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Buy Trendy Retail Bike Computer Stopwatch Mount Adapter for Garmin Wahoo G 33.7x5.7mm online at Amazon. G fit for Garmin Garmin walkers,B fit for Belliton ,W fit for WAHOO Enables you to easily view performance data on your bike computer without comprom...
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Price at Amazon is ₹624
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Trendy Retail Bike Computer Stopwatch Mount Adapter for Garmin Wahoo G 33.7x5.7mm Features

  • G fit for Garmin Garmin walkers,B fit for Belliton ,W fit for WAHOO
  • Enables you to easily view performance data on your bike computer without compromising your ride
  • Lightweight about 3.2g and easy to install
  • Recommended Use: cross-country, enduro, road cycling etc
  • Thanks for Your Understanding and Attention. Wish You a Pleasant Shopping Experience!

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Trendy Retail Bike Computer Stopwatch Mount Adapter for Garmin Wahoo G 33.7x5.7mm Reviews from YouTube

Top 5 | 2022 GPS Cycling Computers
Mount your computer in style - Bryton Sport Cycling Computer Out-In-Front Mount Review
stem top cap computer mount .
The Ultimate Sportswatch is a Bike Computer
Who you have to be to afford shit like those computers?
Quad locked and Google maps is the way to go.
Suggest consumers subscribe to a FB Garmin group. Youll soon discover how buggy the Garmin devices are, and have been for decades. Having owned multiple units I gave up on Garmin. Lacking credibility this channel, big advert.
Did we witness a live drug trade at 6:28
I'm really happy with both my Edge 830 and 530 previously, however I get, that it can be a bit confusing and over-featured for some users, and then Whoo was a great alternative which it seems no more due to Bolt 2.0 issues. I believe that Karoo 2 is curretnely best alternative for a bit complicated Edge units.
Is it still reasonable to buy Garmin Edge 530 nowadays or just wait for 540? And btw, why the Garmin Edge 530 not in this video? Is the 520 plus model better? Please advise. Thank you.
Love the fact that when you show the Wahoo boltits showing Aston Gate, other areas of South Bristol. I grew up near there. I am in the Market for one, I think I may have found it lol
Great video. I was apprehensive about buying a bike computer rather than using my phone, but Im so glad I got the Edge 830 last year. I love it!
@BikeRadar my Bryton 530 should be mentioned as well, it has a whopping 33 hrs battery life along with nice perks. Just as Im writing in the comments I upgraded to a newly Bryton 750 for my new Cannondale Synapse
Have thought about cycle computers , but I am a fan of the beeline device I have which is used by beeline app on my phone .
I love everything about the Karoo 2, from smooth navigation and UI, to a great customer service as well! Also the mount is lovely!
Here's a pointless top 5 list of 2022 GPS Cycling Computers of which are actually 2022 models.
I'm sorry but I agree, a phone is a lot easier than them silly computer crap, as for when crashing that's just a lying add to your post. you carry your phone anyway so that's rubbish, I've used my phone travelling around Thailand for three months using my phone than on my mountain bikes and road bikes ever since, I do have a Garmin 3 watch so I time that strava and komoot all on the free apps to see the difference and there isn't any, so that's just another bullshit trend for another con for dumb people
where is wahoo roam ?
Was this sponsored by GarminLooks like it.So many others, Magene, Bryton etc. The 750 has colour, reroute etc, and outstanding battery battery life.
Sem ser garmin qual vcs indicariam para fazer cicloviagem?!
How can the Hammerhead Karoo2 even make this list when it does not track/show calories burned?! For a company that brags about its constant updates, its community has been asking for calorie tracking/display for over a year and have gotten nothing.
Will garmin be replacing the 830 anytime soon with something like the 830 plus before I buy one, they're available with money off now which usually means they want them cleared for something new..
Labeling a video with 2022 where the first entry is an outdated model launched in 2019 thats since been replaced (Garmin Edge 530 instead of 520+) is something that really shouldnt be done. If you want to get good clicks this year, youll have to update this.
is this compatible with wahoo roam!?
Can we take a lamp in the barfly?
I bought this model of sport mount. The threads stripped as I attempted to install. Didn't apply any more force than any other accessory I've ever mounted on a bike - didn't get a chance to - the threads let go before I got anywhere near that amount of force. Totally useless for me. Also a correction: you can buy an additional mount that screws to the bottom of the out-in-front mount so you can attach other accessories underneath..
Hello, can you install a gopro holder on below side of this barfly?
Some Garmin mount of aluminum that you recommend for the Magicshine lights?
It is compatible with Magicshine Allty1000 / Allty2000 lights and do you know if shipping is free?
Could you install Garmin mount inserts or Bryton mount inserts? (The round shaped piece that you insert the computer to).
Is it compatible with 420?
Excellent product, veey stable and good price. Use silicone grease for better smooth contact - turning your GPS device.
Good video! I want this
This helped me a lot. I'm going to mount a Varia radar to my trunk with this. God knows Garmin didn't help me figure out how to mount it to a flat surface. Thanks :)
Love the music. Feels like sitting in a chinese restaurant
you surely deserve more subs bro, its a shame people dont really look at sports data but just rather a peacock show of what nice gear I have. keep on doing those great videos
I used my bike computer for recording openwater swimming before I bought my watch. I just put the bike computer inside the safety buoy.Ive also use it to record motorcycle travels. Etc
very cool
I got to 4:00 before I realized what this really was. (facepalm) Just goes to show how seriously I take whatever he tells me.
i think, lot of people will be really inspired
Android user: But but but I can't see, its too small. I need a 15" LED monitor.
Quarter turn and... Boom!!!!
Im in tears
Outstanding video and it gave me a reason to think about getting a bike computer. Garmin 130?
I know what this is. But honestly, I have genuinely thought of this.
For a minute I thought you finally solved the how do I attach my Garmin varia radar light to the strap on the back of my bikes saddle bag question with that old mount. Alas, remains unsolved.
Finally it is over with these small watches
Just discovered you Desfit. Thank you for your very much for your many helpful, informative videos! I am not a legitimate techie, but whenever I shop for a new a laptop or a cell phone, I become a wannabe techie during the shopping period, doing research on the comparative processors, hard drives, GPU, memory, Geekbench scores etcetera on the products I am considering, with the hope I am buying something well suited to run most new, coming software and apps very fast and efficiently for the next four years at a minimum.I am late coming to sophisticated cycling computers, and I am just now trying to decide between purchasing a Garmin 530 and a Wahoo Element Bolt v2. Do you have any info on which computer, the Garmin 530 or Bolt Element v2, has a better, more capable processor, memory and other hardware, and is more likely to keep getting better with firmware and software updates like the new Summit Climbing feature just released on the Element Bolt v2? I realize the Garmin 530 already has ClimbPro and has regular firmware and software updates so far, as does Wahoo, but Wahoo has them not quite as often. Thank you for any answers and your videos!
On garmin connect (smartphone and PC) is also possible change the type of activity
I have actually used my bike computer to record hiking, cross-country skiing, and dogsledding, sooo yeah. Its an Edge 25, so actually would work pretty well as a watch.
Thank you Des The stats from Strava were interesting. I don't know if you have seen this one back in the day, but you made me remember it: Oh, and I actually used an Edge130 for hiking. I could mount it (with a standard mount) on the "top" of a trekking stick.
The number one noncycling activity recorded as cycling is motor-pacing on a motorcycle.
Hilarious and now I look for that Garmin strap kit for my Edge what ever that sensor is for power lol
I use a Garmin Edge 810 to record alpine and cross country skiing ad well as walking and hiking. I have noticed that Strava is not very accurate in it's count of my alpine Ski runs. It always overcounts significantly, such as 30 vs 20 runs, based on review of the elevation data. I am surprised Strava doesn't do a better job of this.

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