction with this seatpost, can you recommend an actual seat? I have a Selle Royal LookIN seat that came with the bike but it feels hard as a rock.
Good review.
Great information and we appreciate it! Just one little note on spelling for the product. It's Kinekt, not Kinect. Small item but might help folks find it better. Thanks again for the kind words! The Cirrus Cycles Team.
Excellent information! Just got the seatpost today as a Christmas gift! I have a Pedego Ridge Rider that has been just outstanding for me so far! Do I need to switch out the OEM seat? If so, suggestion on a good ebike seat that is similar in appearance to the OEM?
Hi thanks for sharing. Has a chain guard been incorporated into the unit to protect the chain in mud and winter? thanks
Great Works!
*It’s proved its worth every single day.☞☞>**Ї **   It charges relatively quickly and lasts me a good three-four days of riding to and from campus. In fact, I charge the bike fewer times than I charge my cell phone. I would recommend this bike to anyone in the market for an affordable e bike for the city/campus. It’s built with only high quality components and since it doesn’t utilize a cheap gear mechanism just for the sake of it, all it’s moving parts are very durable. Definitely a purchase I’m very happy with!*
Trying to be more earth-friendly, we bought an Amego Freedom last month (june 2019) for our employees commutes, and we were so happy with it's performance, we just bought a second(one month later). We highly recommend them! The Freedom was more than we expected it to be in a lot of ways. It's a very sturdy and solid bike , and it is more powerful than we imagined a 350W was going to be. No problem going up the steep hills at speed with very low effort. Thanks so much Court, we've been watching your reviews for a whole year at least leading up to this decision. And thanks Virginia, you and your staff were very helpful to assist us over the phone, and the bike (both) showed up surprisingly and impressively fast, just days later. Great bike and great review.
She is gorgeous.
A lot of these ebikes are rebranded chinese products. This conpmany did not actually design it or have anything to do with its development. I know because I have seen this exact same bike with another brand.
When i saw the Elevate in the background i was more interested in that bike. Had to go to your website to check that one out.
Can you make a reviwe about kalofun 48v
Hey I want a 72 volt 15+ amp charger, my BMS and Cells can take 50 Amps. To save money can I wire two or more chargers in series and or parallel to get the voltage / amperage I want? Question 2, on a different battery pack I want to wire 2- 42 volt bms in series to make a 72 volt battery pack, is there any harm in puting bms in series? Thanks
What's up Cort another good review ya know I've been looking to buy my ultimate commuter, urban assault bike so far I've one that fits that and it's the Bulls FS 45 seeing that either way I'm going to be paying 3500 and up I decided that I think I'm going to get a dualtron Ultra instead of a bike
Come on ask her out
Virginia Black is such an awesome person, she helped me purchase an e-bike a few weeks ago over at Amegos in Toronto and she was just so helpful. If anybody ever asked me where is the best place to buy an e-bike I would definitely recommend Amegos and ask for Virginia, lol! I'm sure all the staff there is just as nice as her. Thanks Virginia, I love my new haibike urban plus!!!!
How would you compare this bike to the rad mini for a few dollars more you get the bigger motor 750 vs 350 and a higher cap battery 48v 13 ah battery does this bike ride better then the mini ?? Is this worth the small difference in price ??
Great small town bike!!! Cheers
"Looking good... sweet on the seat post".
She's HOT!
The money was spent well on this folding bike. Good tires, telescoping handle bar stem , rack. I like it
Battery introduction at 5:24, Removal at 10:40 Frame lock, charging port, and charger at 10:07 Display and control systems at 15:04 Ride test begins at 20:41, Closeups at 23:26
Thank you for this detailed review. I can see that you did your homework. I own this bike in this color and have so far ridden it for about 375 miles. This is my 5th ebike and the best one yet. In my experience, the fenders do rattle, sometimes annoyingly. I was able to somewhat quiet the front fender using small shims. The springs that retract the top part of the phone cradle have proven to be delicate and already broke once. Extra springs were included with my bike, and now I know why. My iPhone once bounced out of the cradle while crossing RR tracks. The lights can be turned on and off by pressing and holding the + button on the assist control. The best two improvements I made were a suspension seat post and upgraded pedals. With the addition of the suspension seat post, the bike is about as comfortable as they come. Aside from the broken springs, the entire charging plug assembly once popped out of the frame and was easily repaired with silicone adhesive. I constantly receive compliments on the appearance. Overall, this bike is a pleasure to own and ride.
My Electra is 1000 newton meters
Is this bike good for winter condition and delivery in urban area?
Great bike nice detail expansion but price seems a little out of reach for most!
For a person that just wants a black bike version, those graphics ruin it. 😬
Thanks so much for the great review! I can't wait to test ride this bike after hearing your review.
13:21 corgi!
The issue with the battery most likely won't be a huge deal to most people due to the fact that we can use both hands to handle the battery. You only have one hand to take the battery off because you were recording with the other.
Great video...this bike is awesome. Just a quick question and is probably obvious. Lets say in 5 years the motor goes out and I didn't want to replace it. Can I just ride the bike like a regular bike if the crank still turns? Thank u in advance.
Thank you for your review. It ultimately led to the my purchase of oxblood townie path go ! I started out with the townie go 8-d and it was very nice BUT the path go feels so premium comparatively. My dealer exchanged with their 30 day policy. And to add to my great deal the bike came scratched in the box and they discounted the price by $600.00 !!!! A little touch up paint and it will be fine. Shoutout to Trey at McDonough Georgia Trek store for awesome customer service.
Damn they're getting expensive. Those are like our expensive Aussie prices. And the bike is ordinary, very ordinary.
Great review! I’ve got this bike after months of research. So far so good but I can’t find the odometer. I love the COBI.Bike features but how do I find how many total miles are on the bike? Not trip distance. I’ve looked everywhere 🤷🏼‍♀️
I own a vale and its a great bike. For the overpriced comments, its simply not. Id rather have my bike then a car. The only thing a car has on me is being sheltered from the elements but i live in socal so its not a problem most of the year. But i can buzz around town and get places faster then cars period. Its such a smooth ride and i actually enjoy riding the thing going anywhere. Hills are nothing for it. It simply feels like something is just up to pulling you up the hill. I almost feel bad or that im cheating when i pass people. It has a great range on a charge so i can make day trips far away that i never could on my other bikes. The speed is fine and if you pedal you find you average the top speed anyway. I can charge my battery in a starbucks which doesn't take long to charge at all. Ive had it since january with no major problems at all. Not even a flat tire. I could go on and on but my point is its a great piece of machinery that not overpriced. Great review too
Does it connect only via Bluetooth? Any ideas for people that use their phone for music? Or would we be subject to using the LED screen?
Check out this rack!...It's a nice rack! Why thank you!
How do you think the Electra Townie Path Go! compares to the Aveny? The Aveny is about $1500 (that's 2K less) What do you think you lose? It's so hard to compare apples to apples... Would love to know your thoughts. Thank you!
You going to see this comment and you're not going to like it but all of your e-bikes super overpriced
Hi if you see a kid on the third floor balcony that's me! I just watched it full 3D ,20k, no ads, no buffer time XD I have been waiting for this vid
Really appreciate the time and attention to detail you gave in your review helps me make an educated decision about purchasing this bike. Thank you for thorough walk thruand the additional resources that you included in your review really enjoyed it.

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