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Tomato Tree Hummer Red
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Tomato Tree Hummer Red Reviews from YouTube

Top 3 Cherry Tomatoes You NEED to Grow!
How to tell when Indigo Rose Tomatoes are ripe.
Hummer H2 4K Walkaround Interior Exterior #Cars@Dinos
Top 5 Tomatoes to Grow
Black Cherry doesn't just taste like an Heirloom tomato , it is an Heirloom. I agree . They are an excellent cherry tomato. I started growing them about 10 yrs. ago.
good morning friend.I have grown cherry tomtoes plants they are around two months old and the othr day I sprayed them with baking soda and neem oil .the next day I noticed the leaves have curled and some of them have blackened at the tips.please help
whats the diffrence between black cherry and chocolate cherry ?
thank you. I will try these
Thank you... :)
Sungolds over ice cream....😁
Your tomatoes are the most beautiful tomatoes on youtube. My landlord also grows a few tomatoes, but he never prunes the branches or erects supports. His tomato branches are lying on the ground in a mess, but your tomatoes are like a work of art! Everyone who grows tomatoes should watch your video.
Can you share me the technical skill of growing this cherry tomato please? And which type of this cherry tomato name? I really want!
How do you keep them so healthy looking?
Wow man.... You got talent... Its been an year or so am trying to grow tomatoes successfully but don't know what goes wrong and i don't get the expected harvest 😐anyways... Thanks for the video.. Much love from India
Pls do not eats me😂
Seeds link.plz
Make clip grow each tomato
Make soil for grow tomato
can i growing them in the tropics?
Woww...that looks so good ❤️😋
Hi Lucas, for those of us trying to grow this indoors hydroponically, which of these species grow the most "compact" as a shrub? I only have bedroom space in my apartment and can't stake them to the ground, so I'm limited to a 4-5' wire rack for support. Thanks for the knowledge!
I will try these next year. My absolute favourite so far is White Cherry - very big plant and very sweet tomatos. I feed my tomatoes with egg shells, chicken poop and herring. These make them go to the Moon!
Is it true to get this a mount of tomatoes you have to put fish head as a vitamin
i am going to try growing them
Hello, does it matter if they are ripe or not to save the seeds for next year ? Thanks
Mine are jet black all over not just on one side. Should I wait for them to start turning red or can I eat them now?
Would this species work in a hanging tomato pot?
Mine are dark, dark purple, about the size of a big cherry tomato. But it's hard as a rock and green inside. II'll watch them for a while longer and see if they change color again.
Thank you sir
Thank you!
Thanks for showing when they are ready to pick! Growing for the first time here in the North West UK. most are now turning purple black and thankfully with growing in containers in the greenhouse I am able to turn the container round so get's even amounts of light/sun. They still feel very firm so not ready yet but cannot wait to try them (y)
I planted this 2 years ago. They do take a long time to ripen but they're sweet like sugar.They are beautiful when fully ripe, with a red star shape at the stem end. I ate them daily for lunch. Then my nightshade intolerance really took off and I'm afraid to eat tomatoes!
Very helpful! Saved me from picking mine too early. Thank you for sharing!
I'm in Uganda but we don't have such tomatoes yet I would like to try them, can you please mail me some little seeds brother?
hows this compare to black cherry tomato? what are their big differrences
Thank you you have answered my question very well.
Thank you
Where can the seeds be found.
Thank You. This helpful. This is my first time growing Indigo Rose Tomatoes, and my first question was the same as yours - How do you know when the Indigo Rose Tomato is Ripe? I have some that are pure purple all the way around and feel kind of hard right now - some have purple shoulders - so I'll wait on those. Your video is very clear and helpful. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much. The label said we purchased a Green Zebra, but really it's an Indigo Rose and this is very helpful.
Very Beautiful tomatoe!!! I want to try some!
I notice your Indigo Rose tomato has leaf curl too. I have never had this problem w/ any of my tomatoes before. Is it the breed? Should I be worried - it looks pretty severe?? Do you have a way for treating this?
Very helpful, thank you! I'm growing these for the first time this year and I had no idea how to tell!
Thala ingayum vanthuteelgala fav SUV hummar h3
Is it available in us
Super fantastic Car
Which is song this video ...please give me ..a name of this song
Price in India?
wtf is “hech2” 😂😂lol this guy is hilarious 😂
Is it available in india..? And tell about price plzz
fake mahindra Hummer replica being inducted into Indian army
you tobe a kise banate hai plz help me
Which Camera You use for 4k videos. thanks
Wohooooooo.....Thanks Dino for the walk around of the only beautiful Monster....
Which car is the best tata nexon or brezza top model
G wagon 4x4 can beat this car
Super video
What song is this
track name playin in background
Top speed 120 only ah bro??
Hi Bhai is it available in Hyderabad
Cherokee Purple!
My favorite for best tomato taste has always been Boxcar Willie, For best producer I’m a fan of Climbing Tripl-L-Crop. Both are sometimes hard to find.
Paul Robeson tomato is my favorite for flavor. Not the most productive but the taste is by far the best.
When will Noah’s grapes seeds be available ? Asking from London UK
I grew a few different varieties this year. The only one I grew that you showed is the Mortgage lifter, which was favorite tasting. It has what I consider a tomato should taste like, and nice and meaty, which I like. It’s also a good size tomato; not too large, not too small.
I didn't know Henry Rollins was a gardener. Very cool.
You gonna have any of your Grape for sale this Fall? Web site currently says "out of stock". I try to get all my seeds in fall for the Spring planting - I'm kinda an Early Bird.
Cannot find these near me.
Can I buy some mushroom basket seeds when they're ready?
Nice video.
I would love some Noah’s Grape Tomatoes. Please let me know how to get some. Thank you. So much.
oh ONLY 17 varieties no bid deal. im at 5 and i cant remember what half of them are.
ha! i have a really tough tomato plant too.....i made my garden beds with cinder blocks. when i was transplanting my tomatos i found a HUGE rock. and i thought i filled the hole of the rock, but i overlooked one specific cinder block that was now completely out of balance....and proceeded to transplant as usual. the next day, tragedy!, the block had fallen on top of one of the plants. it was completely flattened.....i lifted it gently, cleaned all the dirt from looked very sad, about to tide....but i kept watering it regularly....and it got better.....right now it took over the whole garden bed. it has the main stem, and at least 5 secondary stems, and many tertiary ones....the tallest and overall biggest tomato plant i've had. it's yellow pear. has so many tomatos just waiting to ripen......
Where can I get Mushroom Basket tomatoes to plant in my garden? I live in Ohio. If not the started plant, where can I get seeds? I'd never heard of this tomatoe before. Just stumbled across your video doing some tomatoe research. Mushroom Basket is the one I'd love to grow in my small garden. Please let me know where I can get the plant or seeds. Thanks. Like your green thumb😁👍
Where can I buy "noah's grape" tomatoes?
Sunsugar is Awesome!
I love the Noah's Grape story Brother!
Here in hot and humid Georgia my top 5 are: 1) Park's Whopper 2) Cherokee Purple 3) Brandywine 4) Roma 5) Sweet 100
Do you have videos of growing bags and tomatoes? I'm beginning my urban garden and want to grow tomatoes
Would love to swap some seeds for next year!

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