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Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush

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Tom Ford Brush Comparisons and Reviews
Tom Ford Brush Comparisons and Reviews
After two weeks using the brushes... how you did to keep them so cleaned? How often you whashed them? I bought many of them and l'm affraid not to keep them as cleaned as yours. Thanks for your help, Elena
I would want all of them
what is the brush on 3.42?
Has anyone tried the tom ford lip brush number 21? Is it stiff enough?
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that contour & highlighting brush the same as Hakuhodo 532?
You mentioned having better brushes than these.  What are they?
Outrages prices. What is it made out of gold?
Excellent review!!!
Is it too late.? Cuz I'd love to win the tom ford brushes! Thanks :)
What's up with the random want to win comments?? Lol shit, I'd love to win also
i want to win tom ford,xx
Looks like the Rae Morris brushes are MORE expensive than the Tom Ford's...not exactly what I expected based upon this video....I waited until I had a chance to check Rae Morris prices...and now Tom Ford's have gone up a few dollars with the New year, but are still less than Rae's. Updated video perhaps, Mr. Goss?
Please plwase please let me win :(
What is 40 pounds in the uk vs US dollars? Is more or less?
I wish you had mentioned the ones you think are better. =\
Great review!
What are the 'best' brushes? Really want to know! Thanks
Bought three of the cream foundation brushes and so far one has fallen apart after washing with Bobbi Brown Brush Cleanser! Have had other brushes for decades and never has one fallen apart. I had only washed this brush twice before! So now I am trying to find a cream foundation brush as good as this that will hold up! Bummer!
Looks like there is no double crimping - or any crimping at all. Explain that...
He has already done a review on them..
Hi! If anyone is interested I am selling a set of new TF brushes:
Thanks for the review! 👍
Thank you for being honest about the size of the bronzer brush. Finally, someone gives us the truth.
Love that nail color
Ty so much, very helpful. Just bought the cheek brush and while my head didn't explode at the price, my mind tells me it better work well for $80. Hoping it impresses me as it is certainly a lovely looking brush. Kind regards!
What a great review, I've been lusting over the bronzer brush, but after your very informative video, I would prefer to get the cheek brush , and cream foundation brush. Thanks !!!
Really great review thank you!!
loved this review was about to get the cheek and bronzer was a bit undecided if i should only get one..thanks for the review helped a lot :)
Been eyeing TF brushes...been buying a little of every brand...just started using his make wil definitely chk them out..ty 4 sharing. ..
Thank you SO MUCH!!!  I was looking at the bronzer brush and now I will pass!
Great review these brushes seem so versatile you would only need a couple of brushes instead of needing a set
Yes. I use the Tom Ford Bronzer brush all the time for powder and all-over bronzer. It has stopped shedding on me at this point. I still love it. It is crazy soft, but I don't think it's as versatile as the cheek brush because it is so large. So, if I had to choose between them, I'd still say get the cheek brush first. :) - Laura
What about using the bronzer brush as a powder brush, only because I hate my powder brush because its too prickly. I have the Mac 150 brush, what do you think?
You will love them! Glad to help. - Laura
The cheek brush is rather dense, but I think that's what makes it so luxurious. The density lends itself to blending and buffing. The softness of the bristles prevent the brush from moving around the foundation underneath the blush. You do have to get used to picking up just the right about of product. You can't swirl the brush into a color like NARS desire and slap it on your face. I bounce it in the product. Place on the face. Then wipe off excess on my hand. Then blend. It's my fave brush.
The Pot Rouge does last on my skin alone. But to make the lasting power even better, you can layer a powder blush on top. Best cream blush for oily skin?? Chanel's cream blushes set to a powder finish. - Laura
Would you suggest Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for oily skin?
hi, yeah today i was reasearching on TF brushes, IM going to get their eye blending brush so far because it looks so good and soft, but im interested in getting the blush brush they have, i finally found it, to me even their blush looks so dense actually, so i might get their eyeshadow and smoky eye one next. i like the look of thier bronzer and blush brush but they seem really dense that will pack on too much product. its quite confusing.. thank you for reply. :-)
I wouldn't use the Tom Ford cream foundation brush for powder blushes. The brush size is very small and the bristles are too dense (in my opinion) for powder products. Hope you are having a great weekend! - Laura
Hmmm. I have never thought to use the cheek brush with liquid foundations. I personally prefer synthetic brushes to apply my liquid products. I tried using the TF cream foundation brush with a long-lasting foundation and I wasn't a huge fan of the finish. On the cheek brush, I'd imagine the dense hairs would clump up in sections. I could give it a go, but I love my Sigma F80, Sephora Airbrush, Shiseido, Real Techniques Expert Face brush, etc so much. Still loving all my Tom Ford brushes! - Laura