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Buy TP WM77 Wireless Instrument Microphone online at Amazon. Wireless TP WM77 Wireless Instrument Microphone Colours: Black
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Amazon Offers ₹3,628
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TP WM77 Wireless Instrument Microphone Features

  • Wireless
TP WM77 Wireless Instrument Microphone Colours:
  • Black

The lowest TP WM77 Wireless Instrument Microphone Price in India is ₹3,628 at Amazon.
Buy TP WM77 Wireless Instrument Microphone online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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TP WM77 Wireless Instrument Microphone Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 2 AA batteries required. (included)
Brand Technical Pro
Item model number WM77
Item Weight 454 g
Model WM77
Product Dimensions 26.7 x 16.5 x 7.6 cm

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TP WM77 Wireless Instrument Microphone Reviews from YouTube

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Cheap Wish Wireless Sax Mic ~ Review ~ IRSS Ep. 1
The new Cloudvocal PRIME wireless saxophone microphone - unbox, test and review!
UNBOXING AND REVIEW XTUGA UHF Wireless Instrument Microphone Condenser Microphone
Hi, What microphone is that you are using ( not the wireless ) . The black and gold ! Thanks
I bougth this super very exciting.
Very lovely
Better sax does this have an external battery input
Better Sax! One of the top channels on youtube for any aspiring musician!
love it
Does this work with trumpet
It would be great to see a comparison with the AMT mini setup. Though they are more expensive console made in the USA as opposed to the ISolo. Regardless the ISolo has some great technology for the price.
I were i cant bey this microfone plise
How is this for recording, compared to the iPhone Apogee mic that you reviewed for about 250$ I see the benefit that you can use this for a live concert. But strictly recording which should I go for?
Can I used my Sony blue tooth’s with that sysrem
Do you still feel that this is a good mic and do you still use it a lot? Still having lots of success? How often do you use this?
I want to buy it, but I don't know where can I find it, bcs I'm in Rwanda
hello uncle, is this recomend for studio recording? i still confuse to choose iSolo, Shure beta 98 or dpa 4099. please help me out.
Great tutorials!!! I haven't played in 35 years uggh!!! I used to study at the Detroit Conservatory of Arts and was always first seated but life took me other places. Your posts have inspired me to pick up a sax and start playing again. Thank You!!!!
Nice, but I just need a wireless mic and its receiver so I can plug it into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.
Hi I am looking for a mic and interface to connect into Jamulus so I can rehearse with my group online without lag . Would this be suitable?
Tried to order this but when I entered the BETTERSAX2020 code a message said that code had “reached its limit”???? 🤷‍♀️
GREAT video!👍🏼 Im considering buying one for my husband as a gift he plays the sax (alto, tenor) I’m not an expert with this stuff but a musician friend suggested that we have an amplifier to attach to the mic and that we cannot use regular speakers (tv) :$ is that true? If I buy this mic I would have to invest in an amplifier? My husband likes to play for fun and upload his videos on Instagram and Facebook? It’s not really for gigs, it’s just that he feels that all his videos sound amateur without a mic and so I want to surprise him for his bday and buy him one of these :) what do you suggest
I bought one , you make it easy I have to set it up.
What a cool affordable mic. I'm a saxophonist who wants to start making good quality sax covers. At the moment I have an akg Sax mic and a boya lapel mix. It sounded so sweet with the play along track. I had no clue garage band was so versatile and useful.
Thanks a lot man!I am very bad in the choice of devices, and you gave me a tip for a good device that is very easy to use! This is my first microphone, I received it just a couple of hours ago))
what speaker system are you using?
I buy one similar to this and mines picking up my keys sounds to any duffle movements like wow. To my phone btw.
Look at this successful video! Great work!
Great! Thanks!
You make that cheap mic sound great, I think it's mainly because you are a fantastic player. The review was great, in depth.
I ordered one ,And it just arrived.
I tried to record on my iphone but the sound of the key pads are heared quite loudly interfering. I find that the inner microphone of the iphone at a distance of a couple of feet getting a lot less interfering sound from keystrokes. Do you have any suggestions that could improve the xtuga. The sound is pretty cool however, if it was not the keystroke.
Nice job ...thanks!
Mikey, why can't you use it same time as camera? No plug in? But if you're streaming to FB or YT, wouldn't you use a DAW input anyway?
Hi! I think you're the right guy to ask this odd question to, so here goes nothing: (please don't kill me) Can you use a lavalier microphone (e.g. Boya BY-M1) to clip it on and play your sax live? Is there any chance you could do a video on that matter? I'm not in the US and it's not really easy to find these "cheap-good" options. THX!
Please share more about the mixer because so many musicians are stuck at home this period and looking for ways to create better music content
Nice detailed review, thanks!!
Wish Roxy! Güd stuff
Very informative Mikey Dash excellent presentation!🎶🎷
Hey Nigel, I know it's apple to oranges but Sennheiser 441 vs iSOLO prime? Or what are some other valid comparisons against the iSOLO, like other wireless microphones? The biggest attraction to the iSOLO is how compact and easy to use it is. Looking ti get a mic for mic for my Sax, what are you using right now? Thanks!
I have now received my CloudVocal Prime and played it for a week. I can honestly say it is FAN - TAS - TIC !! Thanks to Nigel for doing a review really early on and thus allowing me to pre-order and get the directional antenna and interface for free.
Can anyone recommend a sax mic (not necessarily wireless) that doesn't cost more than my tenor sax is actually worth? Or should I just carry on using my iPhone ...?
If you are located in Germany you can preorder w/o import costs from the German distributor / deadline for special preorder price and bonus gifts 15-11-2020 / Versand- und importkostenfreie Vorbestellungen innerhalb Deutschlands bis zum 15.11.2020 zum Preorder-Spezialpreis und incl. Bonus-Gimmicks beim deutschen Distributor
Nigel, thank you very much for the comparison. To my ears the new Prime model seems to have a narrower pick up pattern then the old model, this makes it sound more dry which is a very good thing.
I have the CHOICE. The PRIME definitely sounds better. The CHOICE is a bit more muted and dull. Especially at the top and bottom ends. I hope they do an upgrade option! But the CHOICE is totally fine for gigs. The PRIME might work well in a simple studio setting and recording yourself for Sax School.
I thought there was quite a lot of handling noise (key clicks and so on) on these mics. That can be a problem with clip on. I'm not sure whether the audience would notice it on a live gig but it wouldn't work too well in the studio.
how does this sound with soprano sax?
Couldn't hear any difference between old and New when just using a clean, no effect sound. Love the effects of the new prime though.
I like the new prime mic and I am really impressed with FX1 & FX7 & FX 8 the later two would be great for Jazz and Blues some of the others ar good also but I think they are meant for more professional settings
Sorry, I forgot to ask: Are there multiple clips so a player can move the mic from horn to horn on stage so (each horn, say Alto, Tenor, Soprano for example) would have a clip?
I have to admit that like another Comment, The Choice did sound warmer than the Prime. But overall, a great product. I love the built in effects and even harmonizer. FX are something I don't have on my Shure set-up. I have to depend on the sound man or mixer FX. And I'll also echo a precious comment on testing the Prime vs a Shure. Thanks so much for the review.
Definitaly the new prime, a super gizmo for every working wireless mic. i am saving up now for one
In my ears the new ISOLO PRIME sounds a little bit fuller and smoother in comparison to the current ISOLO CHOICE system. Another advantage: The new PRIME mic is specificated to withstand up to 140db, so it's definitely the better choice for loud saxophone or trumpet players. And it has a cardoid polar pattern, which is a further advantage on loud stages and environments, there is less danger of feedbacks.
I really liked the prime, but I would have like to hear it in a more live type surrounding to see what the surround sound cancelation is like.. great review though, thanks Nigel.
Here in Australia we employ either a local adaptor or just as readily and easyily swap out the power supply.
Old model To my ear sounds a little mellow and warmer new one a little more sterile and clean but both good I use the old model and love it
I had just ordered the older version of the isolo a few days ago and honestly I wish I had seen your video before purchasing it. A hundred dollars for a much better sound and 4 more effects, I would have definitely gotten the prime one. Anyway keep up the good work and thank you for the amazing content!!😀
I like the Prime more function is the prize more than the other 1 Thanks Be Safe God Bless each1
Both of them sound good, but the "Prime" has a cleaner sound. It reminds of the SM58. Interesting effects.
Tutorialny la bang yg saya rusak laa
I don't understand your language but this was a big help, thank u!
mantap la ustaz, tgh survey2 jgk wireless mic yg harga murah2
Can’t wait to check out some of your other videos!! You deserve more views. Did you ever check smzeus . c o m?? You could use it to promote your videos!
Padang tambung???
Wih mantap sob, boleh request unboxing handset gaming gak bro, salam teman baru jgn lupa nyimak sob 🙏
Mantab sekali Kawan, kontennya keren. Salam Kenal & Salam Silaturrahmi yaa. LIKE 21
mantapppp pakbro! mampir balik ya
Mantop.. tq
Terbaik bos

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