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Buy Trendy Retail Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Seatpost MTB Road Bike Seat Post Tube 31.6mm Blue online at Amazon. Constructed of ultralight and durable CNC 7075 aluminum alloy. Matte surface, anodizing treatment, exquisite workmanship, nice touch feeling. Excelle...
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Buy Trendy Retail Seat Post 31.6mm Suspension Seatpost for MTB ...

Suitable for most MTB road bike, fixed gear bicycle, mountain bike, downhill bike, track bike and more.


Trendy Retail Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Seatpost MTB Road Bike Seat Post Tube 31.6mm Blue Features

  • Constructed of ultralight and durable CNC 7075 aluminum alloy.
  • Matte surface, anodizing treatment, exquisite workmanship, nice touch feeling.
  • Excellent
  • With adjustable head, allowing you to get your seat at the perfect angle.
  • Suitable for most road bike, fixed gear bicycle, mountain bike, downhill bike, track bike, MTB, BMX etc.

The lowest Trendy Retail Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Seatpost MTB Road Bike Seat Post Tube 31.6mm Blue Price in India is ₹3,724 at Amazon.
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Trendy Retail Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Seatpost MTB Road Bike Seat Post Tube 31.6mm Blue Reviews from YouTube

How to Ream a Bicycle Head Tube and Seat Tube
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I wish all builders (look at you big box guys) would do this before shipping unbuilt framesets.
Cobra Frame Building: Build first, Bike hard, No mercy.
put the material your measuring with the calipers as far back in the jaws as possible. then rock the callipers back a forth over the flats on the jaws. the smallest reading is your measurement. easy peasy.
Hi, I'm planning to ream the seat tube of a vintage chromoly lugged steel road bike frame to accept a larger diameter seat post, specifically 26.8mm to 27.2mm, so ill be removing approx 0.4mm of material? correct? I'm planning to buy an adjustable hand reamer with a 26-29.5mm reaming range, the seat tube is already slotted so I'm planning on going as slow as I possibly can , the outer diameter of the lug measures approx 30.8mm, and the seat tube approx 29mm. Is this advisable? will there be enough material in the tube for it to be safe? in my head it works haha but id like an expert opinion before I go through with it, I'm doing this so ill have more options for seat posts. Thanks
It is possible to make oval headtube to normal???????
Very cool video ^_^ Question: can leaving that edge of material on the bottom of the bore cause it to interfere with a headset cup remover tool?
I wanted to put a modern 30.9mm seat post in my old aluminum Specialized MTB which originally came with a 30.8mm seat post. I used the adjustable reamer and flex hone exactly as shown here, and got a perfect fit. Thanks a billion for the tutorial!
great video, thanks a million
Love flex honing seat tubes on the lower end bikes at my shop. Makes me feel fancy lol.
Question. So I’m trying to build my own bike out of an old mountain bike frame, but the headset tubes are 32mm and I have a pair 34mm headset cups. I can fix that by using a reamer? Just wondering if it’s worth a try
This channel is amazing. Thank you
Yes I like you work bro.👍
*I gather that the average consumer would never need to do these procedures, no? We may press headset cups and press-fit bottom brackets, but I assume that manufacturers do this for us, right?*
Drill a hole wider than the slot then cut the slot. Standard practice.
Since you have a milling machine in the background, couldn't you set up the frame carefully and then use a single-point cutting tool in a boring bar to do all these jobs, without needing all those expensive hand tools? (I guess it would be a pain getting the frame carefully aligned with the boring bar though.) The funniest thing I ever saw was a machinist in a big factory whose seatpost rusted into the seat tube and couldn't be removed, so the guy clamped his bike frame into a giant lathe with a 6 ft. diameter 4-jaw chuck, and bored out the seatpost!
Hey Joe: Can you post some information about the handle you made? I'm especially interested in how it clamps to the square top of the reamer. Thanks!
You should also watch how thick the metal is in the frame as you could split the metal. I also feel these video's are no longer DIY anymore.
When I used to finesse the seat tube, we had a light abrasive brush that we put on a drill and gave it a few seconds. Worked like a charm.
Glad I found your vid Joe, good work. It's six months later; how did the press fit pan out?
Interested in Cars, Racing, and R/C Vehicles? Check out my 2nd Channel Jrs Gasoline Alley here:
Be a good bike for riding Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines
Beautiful mate 👍🏻
Just bought the nw 2022!
JTBG, are you going to do the Farley 9.6, 2022?
hard no
Thanks for a great review! I can’t wait to get my 2022 Farley 9.6. I live in Anchorage and live really close to some great trails, so of course I had to splurge a little bit. Aside from trail riding, do you see any reason that this bike wouldn’t make a great bike packing / adventure bike?
Great review on a nice bike
I wonder what would be my top attainable speed on this bike if I were to use it for city commuting?
Valeu 👍 já inscrito
Awesome bike,just to much money for a bike.
12.58 kg is like a normal alloy mtb weight😮😮😮 This bike is light as hell for a fatbike
James, do you know which month and year this bike came on the US and UK market?
Can u put a suspension on the front?
I'm glad you can't get this on line because I would have bought it.
In the USA: $3,000 In the UK: £2,900 (which is $4,000!!!)
Carbon is probably faster,but if,and when I get a Men's Fat Tire Bike my preference,and my facts for me is a Men's Fat Tire Aluminum Bicycle!?
What difference between farley 5 ?
Great video. I'm sold. Awesome looking bike. Just put a deposit on one of these. Always wanted to add a fat bike to my stable. Hopefully I see it in about 6 months???
Trek Farley is a great bike My only criticism is no mounting points for bike packing racks
What version brakes do you have ? The original or Tektro Aries.
Simple solution (worked for me) Where the bolts go thru the calipers and squeeze against the adapter when tightened, that's paint on paint = slippery. Sand the paint off the back of the calipers and front of the adapters so it's metal on metal, no more slipping when tightening. Just those small spots, you won't even know the paint is missing when you put it back together.
The stock Magicycle brakes squeak no matter how I adjusted them. Also they don’t stop well. Therefore I replaced calipers with cable actuated hydraulic Zoom HB100 brakes for $50 and no more squeaking and far better and safer braking. Otherwise I love power and bike design and build quality. Brakes were the main fault. Now it stops safely. A fast bike needs good brakes.
I just got my bike yesterday and during setup, could also hear the front brake rubbing on the disc. I'm about to fix it, but even though I'm a big guy, I knew lifting the 65 pounds of bike (less battery) upside down as you showed (I'm presuming you had help) -- let alone positioning it just right over various protective boards -- would've been extremely unwieldy and a huge recipe for disaster. It was simply a process I was uncomfortable with continuing after attempting it a few times so thought it unwise to continue. HOWEVER, since one is only seeking to make the front wheel free-turning, I came up with a better-mousetrap alternative: I found two old bookshelf speakers and placed the pedals (which I set even and perpendicular to the ground) on top of the speakers. This lifted the front wheel a foot off the ground and I didn't throw out my back doing it. BTW, thank you for all your informative Magicycle videos!
I sliced my finger on the disc today. Should’ve listen to your advice. Thanks for the video
Making a new reply here I fixed the break issue on the front did it the pro way that magicycle showed. The main reason for this new reply is I trying to take off the rear wheel to install tannus armor and it's extremely hard to get off don't even have it off yet should just come off but it's probably way to tight. I think reason why it's to tight is the way the derailleur is put on this so it's making it hard to get off.
Thank you for figuring this adjustment out, I bought this bike because of your video and I used your discount code. I have not got it yet .but it is on the way. I see a lot of different channels that I am subscribed to that are putting this bike up, I hope it is a good bike. I have a Himi way Cruiser. But I decided to go this route with the cheap price. To have another bike in my stable
Also when making these adjustments make sure the rotor is not rubbing and part of the brake caliper itself.Mine did this often on my v1 lectric xp.After doing the loosening process and squeezing the hand brake then tighten,the rotor would rub On the brake caliper. I eventually removed some material from the caliper left almost zero tolerance when adjusting.You could even see the wear marks the rotor had done to the caliper from rubbing.
Thanks for making this video. My breaks are rubbing quite a bit. I can now fix them.
Usually what I do to fix the brake rub is loosen the two bolts you mentioned in the video and then hold the brake lever down, then while its being held down tighten the bolts. This allows the brake pads to grab onto the rotor and hold in place while moving into position. Once you tighten down the bolts you release the lever and the pads should retract and be at the perfect distance from the rotor.
im shopping for a bike like this.. hmmm for 1400 dollars.. the breaks does not work right! .. did u reach out to the company? are they shipping bikes with this issue? .. are they going to fix this?
Have not watched the entire thing yet but ya there is a rubbing of some kind I noticed yesterday just have not had time to figure it out figure it was the breaks just been riding it every day to work so don't really have time. I also have a bike holder so won't need to flip it + got mirrors on it so it be even harder upside down🤪
Great Video, Thanks. That described the problem I have been having on both our Magicycle exactly. Can't wait to try your fix.
Amazing! I want one, do they come with seat dropper ?
Habe selbst dieses Bike in Rahmengröße XL u bin mega zufrieden, der Akku hält gefühlt ewig trotz teilweise Vollgas. Und die Vearbeitung von Scott ist der knaller. Werde nächstes Jahr evtl auf ein Fully von Cube o Scott umsteigen. Tolles Video
Tolles Video!! Eine Frage habe ich dazu. Mit 179 cm lieber ein M oder ein L als Rahmengröße? Da im Video erwähnt wird das das gezeigte Model ein XL frame und es gesagt wird das er ein L Modell bei bevorzugen würde bei einer Größe von 184-185 cm. Folgere ich richtig daraus das bei einer Körpergröße von 178-179 cm ein größe M (44cm/19Zoll) in Ordnung sind.

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