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Buy Trendy Retail Bike Stem 31.8mm Handlebar Stem Riser for BMX MTB Road Mountain Bike 90mm online at Amazon. Made of carbon fiber material,lightweight and durable. Easy installation and removal. Handling more flexible,easier to force when riding, operation i...
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OSAGIE MTB Stem 0~90 Degree 110mm Adjustable Bike Stem for ...

OSAGIE MTB Stem 0~90 Degree 90mm 110mm Adjustable Bike Stem for 25.4mm(1")/31.8(1-1/4") Handlebars, Suitable for Most of Mountain Bike, Road Bike, BMX with ...


Trendy Retail Aluminium Alloy Road Bike Stems Riser Cycling ...

Short handle bar stem suitable for road bike, fixed gear bicycle, mountain bikes, etc. Constructed of high-strength CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum alloy.


Trendy Retail Bike Stem 31.8mm Handlebar Stem Riser for BMX MTB Road Mountain Bike 90mm Features

  • Made of carbon fiber material,lightweight and durable.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Handling more flexible,easier to force when riding, operation is comfortable.
  • Perfect design makes the handlebar fix at a perfect position.
  • Suitable for road bike, mountain bike and other bicycles.

The lowest Trendy Retail Bike Stem 31.8mm Handlebar Stem Riser for BMX MTB Road Mountain Bike 90mm Price in India is ₹13,224 at Amazon.
Buy Trendy Retail Bike Stem 31.8mm Handlebar Stem Riser for BMX MTB Road Mountain Bike 90mm online at Amazon.
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Trendy Retail Bike Stem 31.8mm Handlebar Stem Riser for BMX MTB Road Mountain Bike 90mm Reviews from YouTube

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What size are the bolts ?
Old thread but just ordered this and no stem bolts, any ideas if it's m5 or m6 bolts?
What happened in your nose
dumb question maybe but how are they on a roadbike?
I think most people have to realise all these amazon parts are for entry level Cross country and trail. Anyone who knows the sport well knows if your doing some serious downhill or enduro you want the expensive stuff. But I juat bought a Wake Bar and Stem for my Entry level GT timberline (hard tail) and should do just fine.
Now if I only could figure my newton meters.
Homeboy looks and sounds like rick johnson,to cool.
I have a black color it looks great and much comfortable to use on a ride very easy to maneuver on a curve i do hope so it will last long
Can you buy any part which covers the gap as you see the top of the forks (metal) peaking through? 🧐
I just ordered one in blue for my Giant ATX. Looking forward to the first ride with the new stem. I ride West delray trails in South Florida. Thanks for the video oh I also ordered the 720mm handlebars on Amazon in blue too.
It is a bit scetchy on how cheap it was
Got it bit i cut my forks just below the stem..worked great!
I've had mine on my mtn bike for over 9 months and I've zero problems. I'VE also go the wave bars installed. Both have held up just fine and Ive gone on some rough trails and small jumps. Although, I am mindful about not landing with hardly any weight on the bars, just in case they break. But man, they look and feel nice. I saved myself like 150 bucks.
We have the same wake stem and same color too..been using it for a year and still no issue's.
Do you have to have spacers?
So what was your verdict? I just ordered the green one and the 720mm riser bars since my bike started with a 620 bar. Not gonna rude too hard. But damn needed wider
stem only 8 dollar check this short stem of wack from amezon
Isit a bright red or more pinky
The bolts strip really easily and the machining isn't that great
Hey, does the stem come with a top cap?
⚡️ Anong stem setup nyo? 🚵‍♂️🔥 Post nyo sa comments! 👇🏾
first time ko kanina mag disassembled ng mtb, nasira yung stem😭
Pwede bang i negative position ang stem kahit yung stem ko ay possitve position
Kailangan po ba magpalit ng fork pag magpapalit ng stem?
80mm -17 o 90mm -17?
Dol pwede ba ibaligtad ang stem stock?
Pwede po ba naka positive stem sa drop bar? ride safe po❤️
boss pede bako mag palit ng stem naka quil stem kase yung sakin
Sumasakit ang kamay ko idol naka niga17 ako 80mm
Mas ok saken idol ung adjustable stem. May blog kaba na pinagtabi mo ung 29er na meduim sa 27.5 na meduim frame din
Isa polang ba ang size nang stem kahit anong size nang bike
Salamat sa tips idol ... watching from malaysia keep safe
Hi po, Pwedi po ba pa suggest? Kasi yung hieght ko is 5.5 at ang frame ng bike ko is 15.5... feel ko kasi maliit siya.. chubby pa naman ako HAHAHAHA. Any idea po or solution na maging comfortable ako sa ride ko?
Taga bacolod ka lods?
Sir ian, trident po ang stem na nakalagay sa foxter evans ko, balak ko palitan ang handle bar , ano ba ang pwde ko ipalit low rise hb or straight? Ano ba ang advisable?
am,sir magpapalit ako ng stem,dun sa mounyain bike ko na sinayung letter L ang stem e papaltan kosya nung pahaba lang kaso diko alam yung sukat ng fork para sa stem
Anong size ng stem standard..?
Ok lang ba yung wake short stem sa 26 frame na suspension fork sir ? Kahit may angkas ka sa likod ?
Sayang dat nag negative stem nalang ako e bat kasi short stem nabili HAHA
Awesome tutorial
Do you need a torque wrench?
Can you use a normal torque wrench without the reading
Thank you, even though this is years later, this was helpful for me, since I built a ramp in my front yard, and crashed a couple of times, my handle bars got loose and I was worried I would have to buy something new, but nope, so again thank tou
Does anyone know if u can use a knockblock stem on a marlin 5 without the knock block spacers? I mean just use the regular spacers that came on the bike?
Why not recommend setting up your stand and bike so the front wheel is touching the ground? This prevents the fork from sliding down.
The cap on top of my stem doesnt have a screw in it...
Damn, great frkng channel man, first time changing a stem in my marlin 6, was struggling with the caps but thanks to this video i did it. Merry Xmas to all
Got any advice for choosing a new mtn bike? I’ve currently got an old 1992 ProFlex, but need something a bit more modern and lightweight. I don’t, however, want to be spending much over $2k for something out of my league like a Santa Cruz. Anything helps!
what happens if your top cap overhangs a little bit and your new stem is a tad bit taller than your original? im trying to fit a new stem and handlebars.
really helpful... thanks for posting
My crank has sound like clicks after that. How do I fix it?
I got a new race face chester stem... And a torque wrench... On the sides of stem is written that you need to tight bolts to 12 Nm (steer tube bolts). Im little bit confused because in the video you said that a typical effort is about 5 Nm. Thank you.
Hi, I like that torque wrench. What make is it. Where can I find one?
no need for grease?
What should I do if my stem is moving and my tyre isn't
Why is everyone on YouTube have to rebuild a bike no one's ever going to afford do a video on a normal f****** bike
What torque wrench are you using?
Hi guys! a recipient of the custom Propella has been chosen. You can get details back at the EBR forums
large and stable.
Sorry, I know this is an old video but could someone explain to me the purpose of the front rim please?
6v spinup + 6v dynamo +3v magnic dynamo +3v magnic dynamo =18v dynamo to chang back 18v ebike moto
Very cool bud 🇨🇦❤'s U
Ace mate
Love my propella! I added a water bottle on the handle bar, like it a lot.
Hi Court.. Nice customization... the Suntour suspension seatpost, how much space does that take up... Looks like about 4".. If someone needs the seat in the lowest position, these may not work.. And i heard that the polego stick style suspension are at the wrong angle to work efficiently.. Suggestions for short riders that want some cushion..?
*This bike is worth every penny✳✳>**ㅍ109 **   so nice to be riding out in the beautiful weather, enjoying the scenery and NOT huffing and puffing the whole time (but still getting plenty of exercise : ) Also, I highly recommend getting a big wide seat - way more comfortable than the seat that comes with it.*
« Affordable bike... just a 1000€” u rich ppl 😂
Greetings! I would like to try and join your great give away i got a stroke and had kidney failure in the past 3 years so I could not work nor drive I ride my bike around but could not go farther I always wanted to buy a ebike but they were all expensive maybe this would be my chance to add life again riding more power to you and god bless
I have always wanted to get an e-bike, and I'm finally about to get it! But I knew that just an e-bike wouldn't work. So I spent months finding the best accessories for the best bike!!! And after seeing this video, it inspired me to make my own, and I will... just like this one! Thank you :)
your camera work is strong. great video, and thanks for the info!
Hello Court. Hope all is well..! have security (locking) bolts/nuts/locks for solid axle and security (locking) skewers for QR. (Delta, Kryptonite and more) . This makes it impossible to get the wheel off without a key or turning the bike upside down (gravity release). I have said this for years, It would be nice if bike or bike accessory manufacturers would give all the dimensions and specs on their products. (it either fits or it doesn't) :) Love what you did to the amazing ebike. Please do a follow up with the lucky winner. :) . Great Job. Robb PDX
This is a great build congrats to the winner! Some drop down handle bars and clipless pedals would have made this the perfect bike
Wow 😮 Amazing I want too please
Great job Court. As they say 'Pay it forward' and you shall be rewarded in other ways. It is all good IMO. Not sure if you thought of any anti-puncture protection in those 32c tires. Perhaps some liners or Stan's tire sealant or something similar? I like those water bottle holders. A nice feature and just a good selection of accessories for that bike. I hope the new owner appreciates all you've done and we will all be waiting for the annual report by him/her. Great Video. Chris at Propel has also picked out a nice Rock Shox 60mm fork as well. Enjoy!
Very nice of you to make that bike for someone - looks great
I bought an iMortor conversion kit. I managed to buy 2 extra batteries. One from e.bay, and the other from another site for half the price. No batteries on show on my bike, they are hidden in the wheel. I bought a second, in case the first one ever fails. My first one is still going strong, despite the pot holes all over London. I have four batts, though I only ever have to carry one with me, considering the distances I travel. I don't travel more than 10 miles a day, and rarely have to switch to a fresh batt...The whole kit, including a spare wheel, came to under $800. It's reaches around 15 mph 19 if I peddle. Which keeps the cops off my back!
how's that seat suspension compared to a thudbuster or bodyfloat?

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