Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon TATACliq Flipkart.

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Buy Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR) online at Amazon TATACliq Flipkart. Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR)
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Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR) Features

  • A constant f/2.8 maximum aperture benefits working in low-light situations and also aids in creating a shallow depth of field
  • An internal silent focusing motor allows the lens to use autofocus on Nikon bodies that do not have an AF drive gear and motor
  • Two Super-Low Dispersion glass elements and two aspheric elements, as well as improved multi-coating, achieve excellent sharpness and contrast and reduce aberrations
  • The One-Touch Focus Clutch Mechanism offers a simple switch from manual focus to autofocus and back again
  • The focus ring snaps forward for AF and back for MF
  • Water resistant optical coating on the glass for ease of cleaning
Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR)

The lowest Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR) Price in India is ₹39,990 at Amazon.
Buy Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR) online at Amazon TATACliq Flipkart.
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Please go through Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR) full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR) Specifications

Additional Features
Other Specifications Multi-layer Coating, Focusing Mode - Internal Focusing, Zoom Mode - Rotary Zoom, 9 Aperture Blades, 2 Super-low Dispersion Glass Elements and 2 Aspheric Glass, Proprietary Optical Design, Focus Ring, Switch between AF and MF, 1:11.6 Macro Ratio
Compatibility Features
Lens Mount Nikon Mount
Suitable For Art
Dimensions 84 mm x 89.2 mm (Diameter x Length)
Weight 550 g
Brand Tokina
Filter Attachment Size 77 mm
Lens Hood BH-77B
Lens Type Wide-angle
Minimum Aperture F/22
Model AT-X 116 PRO DX II AF 11 - 16 mm f/2.8 for Nikon Digital SLR
Prime/Zoom Zoom
Type Wide-angle Zoom
Lens Features
Angle of View 104° - 84°
Lens Construction (Elements/Groups) 13 Elements in 11 Groups
Performance Features
Aperture with Max Focal Length f/2.8
Aperture with Min Focal Length f/22
Maximum Focal Length 16 mm
Minimum Focal Length 11 mm
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.3 m

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Tokina AT-X 116 AF 11-16mm f/2.8 PRO DX II Lens (for Nikon DSLR) Reviews from YouTube

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Can i us for nikon D3500 ???
Good lens , repulsive presenter and presentation
Must this lens have (AF) on it, to have use of auto focus with a Nikon D5200?
Take picture of bAt eating you piece of shit
Worst review ever seen ....
What was your camera body?
its basically a budget vloger's lens
he talks like a dog barkingggg...
Please do not zoom in on your nose in a future, macro blackheads ... grrr
CHEAP is made in China..Tokina is made in Japan!!!
I live in Greece and i already have this lens. Don't worry we survived 🤗✌
Be it as it may this Tokina lens is much thicker and bigger than your tiny little wiener you DORK
This was not one of your better reviews.
That is a GORGEOUS shade of hot pink Yum i wish my camera looked that AMAZING
DX: poor mans FX,maan im depressed rn.
What an arrogant bastard!
Just review the lens. Thanks.
Does this one work on a canon eos 500D?
5 years late i actually have a DSLR now i might get this instead of the first party wide angle
I wonder why the last scene was chosen to be shot on Fuk Man Road.
Very good review.!! i beleive that f22 will not give rhe Tokina the most sharpest images. (first image)
Hi will the tokina fit a 90D canon
By the way great videos
Does Tokina make a wide angle lesnsfor a FX camera
There is a newer refresh version of Tokina 11-16 called "atx-i 11-16mm F2.8 CF", specs look exactly the same, Im wondering whether there is any real world difference in them
the reason why the image wasn't shot is because you shot at F22
i love how your shots are not over-edited, always catch myself overdoing it.. Thinking about the 11-16mm for starry skies night shots when traveling. For daytime i would prefer the canon 10-18 though, especially for video and for the weight the better lens. But f4.5 and very stupid nighttime infinity focus...
LOVE your videos! You guys always do such a great job! Thank you and stay safe and blessed.
Is there a big difference between 11mm and 16mm focal lengths? I have 16-80 and never had so wide angle as 11-16. Will it useful for landscapes or 16mm is enough? Thanks!
I bought this lens a year ago but I returned it because I was getting a lot of green flares when I shot towards sunlight. Did you experience this also? My Nikon lens doesn't have this problem
Carnival Breeze is not sharp on the zones you pointed much probably because you are at f22. This is not a lens that work well above f16 or f18 (sharpness will decrease rapidly above this) . I have the exact same lens with my Nikon APS-C and in fact it is an amazing sharp lens as long as you observe its limitations, off course ...
77mm filter thread, and he keeps saying no filter thread?
I have the Canon 10-18mm lens, which out of this and the tokina would you say is better? Is it worth me getting the tokina as well
En expensive lense yeah $400 yeah expensive
am i the only one to notice the first tokina image that you showed of the shore at 5am was actually shot with a tamron as shown by the meta data at the bottom right
Diffraction kicks in at around f11 on most apsc sensor, i think if you shot the first image at f22 as compared to f7.1
Hello sir, please suggest me a lens that can serve my purpose, probably weeding, landscape, portrait & astrophotography. I have Nikon D3400, can I use DX lenses in full frame DSLRs using any equipment? Thank you Regards Abhik Chakraborty
Hi Can you give me your opinion? I have a Nikon D500 and I plan to buy a lens for landscape photography. I am undecided between these two: - TOKINA 11-16mm f / 2.8 AT-X 116 PRO DX-II Nikon - Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm f / 4.5-5.6G VR I honestly do not know which one to opt for! :( Can you help me ? Thanks in advance.
How does it campared to Nikon 10-20mm f4.5-5.6? Specially for landscape (mountain lakes) photography
Hi would this work on a Canon EOS 6D do you know? Thanks
Thanks for the review man!
It sounds funny when you say EOS
Is this model much better than its previous version. is it worth upgrading to this.
Why do you do test shots with an angular lens and then do zoom in the video to show us?
Can you tell me what kind of apertures you were using for the test photos and what focal lengths. I want to get this lens mainly for landscapes and want to know how far you pushed the aperture since there seems to be a large depth of field in most there.
i've watched severa reviews about this lens but some people are getting poor quality images unlike these,, I dunno what or who to blame
Nice review and killer song! Nice beach photo also. Ignore the haters. Used this lens for years on my Canon 7D. Can't wait to try it with my eos M6.
Did Malcolm Gladwell bloody make this video?
Is it just me or has anyone even noticed Gustavo Fring making drinks?
How much??😊😊
Got this for $165 as a youtuber
Bro, does this lens have a is? I just bought canon 10-18mm stm. It is good for travel video but not quite good for lowlight and not too sharp. How are tha images on tokina 11-16mm? I am also thinking about get this one.
Hello sir, kindly suggest me a wide angle lens for Nikon D3400. Thank you Regards Abhik Chakraborty
Does it makes noise while filming in AF mode??
Pretty useless as a means to determine aspect ratio. Though you achieved nice smooth ken burns effects, I really wanted to be able gauge whether this would serve well for family portraits at weddings on my 7D mkii. Now I have no idea. 6 minutes of my life wasted. Why not re-title this to: “Me showing off my video editing techniques with a brand new lens” since that’s really what you’re doing?
Is it compatible with Nikon D5300?
review with test shots on Youtube with 720p resolution ? common !! :)
i think i just saw gustavo fring serving a drink ,,,,
Will this fit a nikon d3200? I ordered one from amazon and the initial one didnt it had a larger bezel (that fits into the camera body) I was wondering if I just got the Canon version of the lens. Asking to see if I should buy if there is one that fits a d3200... thanks
Terrible sharpness.
Would you recommend this lens or the 10-22 canon lens?
In what way was the bokeh harsh and distracting?
Thanks Chris I am looking for my first wide angle to go with a D7000. After looking at lots of reviews on 10 - 11 mm zooms I think this maybe one. By the way great reviews keep them going 👍
Can we use this Lens with Canon 90d body?
this vs sigma 10-20mm 3,5 sgm?
A little late but nevertheless: I bought one and at 11mm f2.8 it chromatic aberration was a complete catastrophe. It was unusable. Really!!! The whole Picture was colorful from the aberration. Whats that means is that Tokinas Quality Standarts aren't so high so there is a chance if getting a complete unsusuble lense :/
Can it be used for Nikon d5600
Nikon camera is the best than Canon for your images
There are 2 kinds of persons with lens: one that complains about extreme corners sharpness wide open and some color fringes, and those who go out there with it and takes amazing compositions.
what mount is this lens? ef or ef-s?
The "version 2" of this lens apparently has a better lens coating than the original version so that should fix (or at least improve) the Chromatic Aberration. Its not a big problem though.....most modern cameras have built-in C.A. "fixing" or, if not, it can easily be removed in post-processing.
I can used in full frame ?
Hie.... How is this lense for Cinematic shooting / film making with Canon M50.. sachin
your sample videos are by far the most helpful videos in youtube! Great job and thank you!
No sony E mount though. Thanks for the review though.
Hello sir, is the lens suitable for wedding, landscape, portrait & astrophotography using Nikon D3400,DX? Does it provide sharp image quality? What's its performance in low light condition? Can I use this lens in full frame(FX) cameras using any equipment? Thank you Regards Abhik Chakraborty
Hi Chris! I have the sony a-mount version of this lens and I shoot real state paired up with an a77. I really want to go to a99 but I could only find the very expensive sony 16-35mm f2.8 for this mount so far. I was wondering if the 16mm on your 6D is wider than the 11mm on the apsc camera you had. If it's an YES I can continue with my beloved tokina. Thanks in advance!
As far as i know first version of this lens doesn’t come with autofocus motor while second version does. I have Nikon D7200 which already has autofocus. And im strongly considering having this lens for scenery shoots.
I wish you could add a side by side comparison between apsc and full frame images on a same focal length
Does it makes noise while filming in AF mode??

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