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Tom Ford Beauty Cream Foundation Brush

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Tom Ford Brush(s) Review! Are They Worth It??
Tom Ford Brush(s) Review! Are They Worth It??
Tom Ford Beauty - Try-On Haul / Full Face Demo
Tom Ford Beauty - Try-On Haul / Full Face Demo
After two weeks using the brushes... how you did to keep them so cleaned? How often you whashed them? I bought many of them and l'm affraid not to keep them as cleaned as yours. Thanks for your help, Elena
I would want all of them
what is the brush on 3.42?
Has anyone tried the tom ford lip brush number 21? Is it stiff enough?
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that contour & highlighting brush the same as Hakuhodo 532?
You mentioned having better brushes than these.  What are they?
Outrages prices. What is it made out of gold?
Excellent review!!!
Is it too late.? Cuz I'd love to win the tom ford brushes! Thanks :)
What's up with the random want to win comments?? Lol shit, I'd love to win also
i want to win tom ford,xx
Looks like the Rae Morris brushes are MORE expensive than the Tom Ford's...not exactly what I expected based upon this video....I waited until I had a chance to check Rae Morris prices...and now Tom Ford's have gone up a few dollars with the New year, but are still less than Rae's. Updated video perhaps, Mr. Goss?
Please plwase please let me win :(
What is 40 pounds in the uk vs US dollars? Is more or less?
I wish you had mentioned the ones you think are better. =\
Great review!
What are the 'best' brushes? Really want to know! Thanks
Bought three of the cream foundation brushes and so far one has fallen apart after washing with Bobbi Brown Brush Cleanser! Have had other brushes for decades and never has one fallen apart. I had only washed this brush twice before! So now I am trying to find a cream foundation brush as good as this that will hold up! Bummer!
Looks like there is no double crimping - or any crimping at all. Explain that...
He has already done a review on them..
The Tom Ford primer is the best product I own, it's amazing!
How was the eye primer? Did it last okay? I can’t find any other demos about the primer, or reviews.
Hi Michelle I i just ran into this video by typing in tom ford brushes review I just purchased all 12 I’m so excited!!! To try 🙌 also would you recommend the eye primer for shadow ty
Hi Michelle. This is just a great review. I watched also your review of TF traceless foundation stick, and I would like to know which of these foundations do you think is best and one works very well in humidity and warmth climate. Thanks
How do you think the Tom Ford foundation compares to Koh Gen Do’s aqua foundation? Thanks!
Tom Ford primer smells very bad 😖
This is one of your best looks. The foundation makes your skin look like satin, flawless!
OMG! You look absolutely gorgeous. I love Tom Ford. Great vid. A foundation and lip buy here for sure the highlighter is to die for but expensive ugh. Thanks for the review and you look amazing.
Hi Michele, I got a question....would you recommend the TF Eye Primer Duo ? Thanks a lot🤗
hello , do you think the foundation is good for dry skin ?
I just found your channel and I would have definitely joined your live knit chat that you had earlier this year... I have subscribed and watching your videos from the latest to the earliest Love your high end products, I enjoy watching videos with high end products... I have a lot but no where compared to yours, amazing... anyway.. hope to catch your next live chat.. toodles
Hey! wondering if the brow gel in espresso is a dark brown, will it suit ultra black hair? x
Hi, please can you tell me, did the Illuminating Primer have a rancid smell? An eBayer has sold me a horrible-smelling one and is now accusing me of being a liar 😕. Thank you.
This is my dream haul!!
I'm loving your videos Michele. If you haven't tried it already, you might enjoy Tom Ford Radiant Moisture Soufflé, Cremé Hydration Éclat. It's my go-to moisturizer prior to putting on my primer and foundation. I find the shade & illuminate brush is only good for application & not blending. In fact, I only use it with my TF shade & illuminate cream products. I love the look you created here....really pretty.
I love Tom Ford! love this video!
Looooove a luxury haul/try on! I can see what is worth putting my money towards! Thanks for the info 👍🏻
I will be purchasing the primer, it really gives the foundation life...I💜TM!
Beautiful look, Michele! You make me wanna get the brow gel and that lip color! 😍👌
Great video! His brushes look really interesting. You have beautiful skin and this look is gorgeous! ❤️
I just wanna say how classy you are 💗 . I always wanted to try the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate since I have chubby cheeks.
why dont they pay me the money they owe vme so that i can golive my ife? i told them i will make them kill me if they steal from me. its mine, i need it to survive, if they dont pay i will die. i hate all of you i dont want to ever see or hear your videos.i hate all youtube i hate all tv. id rather kill myself than hear you talk, im only here because i want my fucking money or i want to die. i dont want to hear anything about any of this dogshit. i want my money or you dead. all of you. i hate you all.
I am bot subscribed to any of beauty gurus out there, but you are going to he my first! Love your simple go to makeup looks and just overall your videos! I have discovered you just recently so i am probably late to your question that you popped in mid of your video but just to answer l: My fav product from TF is the bronzer in shade Terra, however i do not own it as i just cannot afford it by being a stay at home mother. However, whenever i go out to Sephora, i just try it out there. I want it sooo much, that i mention it everywhere in hopes of someone gifting it to me, lol. My email is Just in case, lol. Keep it simple and beautiful! XO
I love the love lust cheek color
Oh my god! I have watched this video over and over again! ☺️ sending you lots of love! 🌟
👱🏻‍♀️ 👚👍🏻 👖 👠👠 🎒
Hi from L.A., Allana–I just recently found your channel. From some of the products you featured, I thought for a second you might be here in La La Land because a number of them look like ones I stalk from Violet Grey but then heard last week you're in Toronto. Just saw this Tom Ford feature from March. I've been…an addict (???) you might say, of his, for a number of years. I would swear by his fragrances and eyeshadows (I wear Guerlain perfume now; gorgeous as well). And yes, his packaging is divine. I grabbed seven (!!) of his lip products from my stash just now. Love Lust has gotten a lot of use from me; I'll layer it over another color and, voilà! I'm good to go. His Lip Color Sheer product has the nicest texture I've ever felt from a lipstick. I apply Bambou, then put Love Lust or Impulse gloss over and, Bam! I'm at Bagatelle in Miami with a cocktail and not a care in the world. I went through a phase of stockpiling his private shadows (I luv how they have this locking mechanism) and Camera Obscura is a favorite there. His mascara was a go-to for a long time. Been using Sisley Paris' So Curl for over a year. Doesn't migrate at all and comes in this gorgeous Deep Blue, which is more of a blue gray. Been a great every day find. Thank you for featuring his blush's and cream color for eyes; I'd been looking at those for awhile. Even though I have a much cooler tone complexion than you, was nice to see how they looked (great, of course). The only thing of his I was ever unhappy with was the traceless touch cushion foundation. I was excited to see it made in Japan and that's where the happy times ended. It did not work with my skin. Went back to Sisley, where, btw, I have a terrific concealer for you to consider by them–Phytocernes concealer. It says under eye but I use it on dark spots and a little pigmentation here and there. It's brilliant. Has a metal tip, comes with a little brush. Been amazing, especially with the dry weather we have here. I could go on but we both have lives and toxic Covid germs to avoid. Appreciate if you made it this far. Been enjoying your content. Best from L.A., Alexis
OMG!!! Did you do the giveaway yet? I have been looking and looking and looking and looking and looking and looking for the Coco Mirage palette because I want it so000000 badly! I can’t find it anywhere! I also had a chance to buy the shade & illuminate once and second-guessed myself -went back to get it and it was GONE! Itwould make my LIFE if I won your giveaway if you haven’t done your drawing yet… The only TF products I have so far are the lipsticks in the matte version I have the shade “first time”… And it’s lovely… Love your channel & would love to hear from you! 💕💕
So sad I missed your sneaky little love note. I looking to buying my first Tom Ford quad in suspicious and I adore . I have several of his lipsticks and I still adore pussycat and Patrick
Love your vids 😊💛! Been wanting to try Tom Ford but it’s just so expensive 😬. @frogglywoggly
Jesus loves u
i haven’t tried any tom ford products but o really want to!! @arelialvamusic
Hands down i cant live without the TF eyeliner instagram @jstmscatherine
I have watched this vid over and over again! Sending you lots of love!😘
Favorite TF blush = Inhibition (forever!); favorite TF product is impossible to say... though maybe the Traceless Foundation Stick since I can't imagine life without it. Great video - loving your channel!
I looveeee all of his lipsticks from satin to mattte. My favorite has to be Universal Appeal but that sucker is discontinued now 😭 @lovelyteena
My holy grail liquid eyeliner is by Tom Ford! (the dual-ended). Can't believe they discontinued Cocoa Mirage! Devastation! :~( IG: @mauihawaiigrl
I have always wanted to try Tom Ford products! 26 years later and I'm not discovering the magic of blush! @joannamelody
Wow, that gloss got me like 😍😍😍. Sadly, I don’t own any Tom Ford products (yet), but I would die for that contour palette! (and fake some cheekbones I don’t have lol). Greetings from the Basque Country 😘 IG: @jonegzaballa
i have been lusting after the TF mascara ever since I saw it on your face! IG: @ttessakuiperr