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Buy Trendy Retail Bike Derailleur Adjusting Screw Shifter Cable Adjuster Accessory Red online at Amazon. CNC anodizing process, durable and corrosion-resistant Stable adjustment, easy and convenient to install Lightweight, easy to carry, adds no burden t...
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Trendy Retail Bike Derailleur Adjusting Screw Shifter Cable Adjuster Accessory Red Features

  • CNC anodizing process, durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Stable adjustment, easy and convenient to install
  • Lightweight, easy to carry, adds no burden to your bike brake
  • Coated with grease for more smooth and comfortable adjustment
  • Perfect cycling accessory for MTB, BMX, mountain, road bikes, fixed gear and etc

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Trendy Retail Bike Derailleur Adjusting Screw Shifter Cable Adjuster Accessory Red Reviews from YouTube

The derailleurs barrel adjuster is the "goto" for the common problems.
How to Adjust a Rear Derailleur – Limit Screws & Indexing
How To Adjust Rear Derailleur | Gear Cycle Adjustment | FIX GEAR SHIFTING PROBLEMS | HINDI
How To Adjust Your Rear Derailleur / Bike Part Explain #homemechanic #gearindexing
good stuff oil helps well too :)
How often is it normal to increase the tension in the derailleur cable? I have a new KTM bike, and the tension in the back derailleur needs an adjustment every 2-3 hours of riding, if i shift the gears often. That means the chain starts to fall from a larger to a smaller pinion, especially while I climb a slope. Or shifting to a larger pinion gets difficult. So, is it normal that the derailleur cable needs more tension every 2-3 hours, in these condition?
all explained nicely
Isn’t this what the L-screw and H-screw are for? How do I know whether to adjust the screws or the barrel adjusted? They seem like they’re both designed to correct the same problem?
Please correct me if I am wrong. Function of adjuster near shifter: Moving anti-clockwise tightens the cable and help in shifting to bigger cogs. Moving clockwise will loosen the cable and help in shifting to smaller cogs. And this is just opposite when one is trying to do with the adjuster near the derailleur.
Just what I needed to get my deore xt drivetrain running better! Thank you sir.
I accidentally backed it all the way out and it fell out.
Hi, I'm rotating my rear barrel adjuster counter clockwise but cable is not tightening. It's not disengaged too though, so I'm not sure what's happening here.
Thank you soo much mate
I would like to give a big shout out to you thank you so much well explained you taught me how to use my barrel adjusters on my brakes thank you so much I didn't know what I was doing now I do thanks to you I appreciate you I definitely like your page and I hope you have more to come stay blessed
So clearly explained, thank you
When i did this the barral adjuster fell off and it did not make thr move to the bigger chainring
How can i fix stuck barrel adjuster even when i turn it it the cable doesnt move
You are probarly not responding to comments anymore but ill give it a try I got a bike not too long ago and the gears are a little jump and it does work to unscrew the barrel adjuster to make the cable tighter but the problem is whenever i jump, do a wheelie, or simply just hit a bump it moves down aka screwing in itself. So do you have any tips to make it stop moving. And incase you wanna know the bike is a merida big nine 15. Thanks in advance
My front gear barrel adjuster in not going inside or outside , its just rotating on its to do?
Does sitting on the bike matter
Thanks Bike Teacher! Awesome vid. Well explained at a good pace. Cheers!
Thanks you so much
This is really helpful, thank you!
Extremely helpful, exactly what I needed to smooth out my new cable. Thanks!
Ur a bloody gangsta. Love ur work
To do the setting of the H-Limit screw on which cog the chain should be in the front. I have a 3 cog in the front so should I put the chain on 2nd cog to do the setting of H-Limit or should I put it to 3rd cog
ONE OF THE BEST ADJUSTMENT VIDEO! Seriously! So clear and avesome!
This video is gold. I just saved $50 on having this done at a shop
frank zappas brother
I bought a nice looking Saracen from my pal, it was in great condition, I checked the brakes, and just tried both derailers just to make sure they weren't siezed, just a quick visual then thought I'd take it for a spin it felt really sound, so I dropped it down to 1st, there was a clatter and the whole back mech got dragged into the spokes! It was a mess everything was fucked and I was hardly moving. It cost me £100+ to replace the hanger and mech, I was disappointed that I never checked it properly, the hanger was bent over into the cogs, I won't make the same mistake again! Good bit was after new bits fitted it ran like a dream.
Thanks for this guidance on right time. I needed this one badly. Now my bike’s gears shifts much smoothly.
thank you very much I didn't spend money for a tune up ty
My gears are fine but when I'm shifting to the gears that are at 3 most outer , 3rd - 2nd - 1st smallest- there is noise , how do i fix this
I don’t know why I’m watching this at 2 in the morning, I don’t even own a bike!
Mine shifts all gear really good but doesn't shift first at all
Mine wasn't going into the smallest cog. Turns out the derailleur guard was bent and it turned into an H limiter. lol!
Really helpful video! I paid $175 at my LBS for service on bike and they didn’t even tune my rear derailleur now I’m all good
Thank you now my gear is fixed
Thank you. Easy to follow for a regular person. Great explanation and the best video I found for adjusting the rear derailleur. Awesome
Everyone that owns a bike should memorize this tutorial. It will save you tons of money and headache. I just bought a brand new bike and had a shop look at the derailleur because it wasn’t shifting correctly. Turns out after 3 hours with the techs, I discovered both the shop and the manufacturer missed the b limit screw alignment, which was 10mm off, after I referred to the specs on Shimano’s website. Shifts great now and it actually makes the shift to the 2nd and 4th smallest cogs, which it wasn’t doing. Thanks Park Tool for being the online Bible of bike repair.
I'm going to try and adjust my bike. After watching this superb video i gained knowledge and confidence! Thanks for this great tutorial. Greatly explained.
I love these Park Tool videos SO GOOD!
Thank you. Derailleur adjustment was a dark art until you put light on it. I got a bike-shoppe-precision tweak with your video and a cross tip screwdriver.
You guys rock!
Is this a vlog?
You are in Pakistani
Bhai mera backpedaling Ma chain utar raha hai
thanks man! ‍♂️
Bhai meda gear 1 sa second para nahi aaraha hai
How much does shimano acera cost?
Front deraliur keise adjust kare is por ek vdo dale
Axom or nake
Bhai mera bhi same gear h Per jab biggest ring me jata h fir bapis chote rings me nhi aata kya karu plz help
Nicely explained brother. I have schnell metta 29 inch 21 speed. Bought it two months ago but when climbing a flyover or something it's rear gear automatically shifts to higher ones can you tell me what to do. And this "auto shifting" happens really roughly like the gears stuck and the shifts to higher ones. It sometimes even happens on plain road. Is the issue due to excess oiling
Thanks for this
Very helpful video and worked perfectly after following your instructions, thank you!
bagus lah Heng, thanks for simple tips.
Hello, The shifter shows 2nd gear but the chain is on the 3rd gear. How should I fix it? Thanks
Felt like tuning guitar ah bro
Very good info
Great video - sharing it to my bike friends - short, sweet and to the point.
What if it’s struggle to go up but then jump down gear I think I fak up my index
I want to say thanks to you, after riding so long only know this tips, my RD shift nicely again
.Simple n well explained . Thank You
Hi may I know what chainring is that? Is it ok that the derailleur is too near to the ground because of big chainring ? Thank you
I chance upon your video on adjusting the RD at home. Sweet simple and easy. Thanks.
Thanks for sharing. I find your explanation is the best I can find on the internet and it is very helpful for my tuning.
Interesting tutorial and clearly explained . Am considering to get a Fnhon Gust 10 speed. However, they came only with disc brake which is heavier and possibly complex maintenance? Also, I’ve heard that disc brake is not advisable for foldable bikes as the disc may bend if not careful. Would you share your thoughts? Thank you
Tq for sharing. I read this as masalah naik gear, pusing ke dalam (macam turn signal kereta). Alamakkk my sensah RD tak dak pulak pusing dekat situ. Huhu
Nice sharing tutorial! Simple
Nice, and one more thing how to adjust the H and L screw on rd? Perhaps you can share how to adjust it
Very nice video for newbie in bike tuning and servicing.
Bos ajar tukar handlepost Biasa ke ape diperlukan
Hi where did u bought gust ubrake frame? I found online all sell vbrake/disc brake frame

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