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Buy Trendy Handybag HANDBAG-BLUCAMO online at Shopclues Snapdeal.

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Shopclues ₹349
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Trendy Handybag HANDBAG-BLUCAMO price at Shopclues - ₹349

Trendy Handybag HANDBAG-BLUCAMO Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 2 Days
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Snapdeal ₹699
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andybag HANDBAG-BLUCAMO price at Snapdeal - ₹699

andybag HANDBAG-BLUCAMO Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 2 Days
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You can’t just go to Hermès and buy a Birkin. Doesn’t work that way.
I think Salvatore Ferragamo bags are super classy
Am 1 year late what about those who can't afford those bags
To me, these bags not only looks elegant and classy, but it looks professional as well.
Who can afford these bags? I'm single and make less than 100K a year. We need suggestions for a lower income please.
I wisch I would have just such problems
No Chanel made it to the list. Just purchased my first Kelly and Birkin this year for the same reason. For investments. I have been offered already $2k above my purchase price.
So, some people that carry a Birkin isn’t of status or affluence🤔...I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on the sudden wave of African American rappers carrying Hermès Birkins. Some have even made the assumption (in so many words) that they’re bringing down the value of Hermès.
you missed out bags from Salvatore Ferragamo and Loewe Heritage and Loewe Amazona which is 40 years old. You also left out Mulberry brand
Do you have a video like this on footwear?
Make video on Michael kors bags worth buying
I would love to get some of those bags, however I do not buy leather. What alternatives would you suggest for high quality lady like vegan bags? Thank you, love your channel!
There are actually other branded bags that looks / has the same use as these bags. I think this is just about the price tho
Ooh, I’m usually not a fan of Fendi bags that I have seen with the F’s written all over, but that Fendi perk-a-boo is gorgeous 🤩
are people carrying such expensive bags to school?
what I watch after placing an order for a Lavie bag. lol Jokes apart, I believe I will be able to afford this soon. Faith
i would never spend $17,000 on a bag
I enjoy your videos and your candor.. I’m fretfully tired of seeing people in flip flops, leggings, and a hoodie.. but I, for one, do not like name brands and recognizable items, on anything. You can find well-made, classic goods in many brands no one has ever heard of before. Look for craftsmanship.. pride in their product. One-of things say so much more about a person.. and there’s nothing wrong with a partner buying you something special.. but do not forget, we can purchase whatever we decide to have, on our own. Greetings, from TN. 🌺
I can't afford any of the bags you mentioned but I've been wanting a few BRAHMIN for a while, love the texture and the fact that not everyone out there has them.
Wow how to be boring 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
how about and choose one bag you like :)
Thanks. I love this vid.... As to the fashion luxury stuff. I defenitely recommend Really great quality and lowest price I have ever seen.
Love your bags! I just filmed a video featuring my 1st designer bag! I would love for you to check it out: 🖤
Honestly, you should just go to and choose whatever you may desire, with them you can't go wrong, for sure! 😊😊💋
Coach Hayden Foldover Crossbody Handbag Chalk/Multi Leather Wildflower Print
Lovely video!!! Would you mind telling me which gray is your VSL? I google but I can’t find the exact color, It looks more blue to me but what is the official color if you can find it anywhere ?
"Next, we have the escalator." Me: *mindblown
I am india but I am your big fan
You always say something funny. Enjoy watching your post. Like👍👍👍
I tried the Balenciaga in a luxury boutique and even though it is so off my style I fell in love with it. I like special bags that nobody knows a bit like you - give me gucci dionysus , fendi, anything that is not another logo from LV. ;)
3.47 video starts
This is my first time watching a video on your channel but I love your attitude and vibe. Subscribe! Wonderful tips! You're so much fun to watch.
Love how you model
Balenciaga so popular
Gurl ur so funny and 1st time here, REALLY GOOD STUFF i.need sub
Stairs very steep the escalator was awesome
Fashion file
Congraf on 1million+
great video, Eileen!
Your trilly choice with the gold kelly is so beautiful. It almost elevates it to another level
What do you think about birkin 30? Have you considered it?
How much????
You have stunning bags !
You’re so delightful to listen to 🙌🏾😍
Thank you for sharing ! A very informative video
If the Birkin had shoulder straps it would definitely be the perfect bag. Sometimes you just really need to sling a bag on your shoulder.
Hi Ai Lin tq for the infomation ... ☺️☺️🙏🏻🙏🏻 i want to ask u around the leather from hermes bag...what do you think about togo leather in a birkin bag is it easier to scratch than sellier leather? in the near future I want to buy a Hermes bag, which one do you think I should buy first? birkin 25 togo leather or kelly 25 sellier leather ? because I like all of them. 😀😀😄
Can you do a video on how to tie the twilly scarf? For some odd reason mine always come untied. This is super informative! I been dreaming of an Hermes bag. Really loving the mini lindy. But seeing your reviews here for kelly and birkin really gives me more thorough thought if these styles are my style or not.
Hi Dear , I have to follow your and would like to need your help for ask , I had K28 Epsom Sellier Y stamp I measured it 29 cm ( not 28 ) I bought it in seller not in store ,just bought around two week .. please give me some ideal for that ... thank you so much
Wonderful review Eileen. I have the Kelly 28 in Sellier and love it. My list includes a Kelly Retourne and a Birkin so I'm not sure what I will get next. I love them all!! xoxo
Hey, thanks for the video. It was very informative! Would you be able you share what’s the process to get a personalised piece? Also what are the general maintenance cost for hermes spa?
Very informative video :) But on the blind stamp, what does mean "CT924" ? And the 2 letters below the first line are the initials of the craftsman ?😁😅
Your review is very informative, you basically covered everything. I love your videos. Thanks for sharing, Have a great day 💖💖
Love your video..teaching me to read the date stamp..i just got my first birkin yesterday. Your video are so useful to me.🧡🧡🧡
Would u prefer Kelly in sellier or retourne? Is it struggle to get things out of k25 sellier ? Tks tks
I’ll take the Birkin 25... with a shoulder strap please. 😂 Beautiful bags, Eileen. Your black Kelly is more my style. Hand held annoys me when shopping. Currently looking at the LV On My Side in black but it’s a bit bigger. Anyway, still in lockdown here so no buying anything for a while yet. Just fantasy shopping.
Such a great video. And love your bag collection. How much is your kelly 25 and birkin 25? Thanks
Great video and amazing collection