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Toptul JFAA0133 E Standard Bumping Hammer Features

  • E8, EIO, E11, E12, E14, E16, E18, E20
  • Heat treat steel head
  • Dlat face; A: 40, B: 38 x 38
  • Hammers

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Toptul JFAA0133 E Standard Bumping Hammer Reviews from YouTube

Specialty Hammers & Dollies Plus How To Use Them!
Basic Hammer and Dolly Work for Paintless Dent Repair & Auto Body #1
Slapper Spoons - 20 - Tool Tip Tuesday
Using a Slapper File to Remove Dents in a Panel
A rambling narration of the contents of a mans hand.
I dont know why but I found this video almost unbearable. I did make it to almost 10 minutes skipping only a minute or 2. I did learn the square hammer is good for 90 degree panel dents so thanks for that I guess
Donde los consigo en México están chingones los martillos
Using hammers and dollies do have to still need an English wheel in your shop
ok so they never showed them in use, just said what they are used for and what he is going to do?
to much talk...just show them working..i dont want hear you speech bicth
I hate your vids, they are so bad and uneducational. It's the worst!!!😘
Talk without the support of action means nothing.
Dude needs his own show where you can talk forever. Some of the questions people asked is shit I need to learn. So please do a 2 hour show for beginners.
What’s the best way for a beginner to get into a shop and talk someone into teaching you what the school did not?
Not much "How to use them" going on. Good description of hammers and the cheap grind your own is pretty cool. More demo would would helpful.
okay sooooo. the hammers and blocks are flat and the blocks have some curves to them great vid thanks man I learned a lot
less talk more hammer!
this is great if I want to buy hammers and dolleys are you going to show how to use them on some actual metal????????????????
too much fucking yapping, not enough working
I tried using Shrinking Hammers at different times, with not much success, torch and heat was always best for me, plus I could shape the metal at the same time. William
Good video
Really great video! More of this please. Would like to see more panel beating tutorials!

say "um" again !! damn !!
I'm interested
Amazing how taking that crease out, popped the dent out. Highs then lows. Great way to remember. Thanks.
Respect uncle
Thank you for the video. I am not a body guy but a DIYer that loves learning new stuff! You keep referencing 'polished' hammers. Is this something you do personally to your hammers? I assume they don't come that way? Thanks!!
Awesome tips
Hey Marty could you teach me how to do pdr ?
Where are you located?
I screwed it up just looking at it!
Hello, do you think a hammer and dolly would be enough to fix this?
Hey Marty thanks much for the lesson. Where can I find a hammer like that?
The dent was noticeable when added the board. The camera goes off then back on dent obviously was worked out before camera came back on with the board. Before camera came on after the board there was no matching crease. However there's a crease that goes all the way along the fender with the natural crease of the fender at this point. So the finishing work is just for show because it was already fixed prior so when you turn the camera back on. Which is pointless for those of us they are watching to learn or to see how it's done.
Thank you very much for demonstrating skills that take a long time to master.
It doesn't look like you are putting much force on the hammer at all, is it low force - A LOT OF TIME? Edit* guess I should have watched the whole video first :)
A very big lesson I learned today. Thank you Marty.
How good could be use this technique of dolly and hammer in hail damage on hood, roof and trunk? Im begginer, and im looking for tips and tricks to make my job professional quicker! Thank you for the class!
I called a PDR guy in my town with a very similar dent, right on my wheel well. He tried to pull it and made a couple new wrinkles then said that's as good as it gets. Seeing this technique I fairly confident that I can improve on his work. Thanks for showing this.
Jimmeney this is great! can't wait till my first wrecked side swipe is parked ....
Good video. I made my old school pdr blending hammers . Pdr tecnique bon in Italy, Turin over 50 years ago.
Good work!
Just found this channel. Just subbed! Hoping to see the advanced dolly techniques in your video list 🙂
Have you made your own Slappers? Or purchased ones you like?
Lol good vid
Great info,any idea ..all around slapper for pdr work🤔
Just bought that big Martin spoon and have been flatting dents like a pro. Thanks!
I made 1 slapper from a trailer leaf spring, and a Aluminum slapper from 1/4" x 1-1/4 flatbar 6061 t6 for PDR work, Thanks William Orange county, ca.
If your really into Metal Finishing, slappers are a must, plus u can pry or backup like a dolly, I have 3 steel and 1 aluminum slapper, the aluminum slapper I use on PDR jobs for a light touch. GREAT VIDEO Thanks William Orange county, ca.
i have to make a slapper for metal tech while i am at home in one day
My first slapper was a Snap on thin and wide knocks down crowns, works well with a hammer or by itself. Then I took a 1-3/4" leaf spring, made a slapping area about 8 inches, handle about 6-1/2" x 1-1/8" inches and about 2" inch raised , I ground and polished it, it's a heavy hitter, also works well by itself, or with a hammer, also prying. GREAT VIDEO.
It would be nice if you could demonstrate a little bit the use of these slappers. Thanks for the video.
Good video, nice explanation of slappers. I have one older SnapOn and two I've made, I'll probably be adding to the collection when time permits.
is slapper the older term for body spoon or the new slang for body spoon? been out of the body work/ paint business for 8 yrs.
I only have one slapper, I might need a few more. I read in a book "slappers are useful for slapping people who use shrinking hammers" 😂
Somebody is slowing turning into Alton Brown
Thanks for sharing this video, great explanation. Would you please do a video review of the new harbor freight english wheel?
Alan what's your day job
Great video, I have both those Martin slappers, and I have one from dagger that’s my go to. I need that Ferguson one! I also made one from a file that’s useful
My friend used to say, " If I dont come home with a slapped mark on my face, it likely did not have any fun." I have one or two slappers and I like them.
Wicked video al!!! I use spoons the for flattening safety edges and flanges as well. I have 2 terms for this kind of tool. I would never buy one only the material to make one (if i had to). I have 2 spoons (smooth) and 1 slapper(textured). The curve in a leaf spring is perfect for the job and i rely on the thickness of it for weight not length or width and start off with 14-16 inches mark off the width of my hand and heat it up bend in a vise. For a spoon sand out any pitting and polish up as much as possible because the shinier it is the brighter the mark u will leave on the panel to show where u hit so u can adjust to suit. But with a slapper i use a body file (not a drednought or rasp) or a very large bastard file (technical terms not mine cut the pointy end off and have the branding om the hand end) bend etc and curve it by heating up the back side and pulling on it to the desired curve (ive even seen people put runs of weld down the back because the weld shrinks enough to curve the file!) and sand the cutting teeth off till nearly gone so when u hit the panel now it leaves like a knerled textured effect on the panel which is so much easier to see compared to a spoon. So i rarely use my spoon now only when im raising the material such a small amount that the file is barely going to file the textured mark out.
Cool, I was just binge watching your older videos when this popped up. Now back to the video...
Always wanted to know how to use one thanks for this
Came over to your channel after seeing one of your comments over on Mustie1’s channel. Enjoyed your how to make a slap file, and this one on how to use it. You’re WAY past my skill level, but it’s another trick to try. I really appreciate you passing on your knowledge.
Learned from restolad eh.
Great job. man you make it look easy !!
So why a dolly on the back vs a hammer on the back and dolly on the front? It seems like it would knock the dent down.
if Blake knows so much why is he watching  your video thanks
Good Video Bro! . Fun Jams Too... Need More Cowbell! LOL
Could you do a re-take on the sermon? I couldn’t hear the sermon for the choir. Haven’t understood why utube actors think music is important during a presentation. The tips and tricks (video only) does have merit.😊
Thank you for showing this technic. I want to make this tool of an old file but every time I buy one I realise it's far better then my new files and i can't destroy it. Guess i have to buy a new file and bend it because new tools are crap. Thanks again!
Hey Greg. I just found your channel. You started out great teaching me something, then you turned the music up too loud and that was very distracting. When you were slapping the metal, you are going by ear to hear where you are hitting. Well, I would like to hear as well. Please turn the music down. This is not a music lesson. It is a auto body lesson. Thank for sharing.
Clever move, put loud music on whilst we’re listening to the difference in the noises of the metal...
Master of metal. Art and science!
As you said, sound on dolly is important in this type of work, so why add a music that hides all noises???
Thanks for the instructions and tips, I will be using them soon.
Holy hell I finally understand proper dent removal techniques! Man you have no idea how long I've been struggling with that final piece of the puzzle..and that's how do you know when you've reached the point where that's the best you're going to to get a particular dent and know when to stop and move on to applying body filler then prep/paint? I have a tendency to over work the dent at times to the point where I start creating other problems within the area....I drive myself nuts. Its the same with sanding body filler, half the time I sand it all off and have to coat it again and again lol....Thanks for sharing it was very helpful
So you use it on dolly and stop once it comes up to keep from stretching the metal?
What a great instructional. I never would have thought to use a file in that way, and just used a dolly and hammer to massage the metal which tends to create more work, but will get you there eventually. I will use try method. Thank-You.
Man why don't you cut the 'back' (pointy end) of that slapper off?! 30 years ago(When I was an apprentice) I was taught to use the 'flat' part of the slapper not the tip & to use the dolly to your advantage, including the corners to get the little 'lows' up! Why were you only filing in ONE direction?!
After the "slap iron", it's best to follow up with a Vixxen file. Vixxen files have the capability to raise minor low-spots, prior to finish grinding the metalworked area.

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