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Toca SFDL-10RB Lightweight Series 10-Inch Hand Drum - Rasta ...

Toca SFDL-10RB Lightweight Series 10-Inch Hand Drum - Rasta Finish : Musical Instruments. ... 26" Tall beautifully hand carved solid wood djembe.


Toca SFDL-10RB Djembe (10 Inch) Features

  • All-synthetic shell and head allows this drum to be one of the lightest drums in the world
  • Shoulder strap with drawstring carrying bag included
  • Pre-stretched synthetic head makes head tension and tuning worry-free
  • Protective rubber bottom. 26" Tall beautifully hand carved solid wood djembe. Carved from the highest grade, plantation grown mahogany
  • 12" head 23" tall. Low stretch Alpine Rope Tuning
  • Key specs are not available.

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Toca SFDL-10RB Djembe (10 Inch) Reviews from YouTube

Which Size Djembe is Right for Me? - X8 DRUMS
The Perfect Travel Djembe????
12 1/2'' LP720X Djembe vs Remo 10''
Meinl 10" Water Rhythm Series Original African Rope Tuned Djembe Review by Sweetwater Sound
Nicely explained. Thanks sir.
Should’ve watched this before buying a ten inch for my boyfriend ‍♀️
Unfortumately not making the link of size to sound
no Sound?
Play them you chocolatey bastard!
There are also 16" Djembes. The height depends on the manufacturer. Tuning can also be done by rods as well as ropes. There are skin and synthetic heads. Lots of things to consider when choosing a Djembe. Look for a used one to start and if possible, take a Djembe player with you to help you choose your drum.
Take into consideration the height of the seat you are using! *He is talking about the comfortable height while _he is sitting._* Well, that totally depends on your seat. A chair? A drum throne? Are you standing? You can use the body/shoulder harness for the Djembe while sitting too!
why did you say "if you are buying for your boyfriend" dude? I am a woman, buying a drum for myself. Don't be sexist. thanks for the info
Very informative & very useful. I'm a guitarist by trade, but I've branched-out a bit into percussion & other instruments over the years & had the privilege of playing in a regular, full-time, drum circle for a few years, when my work schedule allowed. I've been wanting my own, full-sized djembe for a long time now, but, for someone of my financial status, a really good djembe definitely needs to be a well-planned purchase. This video gave me the last of the information that I needed to make a sound(pun intended)buy. Good stuff. Thank You. :)
Thank you, very helpful!
Too bad you didn't play that I want to know the sound of djembe in each size
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you
Very informative. However, this information can be misleading for musicians getting their first djembe. The immediate answer that you'd get is, well go to a music store and try them out. The problem with that answer is that music store djembes are usually not tuned up and the setting doesn't necessarily match where you'll be playing the djembe. I went for what they call the "standard size," which is 12 inches. The 12" size should be called the "lead size" instead because the tone is more suitable for leads or solos. A 12" djembe will usually lack the bassy low end that you would need if you're going to use your drum for rhythm. Moral of the story is that if you're thinking of playing solos, get the 12" size. If you want to use your drum to lay down the rhythm in your recordings or in a drum circle, get a 14" or bigger depending on your body size and preference. Or, who knows, if you're a musician like me, you may end up with 2 of these babies.
well how tall are you?
hola con un djembe de 10 pulgadas, me sirve para hacer musica amateur y para invertir dinero en el ?
Doesn't this approach assume that we all play in the same position? What if we hold it like a daruka, over the left leg, playing sideways?
Nice video sir
Yea adult Sizes!
man. I just received this djembe and must completely agree. This djembe is durable, lightweight and the sound is absolutely amazing and looooooooud I played otside next to the forest and been absolutely shooted by it. Greetings from Czech Republic.
Hey what are the opinions on the size of these drums. I was thinking of getting one but i'm not sure if i should get the 12 or the 14 inch version. Looking forward hearing from people.
Come on guys, have you ever put your hands on a real djembe? This is a toy in comparison, trust me. Better to get a small model lenke from Mali or Guinea that this stuff with all synthetic material that sounds like a kitchen pot
I have 2 Pearl version "Purple Haze" 10" & 12" they're both sounded awesome. I might wanna get the Meinl version idk. But that looks beautiful my friend
Stop eating dairy, meat, and oils. Be sure that your processed foods don't have dairy or oil in them. Your interior and exterior health will change dramatically. Take a B12 vitamin to ensure you get enough.
Broyour son is the best! Hahahaaaa i burst into laughter when he asked about the gorilla in the box. Hahaaa
Can you show us some timbales? Meinl has really good ones. Like the Diego Galé one and the hand hammered Luis Conté brass
Glad to hear you say, "Meinl"; I didn't know the right way to pronounce that, lol.
Show time
Heoh! , Love to hear your thoughts on a comparison traditional vs synthetic once you have some time to become familiar with your new drum. IMO If you are a gigging percussionist, you can't beat the consistency durability and tunability of a synthetic djembe. You can't beat the awesome tone of a traditional djembes either , but most audiences can't differentiate between the two types. Anyways Stay safe stay heathy! Play everyday!
I have a 12 inch and 14 inch version with rope stringing and also an 18 inch Remo synthetic. The 14 Meinl is by far the best synthetic skinned djembe I have ever played. You can play it with rain pouring on it with no change to tone/volume. Almost too easy to get slaps but I am not complaining ! Not quite strong enough to risk sitting full weight on top of it so I play them standing with a strap. I cycle 14 miles over the downs to Avebury every solstice with the 14 inch on my back. Super light and super sounding. Recommended highly.
This is not a djembe the player is good but not a fan of these at all compared to a real djembe. There are great light djembe out there that make this thing sound like a toy
Looks like it could use a braided rope carry handle, but it is a beautiful drum, and sounds nice!
Me querer un Djembeeeee!
I love it! It’s beautiful Someday I’ll have one!
Great addition! Can't wait to listen to the blend with your conga playing! Cheers!
I know a lot of the purists don't like the synthetic drum but it sounds good. Actually better then the Remo.
Excelente Eric Dios te a dado un talento único, Dios bendiga tu hogar siempre. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos con las personas q te siguen. Un abrazo desde Colombia. Está encendío. Maestro de un vídeo de chachachá y bolero con sabor como siempre lo haces.
Eric, this djembe is nice man great as ever wow! All I have is the mini LP djembe but need something larger so thanks for this
Lp djambe prize
So this style of djembe playing is called "free style"vs traditional when you learn traditional hand technique and traditional West African rhythms. "Free style" djembe and other hand drumming is mainly used in the drum circle/facilitation classes vs traditional African/djembe classes with traditional rhythms and traditional West African people in traditional djembe culture use hand carved rope tuned drums vs manufactured key tuned a little info in case someone out here needs it.
Pretty nasty playing. Outstanding
Djembe Lp is sensational
I like Djemby Not Remo
The Remo sounds far superior. Someone gave me a Remo "cable drum" which is basically a conga with a Remo plastic head. Doesn't make sense for a plastic head to be on this drum
OMG djembes sound pretty cool
Buy a traditional djembe. It is an insult to call these djembes.
That LP sound is killer. Remo sounds like a toy.
Ten inches is too small. You drum well and remo are good drums but ten inches is too small. Honestly, the 12 inches is kinda small too. Go bigger.
Great sounds, LP makes a quality Instrument. That said, I have a 12" and 14" Remo Mondo Djembe, and Love those drums, my larger Remos have descent sustain, any Drum being tuned to tight, can quill the sustain on any drum
he doesn't know how to play djembe with djembe hand technique, the remo sounds better just because he has more practice with it and on the lp one he is not hitting the righ places.
el djembe remo suena mejor sus graves pero es porque lo sostiene en el aire. El Djembe LP es mejor pero usted lo ejecuta mal al ahogar su caja de resonancia. Debería de haberlo inclinado levemente hacia adelante para que sus graves retumben
Size meters
s , Icansee
It would be worth hearing some more traditional rhythms and playing style.
Not much bass in either ?
Videos like yours makes me go strong every time I play.
Videos like yours makes me go strong every time I play.
Merci beaucoup monsieur NickD'Virgilio ( Spock's Beard / Big Big Train ! ! ! ) pour cette belle leçon de djembé
i love it
i need to get me a djembe i haven't played for 5 years. i miss playing it so much

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