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Buy TM Transformer-Orange online at Amazon. Explosive Energy Promotes fat loss Keep out of reach of children Store in cool & dry place in an airtight container away from moisture Contains no do...
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TM Transformer-Orange Features

  • Explosive Energy
  • Promotes fat loss
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store in cool & dry place in an airtight container away from moisture
  • Contains no doping ingredients ( as per WADA/NADA list )

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TM Transformer-Orange Reviews from YouTube

Transformer 18-0-18 6A || MV collections || Full review & Unboxing & use
Takara Age of Extinction/Lost Age Deluxe DISPENSOR: EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff
Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-53 Skids & MP-54 Reboost
Toroidal transformer online
Sir alternetor fix 12v hi kaise nikalta hai usasase jyada kyu nahi nikalta
Or is say tractor ki battery charge hoti hai
Is transformer ki price kitni hai
I know it's a decepticon symbol, not an autobot. It was just a flub. I'm human, I make mistakes. It happens. Thank you.
If only he had a unique mold that gave him four arms, proper proportions, and the right alt mode
I see his head as a Megatron look
What if trucks can turn into vending machines in the future? Seriously wouldn’t that be awesome?
My favorite thing about you Emgo, besides being entertaining, are the really really hilarious skits you have at the end of the videos. This one remains one of my all time favorites. It's just so funny to see Megatron get defeated by his greatest enemy ever-A Vending Machine. Laugh Out Loud.
Mood Whiplash?...Yeah I would think DRK MNT (referance to Darkmount) would be a better name for a Decepticon branded soda pop can XD
He missing two other arms
This thing is literally a repaint / retool of the Transformers 2007 payload side note I actually thought this toy was a custom
I hate gimmicks on transformers. Just make the toys, not the stupid crappy stuff that takes away from them. Do you hate them with as much passion as I do ?
The original is soundwave
One of these days I'm going to find him someday, and the reason why I like this character is because he never got to do much in the 2007 movie, and another thing I put a pokémon character with Despenser, one last thing did dispenser scan a delivery truck for a new alternate mode or did he just stick with his vending machine mode he already has?
Didn't a decepticon like that guy appear in the first transformers movie
I genuinely love this guy. He has so much personality and is so unique despite being just product placement. Dispensor totally should've stayed.
ah yes, my favorite citrus drink, *MOOD WHIPLASH*
I've been trying to get this one but maybe I can find it at a tag sale someday. Oh and Let them release this one in the studio series line someday please.😁😁😁😁
I wish they made a figure of the oreo bot
It was a payload remold
I wish they make it the dispenser butttttt make it bigger you know or make it smaller
Me gusta tambien a DISPESOR
The Original mold Is payload from the 2007 toy line
Got mine and was happy with Reboost ... until I got near the end and find he has a PATHETIC loose right shoulder joint. I cannot stand how they are being made with such shoddy QC. All joints on any figure should be nice and tight when fresh from a box. Unacceptable. And this is why I gave up on MP's especially after the over priced "cartoon accurate" releases took over.
ahh a new thing; "MP chug" -- cheap plastics, crappy arms and even pushing the envelope to see if the fandom will stomach a little waffles on the inside thigh there., 😬
Are you gonna get the legacy skids.
First-rate reviews of two awesome Transformers and their cool accessories!
Good review. I had a Chevy Celebrity,a Ford Crown Vic,a Nissan 240sx,and now a Nissan Xterra. I always wondered how at least three of those vehicles would transform if they were turned into Transformers.
Can’t wait for the XTB comparison on this one. My Taiho is pretty great, but I might get the MP Skids as it looks pretty good too… 🤖👍
We really need a Masterpiece Jazz now.
Definitely a huge change from its previous style. Much more Binal Tech like. Realistic vehicle mode much better. Bobby would be pleased. I think this is the better approach.
red looks way better...reboost
Not a bad figure, i like the leg transformation.
Anyone else noticed the windows on reboost's calf faux parts are painted to match the actual windows while on Skids they aren't? If this was intentional I really don't understand why. It's not because of budget or cartoon accuracy as far as I know. It just stands out on an otherwise really good looking figure. It makes the faux parts look especially fake and doesn't serve the purpose faux parts set out to. I'm really puzzled, still getting it though and maybe painting the windows myself
I love XTB Savant, not good enough to swap out
Nice review! It’s really annoying me that they did Skids as the turbo, which has meant the Autobot faction is off to the side on the raised part of the bonnet. As opposed to central on his chest.
I’ll stick to my XTB good review tho
The official TakaraTomy Masterpiece MP-53 G1 Skids mold is G1 toy model-accurate, but has the G1 cartoon Skids paint scheme. The official TakaraTomy Masterpiece version of G1 Skids needs a G1 cartoon model-accurate version 2.0 mold. Version 1.0 ALMOST looks good.
Nice review as always! I thought they were delayed until 2022?!?
Looking really nice
I'd say that Reboost head mold almost has a Powermaster OP or God Ginrai look.
Your BACK!!!! 😁👍🏻
Great review 🌟😎...Takara should have switched the colors around. I rather have Skids regular and Reboost have the Turbo mode upgrade

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