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Toptul ANAM1205 Adjustable Torque Wrench price at Amazon - ₹22,693

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How to use and adjust a torque wrench. These are well worth the money!
How to use and adjust a torque wrench. These are well worth the money!
good video you made it easy to understand
Heater hose routing 2002 dodge ram
Not very explanatory
Glad I watched this before I used my gf's father's wrench... now I wont try and take the nuts off my tires with it, and I'll remember to set it back to a neutral setting, I'm sure he'll appreciate that lol, thanks!
very informative from beginning to end
Thanks for clarifying that a torque wrench is not to be used for leverage. You probably just saved my torque wrench. Thank you
Great video. I think the camera was focused toward 1 foot away-so you can't get too close with small numbers/writing. Just in case you wondered why. Thank you. This info may get me a job soon!
thanks for this helpful vid! btw, if i was to buy a torque wrench to be used for smaller car jobs and such, should i buy a 1/2 inch, 3/8 inch or 3/4 inch drive? i don't understand the differences.
What do you call that one you just took out, the long one?
What tool is this called?
you can repair the click
Thanks. I am experiment with an intake gasket, and now my step is putting everything back together with a torque wrench.
Craftsman sucks a fat one. I never deal with them.
now, can you try to do it in metric, using the metric N-m calibration that is under the English calibration?   Thanks.
Sorry I was saying ft/lbs when the craftsman wrench is in in/lbs. The in/lbs will easier to take apart at the lowest setting.
Hay Johnny, Here's one for you to try. Take that broken Craftsman wrench you have and set it to its lowest setting of maybe 25 ft/lbs. Notice that ft/lbs is at the top of the wrench, and Nm is on the bottom. At the top of the shaft is a pin that holds the ratchet in place sometimes there is a c-clip that holds the pin in place. Pull the c-clip off the pin. With the ratchet up against a vice that is bolted to the table push the handle of the ratchet wrench up against the vice and pull the pin out. It will take about 25 ft/lbs. of pressure.  When the pin comes out be careful coming back slowly because it is spring loaded to 25 ft/lbs. slowly keeping the wrench flat on the table pull the head of the wrench off the shaft. At the end of the shaft you will see a .230 x .250 cube. If not it's still in the shaft. Turn the shaft 90 degrees and give it a pop on the table so that the cube falls out. Mark top of cube and one side of cube with black felt pen. On the other side of the ratchet end is a shaft and on the end of that shaft you will see an indentation where that cube goes. Put some grease on the end of the cube and put it into that indentation. The cube will stay in place with the grease. With the wrench still flat on the table put it back together slowly and put the pin back into the shaft. Set the wrench to 50 ft/lbs and [click it in the CW and CCW direction] before you use it. Like on your car tire that is set at 100 ft/lbs and you know 50 ft/lbs is not going to move those nuts. Once you heard a click in both directions compare the two torque wrenches with a nut and bolt and see if you got the cube in the right direction. If the torque is not right go back into the wrench and rotate that cube again. Good luck I know you can do it!
FYI:  It's very important to read the owner’s manual when you buy a new torque wrench on how to use it properly, and when it's in storage. Torque wrenches are spring loaded so when not in use set them to the lowest setting. If you have a torque wrench that goes from 20ft/Lbs. to 250 ft./Lbs. When not in use set them to 20ft/Lbs. and NOT below 20ft/Lbs. to save on the spring tension, and the tool will keep its calibration longer then if you were to keep it cranked up to 150ft/lbs. when not in use. The clicking sound you hear is a floating block at the end of the spring.  If the dial is crank below the lowest number on the wrench at any time < 20 the block will come out of alignment from the spring and the tool will need to be repaired. Buying a cheep < $100.00 torque wrench doesn't guarantee the wrench is calibrated to the exact number you set it to. You'll need to send it to a calibration company for that guarantee of .02% or .04% in the CW or CCW direction. I've seen $350.00 wrenches that were out of calibration when they were bought brand new. Remember this a new torque wrench will put you in the ball park, and a calibratied wrench will put you on the pitchers mound. If you take care of them!
So do I hand tighten the bolt first then use the torque wrench? 
Very helpful. Thanks.
Thx for the tip this answer my question on how will I know for sure I torque the bolts right..cause I know how to set it now