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Buy Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush online at Amazon. Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush
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Amazon Offers ₹12,657
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Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush Features

  • By Tom Ford
  • By Tom Ford
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Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush

The lowest Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush Price in India is ₹12,657 at Amazon.
Buy Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

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Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush Reviews from YouTube

TOM FORD BEAUTY - I bought some stuff... 🥴 | kinkysweat
Tom Ford Brush(s) Review! Are They Worth It??
REVIEW & DEMO: Tom Ford White Suede Palette & New Synthetic Brushes
Oh no I now need the foundation and the cream contour! Your face looks flawless darling especially the jaw line lol
I'm so glad I missed the sale lol I seriously can't spend anymore money I'm still paying on my payment to mother pat lol but I am so here for you 😊❤
The packaging colour would be coppery bronze 😄
Just picked up TF cheek color in 06 inhibition. Hands down Best one I own. Pinky peach perfection
its been a while so idk if you're even going to see this but have you tried their translucent finishing powder? i really want to know what you think huhu
Uh...i seriously need to avoid your channel. Every time i watch you...i end up buying things 🤦‍♀️❤❤
Thanks so much. Just letting you know that Coola has a sunscreen spray that is designed not to disturb your makeup. You can keep spraying and it won’t effect it. Also, would you please consider doing a video on the best waterproof makeup? If you can..thankyou in advance 💕🌷
I actually use the shade and illuminate brush to also blend. You wouldn’t think you can blend with it but you can. Shocked! I even use it down my nose holding the brush vertically, which I wound think to use it that way, but it doesn’t splay or ruin makeup, weird but it works, I love it now
I am all here for anything you wanna do. Also, this is terrible to ask because it's so freakin expensive, but would you consider reviewing TF's Shade and Illuminate Soft Radiance Foundation?? Maybe if Beautylish offers to send you more stuff for their gift card event? I am dying to know how it compares to Pat and you do the BEST comps.
In Greece we have now 50% off all Tom Ford products . They do it 2 time a years. Normal it 20% all the time.
The neiman marcus site sold.thr tom ford glow drops $26 with tax.. I was like whoaa
Tom Ford is on sale again (at Nordstrom) and this video convinced me to Place Order. Oh, dear. But I’m your shade and your reviews are so wonderfully thorough and compelling!
Love your Alicia you are amazing feel like you are best friend without meeting you u got a wonderful soul and charismatic kind loving personality, stay safe god bless you 🤗💗💗💗
I came on this platform for shade match in traceless foundation stick. Do you think tawny would look good on nc40-42 skin? You and I have similar skin tone, but I’m confused with tawny. Did you try that shade too?
Gosh I'm eyeing this stick foundation and I was hoping you can steer me away but then again who can change my mind once it's made up. haha Love your descriptions so much had to get our opinion as well.:D
Just purchased the TF traceless sable based off your video. Was wary due to the price but I was amazed. It is everything you said and more. A truly lovely foundation. It does melt into the skin. It is beautiful on and lasted all day. Waiting for the bronzer because it’s sold out still. Thank you!
have the brushes been shedding after a couple more uses??
Totally enjoyed this video! Love the close ups and how you do your makeup. You have the best video's of you applying luxury makeup. You look gorgeous! I just ordered the shade & illuminate today it is the perfect shade. I already own the reflects gilt & I love it. I would love to see another get ready with you with Tom Ford makeup. Michele has absolutely nothing on you; in fact I like your video's so much better! Her applying makeup is so lost on me.
Late to the party but I'm catching up on videos. Love Reflects Gilt. This is the only highlighter that I actually have hit pan on. It is my goto highlighter. Can wear the top or bottom or my fave is to mix them together, I have always wanted the stick foundation but didn't see a shade for me but I see now they have a lot more shades. I'm wondering how closely it matches to the shade and illuminate foundation. I think I'm going to go for it. The concealer brush - I love it but I only use it for cream shadows. I've never used it for concealer. Maybe one day. Great video. Love Tom Ford. I'm thinking of caving on the new brush myself. I've been holding out for awhile. If I catch it on sale, it is mine so I'm not mad at ya.
So you would recommend not buying them at all as a whole? I heard they stop shedding after you wash them a few times?
wayne goss brushes are just as good for much less
Hi! If anyone is interested I am selling a set of new TF brushes:
I know this video is way old so my chance of getting a response is probably slim to none. But I’ve searched the Internet high and low to find this answer and can’t find it anywhere. I know TF discontinued their natural hair brushes but I see listings of them on eBay. Someone said the way you can tell their natural vs synthetic is their natural brushes have the word Japan on the handle and the synthetic ones don’t. Do you know if that’s true? Trying to find out before I purchase. Thanks!
Three years later later and people are still raving about TF brushes especially bronzer brush , it almost feel like this brush has a life on its own... I've read somewhere that the quality of the goat hair used for the bronzer brush is not what it used to be... Thank you for your honest opinion. Looks like you saved lots op people - including me - quite a bit of money...
Tom Ford brushes are made in Japan, they actually are manufactured by Hakuhodo. The Cream Foundation brush is my favorite face brush to use in my routine, I can literally use them for anything - I mix Soleil Tan de chanel with my tom ford cream foundation and it works perfect. :) I have the blush brush too but I feel like it's a tad bit too big, and saying that, I don't even blink twice about not having the bronzer brush
How did you return them after having them for 9 months? WTF?
Damn ... Well I won't be investing in those
You are FAB!! Love your video!!!
Everybody needs to check this video out !
A $100+ brush you have owned for over nine months still sheds??? OH. Not cool with that at ALL. The TF's sure do look purty, though. :) I am looking forward to your review on the Chikuhodos! 
Can you please do a review on pantone marsala cheek trio pallette
Thanks for the review, I was done when you said how much they cost. Girlfriend, I don't have it like that, there is no way I'd spend that much money for a brush. Tom Ford needs to get over himself. Thanks for being so honest. 
I have only one. I think it's the eleven brush. I have a lot of brushes to from real technique, no name, and mac. Just to name a few. I find I reach for my sephora, real techniques, and beauty blender the most for foundation. I tend to reach for my Mac and sigma brushes for my eyes. I feel so guilty with my expensive brushes just staring at me. But in a rush you go with what works and take little effort.
It was an absolute pleasure meeting you... Have a merry Christmas and a over the top fabulous New Year!
Whoahhhhhhh that's very expensive for 1 brush. There shouldn't be any cons lol but as always great thorough review boo tfs💞💞💞
Thank you for your honesty! I can't stand when people are sent these expensive products and feel as if they have to give a great review. I appreciate YouTubers like you and Tarababyz that purchase their products and give 100% honest reviews!
Thank you for saving me money
Thank you for the review! I really appreciate it. I was also really disappointed by the tm brushes. Can't wait to see a vid on your favorite brushes. Hello from martinique!!
you were able to return after 11 months? wow
After two weeks using the brushes... how you did to keep them so cleaned? How often you whashed them? I bought many of them and l'm affraid not to keep them as cleaned as yours. Thanks for your help, Elena
I would want all of them
what is the brush on 3.42?
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that contour & highlighting brush the same as Hakuhodo 532?
You mentioned having better brushes than these.  What are they?
Outrages prices. What is it made out of gold?
Excellent review!!!
Is it too late.? Cuz I'd love to win the tom ford brushes! Thanks :)
What's up with the random want to win comments?? Lol shit, I'd love to win also
i want to win tom ford,xx
Looks like the Rae Morris brushes are MORE expensive than the Tom Ford's...not exactly what I expected based upon this video....I waited until I had a chance to check Rae Morris prices...and now Tom Ford's have gone up a few dollars with the New year, but are still less than Rae's. Updated video perhaps, Mr. Goss?
Please plwase please let me win :(
What is 40 pounds in the uk vs US dollars? Is more or less?
I wish you had mentioned the ones you think are better. =\
Great review!
What are the 'best' brushes? Really want to know! Thanks
Bought three of the cream foundation brushes and so far one has fallen apart after washing with Bobbi Brown Brush Cleanser! Have had other brushes for decades and never has one fallen apart. I had only washed this brush twice before! So now I am trying to find a cream foundation brush as good as this that will hold up! Bummer!
Looks like there is no double crimping - or any crimping at all. Explain that...
He has already done a review on them..
i want to win tom ford
So happy I found your review on this palette!!😍 Is back in a set now at Beautylish! Definitely ordering 🏃🏽‍♀️
What bronzer brush would u say is better for bronzer la mer or tom Ford bronzer brush xx
You are such a classy lady!
Hi! If anyone is interested I am selling a set of new TF brushes:
Is it true the Tom Ford new bronzer brush reads synthetic on the upper part of the handle vs the old natural hair that reads Japan on the handle?Im trying to find the natural hair brush.I would appreciate your help.
Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but has anyone figured out from TF how to tell the difference between the old natural vs new synthetic? I see physically it appears the natural looks fluffier and the gold part looks wider on the natural, but anything else? Like about the JAPAN on the handle? I’ve heard the new ones say JAPAN S for short like macs but wanted to ask someone who actually has both. Or any UPC numbers or box differences? Thanks girls
Hello, Mel! I know I might be late discovering this video but I need to ask you; are all the Tom Ford brushes on are synthetics now?! I plan to get their natural hair brushes :(
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 👍🏻👍🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 .. In Singapore I Had To Pay 146 USD For the Tom Ford 05 Bronzer Synthetic Brush & I Bought 2 Of Them + 06 Cheek Synthetic Brush For 101 USD .. well I've been eyeing them for ages ..
Mel I have a question regarding the bronzer brush !! Does ur synthetic bronzer brush have JAPAN engraved on the brush ? Other than the bristles is there anyway I can tell the differences whether it’s synthetic or natural hair ? I’ve seen a Tom Ford Bronzer Brush and the brush didn’t have JAPAN engraved on the handle . Do you know anything about it? Thank you ! Love your channel it’s so informative ❤️
Hi love!!!!! I NEED your help. I have a CCO near me that says they have the natural hair Tom Ford bronzer brush!!! I’m new to the makeup game, so can you help me identify the difference between the natural hair one vs the synthetic ?... I’m going to the store tomorrow so if you could answer this tonight I’d SUPER duper appreciate it 😊
Mel I'm so happy I purchased the palette its completely sold out and it's actually my favorite palette from Tom Ford I did purchase the tom Ford brush too and I love it 😃
Are these wooden?
Hello,could you tell me please,new brush also made in Japan.?
Hey Mel where was the synthetic brushes made(did it say on the box)
Mel: So glad you compared the TF natural vs. synthetic. I regret not having bought the natural hair bronzer brush before they switched over. So would you recommend another bronzer brush over the synthetic TF? I really like the shape and size of the TF.
Aw what a disappointment. I never got to purchase the Natural hair 05 Bronzer Brush. Do you know any place I can get the old version. Thank you for the video
Thank you for your review. It is really helpful :) But is there any changes in the box, for example the barcord is stil the same? Brushes I recently purchased are 88066 01262 (bronzer brush) and 88066 01246 (blend brush). I am afraid that it might not a old vesion authentic brush.
I have to thank you so much for this review! I ran out and got the quad literally right after watching your video! I just got back from a 2 week business trip. I took White Suede for weekdays at work and I was so impressed! I could just throw on the topper before going out for drinks/dinner and it totally transformed my look. I would have passed on it, but you convinced me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!🥰
Oh, oh, oh. I am feeling the temptation of this palette!
Hey Mel 💖 You have far more patience than I, I would be calling Tom Ford company up and letting them know that for that price I’m outraged. No bueno. I don’t understand what they were thinking. Go to synthetic fine but lower the price. Lordy 🙄 *major eye roll That said thanks for taking one for the team

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