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Buy tnext MX333 Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon. tnext MX333 Bluetooth Headset . tnext MX333 Bluetooth Headset available in Colours: Black

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tnext MX333 Bluetooth Headset price at Amazon - ₹1,699

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The lowest tnext MX333 Bluetooth Headset Price in India is ₹1,699 at Amazon.
Buy tnext MX333 Bluetooth Headset online at Amazon.
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tnext MX333 Bluetooth Headset tnext MX333 Bluetooth Headset available in Colours:
  • Black

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Reminds me of a song a deceased person would hear when first passing.
How oh how can I connect nedis headphones to a mee box My tv only as optical output My headphones are RF Kind regards, Chris
06:00 for making a connection.....
Very good.
Intro/outro music title/artist? Shazam and SoundHound don't seem to recognize it.
Was looking for "how to" however, still found video very useful to better understand the different types of headphones and what I might need to connect....thx!
Can we connect this wireless headphones to smart phones?
Mate a quick question do the headphones come with a charger?
Hate the music u have love the video horrible music
man charge your title
Can wireless headphone MH2001 [S-XBS] receive Bluetooth audio?
Thank you for the great video! :) I have one question though. Is it possible to connect any RF wireless headphones to any transmitter or are there any specifications I would have to look out for? Thanks ahead
Can you use on phone
how about wireless headphones using for a group translator using Radio , my question is how to Fix in 1 Channel Only??
between the Sony MDR-DS6500 or seenheiser rs175? the'd use for watching movies. or another model the same price range?
Your boring
Oh, finally. Thank you
Thank you. Very helpful. s.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I thought that I will never able to connect it again. :,) Your my saviour. My problem was that when I went to Bluetooth to search it Said no Bluetooth devices nearby. Thanks to you I FINNALY was able to connect and find them thanks again :,) *Starts crying from happiness*
Thank you so much!!!! I could not figure it out and watched many other videos but finally fixed it by watching your video!!!! Awesome
Put in charger and press the main menu button of Bluetooth it will light blue and red then its mean it’s pairing. Thank you sir. Because my Bluetooth was not working for last two days. ❤️🇦🇫
Iam already Paired the Bluetooth Earphone with my old phone. Unfortunately my old phone is no more.. Then I try to Connect another phone but it's not Pairing.. Please give me a solution..
Super helpful. So this is why I clicked on this: I was out camping and all of a sudden my mpow headset says "phone 2 connected". I'm phone 1. So, I was very worried about what might happen if I didnt reset them, so I did. Now I'm back on phone 1. :D thx
Very useful
Fuck you
Thanks man I got my prblm solved
Thanks, your video was the only one that was right.
Can anyone help me out? I have a Bluetooth earphone, earlier it used to work smoothly, and now one problem occurs.. Whenever I switch it on, the earphones turn off automatically. I tried resetting it, tried fully charging it.. still, the same issue occurs.. What should I do now?
Am I the only one who has Sony headphones but can't connect them or reset them?
i got mine yesterday, but and it worked but a few minutes after i left it, it wont turn on. i left it on charge overnight and it still wont work. not a single light.
My earphones charge but they won't switch on
Yes it worked with p47
Wow can't believe it worked
Thank you was helpful 😊
Thank you for this really appreciate it
Apparently I was able to reset my "JBL TUNE 205BT" with it connected to the charging station [and pressing the power button for about 10s] because, I was able to see flashing blue again for pairing purposes. (Note: during the 10s, I noticed the white charging light brighten up a bit more after about 3 or 5 seconds, which meant to me that a factory reset had taken place!) Thanks a lot for resurrecting my BT headset!
i sniped the like
The wire connected to second pair of headphones have been pulled out . i didn't understand how to connect or how to know which one is ground etc... You were too fast lol . can anyone help.
Yay I fix it by watching his hands
I couldn't understand
whats that white fiber inside the wire? just to strengthen the cable? I managed to solder my headphone cable and I fix it.
Awsome !! Fairly simple following the instructions, thank-you. Although is tin the only kind of solder that works. I've had a hard time getting a connection from this type of wire in the past. Its tricky due to its ability to touch each other in the shield with out shorting out. Lol Damm
i wonder if this could be done in the reverse too. instead of resoldering the cable you solder in a 3.5mm jack instead so that if the wire does break you just unplug and pop in a new cable.... like the wireless headphones that offer both options for wired and wireless at the same time
Glue is not strong enough, thats why there was a knot before :D
Delicious like button! Nice!
What is left right and ground???
I've been looking on youtube all morning and your video is the best so far. Maybe a little slower on where each wire goes next time. Thank you for the video.
if this is detailed i am a fkin superman detailed would be to explain which wire goes where
Hi could help me with making a cable p2 x Xlr Mini 4 pins? I needed to know the welding order.