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Transport For Humans: Are We Nearly There Yet? (Perspectives) Book Reviews from YouTube

Rory Sutherland & Pete Dyson - Transport for Humans book
Essay Perspectives (23rd Jan 2022):By D.K. Balaji, IAS [Read the Full Essay Text in Comment section]
Transport Your Thinking; Why We Need To Reframe Travel | Rory Sutherland & Pete Dyson
Transportation in Human Beings - Life Process | Class 10 Biology
I've never seen a guy sound so young and look so old at the same time
Doesn't Virgin Airlines focus primarily on experience?
Since the essay text is not visible in the video, the same is put up here for the benefit of aspirants. Inconvenience is deeply regretted.A soldier runs to a commander and says, Enemies have surrounded us from all four sides. Pat comes reply from the Commander, Thats Great! We can attack them from any corner. This fictitious incident juxtaposes two individuals with diametrically opposite personalities. While the soldiers perception of the enemy-siege reflects his defensive personality, the commanders perception of the same situation reflects his offensive personality.Extending the same fictitious scenario, without attaching merit to either of them, the soldier would react defensively to reduce the casualties to his/her troops and the commander would react offensively to inflict as many casualties as possible to opponent. While the defensive reaction of the soldier springs from his/her awareness of weaknesses and limitations, the offensive reaction of the commander springs from his/her awareness of strengths and possibilities.From the above fictitious scenario, it becomes amply clear that every (re)action or conduct is preceded by a solid thought. And these thoughts are not mostly objective, but are subjective. This subjectivity arises because of ones own perception. Interestingly, this perception is again influenced by ones own personality. In simple words, thus, ones personality decides ones perceptions which get concretized into thoughts that translate into actions. These actions perform two essential functions mission accomplishment and healthy relationship management. In fact, these two are the principal functions for every profession, more so for any civil servant as well.To put above argument in actionable terms, one should build a solid correct awareness about ones own personality (hereinafter such an awareness would be referred to as self-awareness) to ward off incorrect perception, build objective thoughts and calibrate ones action either to accomplish a task or to maintain health of relationship. Thus, building correct self-awareness is the first step.Building correct self-awareness has two dimensions avoiding subjective tendencies that obscure ones awareness and consciously identifying aspects of ones own personality. Initially, let us explore a few of such subjective tendencies:Firstly, ones own prejudice is such an obstacle. An orthodox elderly man firmly believes that woman should not be educated more and should be married off early. Such a man would perceive every other father who encourages his daughter to pursue higher education to be committing a mistake and would get into unhealthy argument with that father. This unhealthy argument is the result of his false awareness.Secondly, a person is beset with stereotypes. By stereotypes is meant tendency to treat every individual as belonging to a particular group and applying the same perception of group to him or her. The tendency of Indians to treat every Englishman as being highly intelligent and rich is a stereotype. Being under the influence of this stereotype, an Indian entrepreneur may offer a higher pay package to an English employee, unwittingly. This action of Indian entrepreneur is the result of his false awareness.Thirdly, incorrect awareness could be because of Halo Effect. Halo effect implies automatically attributing a particular trait to a person, just because s/he has some other trait. Perceiving every intelligent individual as a hard worker and honest is the best illustration for this perception error. Assigning sensitive money management task to an otherwise-dishonest-yet-perceived-honest individual (=reaction) is the result of incorrect awareness.Fourthly, ones own past and recent experiences have a role to play in obscuring the reality and misleading my perception, thereby influencing my action or conduct. Your action of refusal to give alms to a physically-challenged beggar, because in the past, one such person had approached similarly but when you were being considerate, he stole your wallet, is the result of your awareness that you could be fooled like that.Once we have analyzed the subjective tendencies that can obscure ones self awareness, the next obvious question is how to avoid being prey to such tendencies. There are various simple techniques. Being aware of the fact that one is vulnerable to be afflicted by such subjective tendencies helps one to be careful and consciously avoid them. Another technique is not to take any decision hastily and to be a self-critic to ones own preliminary decision before it is made final. Third way is to have a reliable conversation-partner who has earned your trust yet does not fear to oppose you when you are wrong. Such conversation partners can go a long way in helping one to not get carried away by subjective tendencies.While avoiding subjective tendencies is only one part of building self-awareness, the second most important dimension is to consciously seeking to explore and understand ones latent personality traits.Consciously understanding ones personality essentially means being aware of ones strengths as well as weaknesses. Every person is a unique blend of strengths and weaknesses. A person who has clear grip over these things would be in a better position to calibrate his/her actions for his/her own good. Suppose there is a supplier of tyres to an automobile manufacturing firm. Also suppose that he is the only supplier who has the ability to supply tyres of high quality at the cheapest rate. Then, s/he would be in a better position to bargain and quote the highest price from the automobile manufacturer. If this supplier is not aware of his/her strength, s/he would end up getting less, as happens in most tribal areas where organic and forest products are sold at throwaway prices by poor tribals to middlemen for pittance, while the latter would make windfall gains from the same.Similarly, in the same scenario, let us alternately suppose that the given tyre manufacturer is a new entrant and he has no established brand equity. This lack of brand reputation is his/her weakness. If aware of the same, s/he would be considerate to accept a lower price, in view of long-term business interest.From the above argument, it is aptly clear that having correct self-awareness is the bedrock for success. However, it is pertinent to pause and think if this correct self-awareness is alone sufficient for successful relationships and task accomplishments. Alongside this correct awareness, the quality of empathy is equally important. Any relationship or any team work has principally two sides self and other. While correct self awareness addresses the first, empathy addresses the latter. To take leaf out of the same tyre supplier example, suppose the automobile manufacturer with who there has been long term business relationship already is undergoing financial crisis, yet has promising market. Here, the supplier needs to be empathic and help the manufacturer by offering lower price, in view of long term business interest. The same manufacturer may reciprocate the same in future.From the above elaborate discussion, it can be safely concluded that any relationship management or task accomplishment is a summation of various right actions, springing from right awareness of self on the one hand and empathy on the other hand. Buddhas perception of Angulimala as a sacred human soul was a reflection of his own soul. His awareness of his enlightenment-strength to transform people, coupled with his empathy to Angulimala powered Buddha to transform a cruel Angulimala to a saint Angulimala.
Very Nicely explained sir... Thank you sir
Thanks sir
Sir, please provide such points/essay brief for future essay discussions as well. Tq sir
Thankyou sir
Thank you so much Sir
Thank u so much sir please continue the same.
Good intiative sir.....
Very informative
Sir, you made it so simple. Thanks.
Previous Video: Respiration in Animals Video: Blood Circulatory System 10th Biology Playlist:
Thank you, Magnet Brains!
Thanks madam such a beautiful explanation
Mam plz itna tez mat chilaya kariye me dar jata hu
Padhati hai kam chillati hai jada
Whole biology is in doubt
Scream kam karo ma'am
Thnx mam u r amazing
Thank you so much ma'am
Thanks mem so nice looking
What is the difference between circulation and transportation
Yes man
I am in class 6 but then also I watched the video she explained so nicely even class4 children's can understand it easily
I have no idea to explain your explanation no wordsLots of love from kashmir
App itna chilla kyu rahe he
Your energy for teaching is too good
9:16 dear sir's way teaching lol good job magnet brains
Kuch bewaja bakwas bhe hai

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