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Buy Trendy Retail 10Pcs Aluminium C Clip Cable Housing Hose Guide for Bike MTB Road Red online at Amazon. 100% and good quality C-clip cable guide for MTB,mountain bikes, road bicycle,road bicycle Aluminium Hose Clips - C-Clips Excellent Thanks for Your U...
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Trendy Retail 10Pcs Aluminium C Clip Cable Housing Hose Guide for Bike MTB Road Red Features

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  • C-clip cable guide for MTB,mountain bikes, road bicycle,road bicycle
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Trendy Retail 10Pcs Aluminium C Clip Cable Housing Hose Guide for Bike MTB Road Red Reviews from YouTube

5 Bike Hacks for Internally Routed Cables - MTB, Road, Carbon, Pressfit BB
Trek Control Freak
How To Replace & Fit Gear Cables On A Road Bike Like A Pro | Maintenance Monday
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Nice job..very resourceful ! I thought you would be able to hook one wire end with the other hooked end.. but the vac works ..nice. Two thumbs up.
For a dropper housing, I found it easier to push the cable down the seat tube as the bend into the down tube is not as sharp coming from that way. Goes right up the down tube!
My bike is an ORBEA RISE ebike. The battery is in the entire length of the down tube. The Fox Factory stock dropper was a heavy item that I rarely used. So, I removed it and the entire cable and housing. That was a stupid thing to do. I woke up and now understand how a dropper is going to improve so many things. Got the new Fox Factory SL light dropper. Very acceptable weight. I sure hope that vacuum trick works. I really don't want to pull the motor.
I have P.K.Ripper D.J. Jump bike just was wondering if u can give a suggestion on how to run the back cable to back breaks with out using a Gyro & make bars spin with out tangling?
how about the frame cover for the cable? I have a Norco Search 2017 and cannot find it on Internet. One of them passed away and need to replace it :(
is that frame not dropper post ready ( i mean internal routing) ?
Does anyone know of a derailleur cable housing bellow 4mm?
Dental floss and vacuum cleaner worked at treat first up…woo..hooo
Thanks for the shop vac suggestion! It took a few tries, but I was able to suck a length of thread from the inlet of the frame to the seat post in order to set up the dropper housing / cable on a 2021 Stumpjumper.
Could've put it in and flipped the bike upside down, string might've fallen out.
What is fishing tape?!
Thanks !!! the DENTAL FLOSS and VACUUM CLEANER Tip WORKED !!!!!! Shifter Cable and Brake Hose BH90 ( Although NEED to GET NEW ONE ! Hose Too Short )
Why would anyone want to route their cables through the frame? I have seen it first hand the amount of dirt, mud, water, dust etc.. that can find it's way into the frame. And trust me the amount of damage this causes on a aluminum or carbon frame is ridiculous! Their is a reason why cables are routed on the outside of a frame so you you can clean them after every ride. On top of this, this grime solidifies itself inside the frame with the cables and just rots away and the rubber grommets they use or what ever you want to call them don't work. We have literally cut an aluminum and carbon frame in half and seen the atrocity! I would never ever buy a frame with internal cabling. I would post pics but I don't know if I should, I don't want to get in trouble.
Duck tape new and old cables Together before you take old cable off then simply pull new cable through with the old simple I do it with sash cords on Windows just make sure you have 5 to 6 inches of tape on each cable at the joint
Hi I'm trying this on a Rockshox Reverb Stealth on a Scott Scale carbon frame. There is room exposed that I don't have to take the BB out but I'm having a hard time still. My dental floss ran out because I had too little, and also sewing string snapped on me when I was trying to pull the cable in. I'm not sure what else I can do. Any suggestions?
I also used a hoover, started with cotton, then moved onto floss, then thin electrical cable, then the dropper cable. It all worked a treat. Far better than removing the bottom bracket, which I was dreading doing lol.
It didnt work, i think i need 4 HP more so the hoover could suck the thread
The vacuum cleaner method actually worked out pretty well for me. Big thank you, saved my day!
I vaccumed some dental floss though tied to wire and pulled it through...
Thanks mate for great hack with vacuum cleaner and dental floss!
I have a Trek Remedy 8 2018 model and I guess it uses the same control freak internal routing. I was trying to replace the dropper post inner cable and the outer cover, but somehow I ended up slipping the inner cable inside the dropper post tube. How do I get this out? Any ideas?
Does the internal cables let water into the frame when you wash it?
Should the Marlin 5 front cables be routed through fork?
It's been difficult to find a guide for replacing housing in this internal routing system. Even when leaving cables inside the internal tubes, the housing seems to do nothing but get stuck in the downtube every time I have to replace the housing, as if there are obstacles deliberately put inside the downtube to prevent housing from sliding through.
looks like a fucking nightmare
Had to route my 2020 Fuel 9.9 externally, impossible to route shift cable in back triangle internally after the guide sheath jams up.
This is a very pretty video, that actually has very little information. Trek has not made the process of installing new dropper post housing easy. Control Freak my ass, more like, Control what?.
*Excellent bike!↝↝>**** We had to purchase again because someone else decided they wanted our previous Trek more than we did! Thank you Trek for making such an attractive and comfortable bike!*
There is nothing elegant about trying to get the cable tie into the downtube port in this system. Is there a proper way to get this in whilst holding several cables in place?
Yea except my Remedy 9.8 internal cables make noise when you go through a rock garden. Cable management right. But horrible noise dampening.
Where I can find guide or how to route cables for dropper saddle for X-caliber 8 2019 ?
Are these the same as for the Trek Domane SLR 2017?
Great explanations but this background music is extremely off-putting!
Show us how to Install dropper seatpost on your Powerfly line. Cable routing is tricky specially that there is not much room because of the motor.
Interesting that you consider ‘all the variables’, besides the fact that the outer cable pops out of the downtube and proceeds to rub the end of the driveside chainstay. It’s all about the small details and I’ve seen this area looking very worse for wear after a small amount of time.
Any chance to get a promotional video / full presentation of the new 920 ? Thanks !
Dónde los compró
Can you make all your bikes with clear downtubes? Sure would make routing all those cables so much easier lol! On a more serious note, thank you so much for not routing the rear brake hose on the Stache internally. It might look slightly less sleek but it calms my soul when I think about having to replace the brake some day!
Looks clean and organized.
Leave your tips on how to fit gear cables in the comments below 👇
Great video! Basically never had repaired anything on my bike myself and I could do it - one tip that was missing in my specific case: to check if the end of the old cable (the little metal knob) is still in the shifter in the handlebar - was the case after I had wripped the shifting cable - had to remove the bottom of the shifter to get it out of the system
Works good
Excellent presentation.
what size is the plastic tubing used to guide the cable internally?
Ok I have watch a few of these videos and my package of dura-ace break & shifter cables both packages have literally 2 different mm gaged cables one shifter cable is slightly thicker from the other in the shifter package as well as one cable in the break package meaning in total I 4 different size cables which sizes goes to which part of the bike I'm assuming by logic the larger diameter shifter cable goes to front derailleur and larger size break goes to rear breaks please confirm if I am correct or not ty
What a great presentation. Pro voice and pronunciation quality.
U guys didn't explain how to open up your shift handle to be able to route the shifting cable into the correcting path when installing your cable. I'm sitting here trying to find out how to thread my cable back into my shifting handle bc I don't know how to open it
A head torch is also good. Heads up on the Flight, Podium 1, black and white model, the internally routed rear gear cable in the down tube does not need a plastic inner sheath to guide it (the exit hole at the bb is so small that it dosnt fit) putting the inner cable straight in works
I watched 10 videos noone says how tight you pull the cable on the rear derailleur before securing it with nut
I think there should be a warning here... I Didnt have the tube thingy to thread the cable through, now I'm having issues putting it back through, why did I think I was ready for this.
which shimano cable kits come with the coating? or how would one kno which to lube and which to not lube
I changed the cable to a new one but my sora shifter stopped shifting after the cable broke. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help with advice)
shit ads
blöde werbung
What size cable do I need for my front derailleur on my 2018 Marin four Corners
Thanks for this video. You saved my day and love the park tool cable cutter.
Damn an english accent!
Any detailed videos on replacing the front Derailleur cable? I totally messed up the L/H screw starting positions and cannot seem to get it to index correctly through all three front gears. I am starting with the smallest front and largest back gear.
wow... the cable price cost 6 USD. My local bike store charged me 50 USD to change just the metal cable. What a fking scammer.
Do you ride clipped in or on flats? Let us know 👇
Who else rides with vans?
Does anyone have any advise on shoes to pair with dmr versa pedals, I want a shoe that I can use clipped in and then base on the flat side when I’m descending
The men's cycling shoes look nicer then the few pairs of women's cycling shoes that I've found!
All my hobbies are murdering my wallet. I'll come back to this video when my vans break ;+;
I like the design of XC shoes but I want to use it in flat pedals. Is it ok ? Flat shoes is ok but I dont like the design. It's like the ones worn by skaters.
Hey, does enyone know, if there is any difference between Shimano ME701 and ME702 fit ? I own a pair of ME700 that fit me perfectly. Recently bought ME701 and they have 4 mm longer insoles in size 44 and toebox is so wide, you can fit a hores hoof in there. Are the new ME702's as wide as ME701 or did Shimano take that wiiideee sizing down a notch ? ME700 was a perfect shoe, I wish Shimano start making wide and narrow fit in their hi-end models...
thank you for the great vids. Im new to cycling and your channel has been a great resource for product review and tech.
Great Job taking the time to review ALL those different types of shoes for different terrains/purposes. Honestly, i've big sweaty feet, so low-tops will tend to slip/slide off when walking bike in hilly/muddy terrains. My bets are on Mid-top shoes, i think they'll suit my needs much better than low-top shoes, but everyone is built differently and have different riding styles.
Looking for mtb shoes that also look good for road cycling.... anyone knows a good shoe? Thanks!
Sponsored by Shimano then .
Not ideal. It’s was bloody great..old pair of trainers and a shirt . My mate used to ride with Hunter wellies in sloppy winter grunge. Never had more fun on a bike than those days - late 80s > 95.
I just use my Adidas Grand Court Sneakers and installed no tie laces and it sticks very well on my race face chester pedals. It's inexpensive and works very well for me. :)
Officially sponsored by shimano shoes. Great job really. Shimano couldn't explain them that good. Riding casual and spd and jumping on flat pedals sometimes. Just bought a mt5 any advise would be great. Cheers from istanbul mate.
No 510's? Obviously a Sbimano advert!
Give me 1 please I don’t have money to buy
Doddy, I was looking for Shimano clipless shoes and pedals but didn't know what to get so I watched this video. Now, I decided on a pair of am5 shoes and those xt enduro pedals. Thank you for making this infomercial, you helped me a lot!
Should have had Amazon links

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