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Transactions on Engineering Technologies: World Congress on Engineering 2018 Book Reviews from YouTube

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Sir please make complete video in which ROAD MAP for INDIAN STUDENTS how to become RESEARCHERS
sir I want to devlope my carrer in (vibration research) field after graduate of a local village engginering college, till now I have not cracked gate exam, may be I weak in engginering or our self study approch is not good. kindly provide me one short advice sir for future.........
Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya ❤️
highly motivated sir
Hats off to you Sir, a like for your mentioned of SPRITUAL JOURNEY. Sir, i am working in cement manufacturing industry. It has a lot more scope of research. Kindly proceed in that domain too. Also add some videos on sprituality so that many more students can connect themselves with the #ALMIGHTY
Congratulations Sir 👏
Respected sir, Good evening ! We are proud of you.You are an inspiration for us. Thanks and regards
Sir, please share experiences of IES work life. Also guide for the same .
Sir, you are great person and inspiration to all of researchers.
A inspiration to all the aspiring researcher . Truly amazing sir !! 🙌
congratulation sir! waiting to see u becoming no. 1 researcher. :)
Andaruu bagunnaraa. Always your simple words motivates us alot sir. Your journey is really inspires aspirants alot. Please upload this kind of videos sir.
You are an inspiration for us...... Thnx for sharing this 🏆Gold journey
IAENG la conference paper& journals lam yeppudi padikirathu nu sollunga bro athuku Oru video make pannunga
Links to referenced books can be found in the video description. Link to Fred Brooks' original article "No Silver Bullet Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering": Wikipedia:
13:30 Iteration isn't enough though... you might get stuck in a local maxima. You need broader knowledge and synthesis to know how far back down a mountain you will need to descent, i.e., how fundamental your error is.
there is no 10x ! ... but a lot 0.1x
Great talk, personally i find reducing complexity always works in software development, no matter the context
If I had to summarize, Modern Software Engineering presents what I call as the "Dual Challenge": Embracing New (& often complex) architectures leveraging Digital technology While keeping Release cycles short
I mostly agree with Dave on the subject of technology specific books... but there's always a couple of exceptions to the rule.... I've always thought Douglas Crockford's "the Good Parts" was vital reading if you're a JS developer or not just because of the ideas it smuggles across in it's technology specific text.
This was good to watch
Amazing conversation between professionals. Loved how open they spoke. Great video🦾🦾
Loved the discussion and banter between experienced software engineers passionate about the subject. Thank you.
Such a sincere opening :).
Gelukkig zal onze Schepper terugkomen om ons te bevrijden van deze slavernij want Hij houdt van ons deze man absoluut niet Brengt ons in slavernij Jezus verlost ons Hij alleen
Noval , You know too much , but still you need to know the difference between" Mind " and "Brain".
What a horrible voice/accent he has. Sadly I couldn't listen for more than 5 minutes without wanting to bang my head against the wall. Hope his books are more palatable, or they've chopped down all those trees just to produce more banal, unreadable crap.
thanks for the overload of screen distractions - another one ruined!
God wa the founder of nations. He references them throughout his Bible. He understood borders, walls and nations (nationalism) this guy with bad eyes and unhealthy genetics is telling people about wisdom! I will listen to God instead of this dude! He’s a mouth piece for earth worshippers. They all use climate change as their catch. It’s been proven time and again that we aren’t the cause of anything in nature. This earth has been here for millions of years and will be here millions after this guy is dead and gone! The earth has changed and morphed. Water levels have shifted. Ice has formed and melted. Species have lived and died. And on and on forever since creation. You simply adapt to it just as every other human or animal since creation! They want you to believe the earth is gonna kill you! God says plainly that the earth will not pass away until his word is fulfilled! And on that day it will all be over! Not a minute sooner! Not a moment later! Right on time! These peoples agenda is so predictable it’s comical. They use an invisible enemy every time. The war on drugs! The war on terror! The war on climate change! Blah blah blah! I sure hope the people in this audience didn’t pay money to sit here and get dumbed down by this ignorant fool. He should be whipped at the stake for his lies and trying to lead people into slavery! He makes me sick! And he isn’t fooling anyone who has an IQ!
I love how it’s not Americans who are preaching this crap. United States is the last of the hold outs that have pride in their country. They are pushing this humanity crap. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Globalism is enslavement and total control over everyone and everything you have, do or will ever have or do! That’s why they are bringing in all these groups into America and not making them assimilate! They want division. Take a real good look at the countries full of sheep who let this agenda take hold then tell me how good it is! These globalists are evil tyrants. Wolves in sheep’s clothing! Anyone who listens to this crap is blind and dumb!
This lady can't keep up with him.
IndiaToday:Do you believe in God? Pro harari:no
great speech
I have never met anyone in India who has ever meditated like one who just recovered from a 3 month coma, or 10 years in solitary confinement in the Himalayan mountains, or prison. But they sure do know how to make money and do your taxes.
Upgrading humans from Homo Sapiens to Homo Deus seems to me to be superfluous. To believe science and technology is the key to higher thinking, higher men, Zarathustra the Godless, is to my mind, and probably to yours too, just another false religion.
Nature goes on forever for everyone and everything to return as everyone and everything an infinite number of times through evolutionary processes.
Just Because Mrs. Puri belongs to the family doesn't mean she is qualified to take the interview. Kindly don't do these stupid stuffs...
If India Today had added Hindi caption to this video, then this video would have got 50 lakh views by now.
Brilliant speaker, moderator not so.(
39:12 the stupid anchor doesn’t have the spine to utter a word that starts with Q
Sou a favor de questões éticas
Very useful talk for a person to understand life particularly when he or she has nothing to engage in.
The anchor in the beginning is really annoying
Worst interviewer ever. Thankfully, she didn't ask him about being Gay.

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