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New report ranks protein powders
MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Protein Review | Clinical Study | Honest Review | Hindi | Akshay Chopra
Does Protein Powder Work? (Spoiler: YES, but there's a catch)
Hey Guys, Kya aap apni health ko acchi rakhne ke liye protein powder le rahe hai?
Mam humko shayari kamjori hai kya ham proteinex le sakte hain
Superior protein efficiency ratio usprot syrup pregnancy me lena chahiye y nhi
chhote bachhe ko de sakte hai? kitna dose dena hoga?
Mam mere wife khana Kam khati hai to Dr ne kaha tum kamzor ho portion item leyo kahata ky protinex le sakte hai
Hello mam .....kya hm jenprot powder le skte hai
Kya ese hm pregnancy time le skte hai Btaiye please
Me bhi sagar yadav
Mam eshe lene se weight gain hoga.
Bilateral uterine notching...kya hota hai or kaise theek krain pregnancy ke 6ve month m??
Mam kya proteinx lene se chakar thik hoye ga pls .? Pls mam comments ka answer do
Mam women mother plus horleks lena sahi h ya nhi please video dijiye is pr
Mankind protein powder ko pregneney me le sakte hai
Kya yeh weight lose mai help krega
Mem kya sugar wale le sakte hai pilz batay 🙏
मैडम प्लीज बताये कि अगर एस पाउडर को लेने से पुरुषों को शुक्राणु की कमी तो नही होगी की सिर्फ महिला के लिए ही है🙏🙏🙏 Please answer me🙋🙋🙋🙋🙏
Protinex ko garwati mahila le sakta hai kya
Mam mother's Horlicks ke sath ye protin powder le sokte he Kiya pregnancy me
Aap bhut achae hi
Mam kitne mahine tak protine power ka sewan kar sakte h
I have dairy allergy, is there anything I can take?
Good quality protein has small crystals. Because every supplement of this type undergoes chemical processing, called microfiltration and microcrystallization. no matter how the raw material is stored, crystals that attract each other are visible. The producers of all suplos do it once and once. It is the usual saving for the producer -If there are no crystals then the treatment did not take place, the more fillers the cycle and stage of the treatment will not take place, and thus it is inferior in quality and worse absorbed by the body. 15 hundred years of observation and only a few manufacturers that go for quality and not for the quantity of product sold.   There were more positive types, now there are typy2 types of producers and sometimes new ones enter the market sometimes better sometimes worse.
German whey isolate from protein factory
My choice on gold standard
So what protein powders are the best?what are the worst? Hope yoh guys can answer (My choice is ON Gold Standard whey protien and nitro tech) Are they good?
That dude was totally staring at that lady's tits in the beginning
eveything made in germany/ europe is best quality. Just sayin'
Now you've got paid ... Lol.. This protein is good for any kind of body, I mean sportsman.. lol
It has heavy metals
Jo marzi kho tum log...pr ye paise leke promotion wali chej kri hai inhone ..fact hai khiyo ki jlegi ab isme🔥🔥
Hi just wanted to know, I saw labdoor report and its say it has cadmium present in this product. Which is not good for health in long team can you let me know on this.
Sir we proud of you
Bhai Hindi bolkar English hi zad Raha hai tu
https://youtu.be/pX7Fv7Y-7MQ yeh lo muscleblaze ka certification exposed video mr. Akshay Chopra.🙂
Hello Sir i am running 10 kms with 18 kg wieght daily morning and evening so please suggest me how to take this MB rich chocolate flavour
Sir, please tell us about the ingredients of Biozyme Whey Protein, specially about the Flavour Enhancer [INS 1101(i)] , and the MB EnzymePro.
Ek admi bolde...ki.muscle blaze se usne body banaaya...to jindagibhar body banaana chod dunga... Bc mene baalti ki baalti khaa li thi muscleblaze ki...being a gym trainer, na jaane kitne logo ko b khilaayi...sala ek ko b result nahi
Can diabetic can take this, who's glucose levels are normal, can anyone plz?
MB ban against prohibited ingredients me part q ni liya ?
Sir cheque kitney ka bheja hai ye honestly batain. Pineapple Papaya Wheat grass Barley Grass Green mango And many vegetables have enzymes Mouth saliva also have enzymes Protein anabolic Egg Fish Buffalo Goat Pea Yogurt Chees Lentils Moringa Sea weed Natural source for anabolic protein. No suppliment no steroids no exogenous Hormone Only vitamin d Pacific ocean wild fish oil Pacific ocean sea weed wild Organic non GMO vegetables and nuts Grass fed and grass finish meat and dairy. 3day workout HIIT in a week 1day cardio in a week Nine hour good quality sleep daily Meditation for stress management. Clean eating through out the year. Despite of any body type you will Get best results.
Fake paid promotion 🦵
Sir ye protein Expiry kb hota hai iska full information de jaldi
Whey kesa laga biozyme ka
Never trust a musceblaze guy to review a muscleblaze product☺
I hope ye dalali ki video na ho , ye waly bhaiya pr bhrosa krty hai log
Sir original muscle blaze konsi shop par milega
Wgich one is better for muscle gaiin.... biozyme or gold
A lot of people are confusing what he is saying as INCREASING your 1 REP MAX by 9% if you take protein, but that is NOT WHAT IS BEING SAID. The study is showing an additional 9% IMPROVEMENT ON GAINS. Some math: 1 Rep Max - 100kg Gain 1 Rep Max without protein supplementation- 10kg Gain 1 Rep Max without protein supplementation (Percent) -10% New 1 Rep Max without protein supplementation - 110kg The additional 9% is ON THE GAIN: Theoretical Gain with protein supplementation - (9% of 10kg + 10kg) = 10.9kg Theoretical Gain 1 Rep Max with protein supplementation (Percent) - 10.9% Theoretical New 1 Rep Max with protein supplementation - 110.9kg In this case, protein supplementation would be expected to cause ONLY a 0.9% INCREASE IN 1 REP MAX.
But this has nothing to do with protein powder, but only with protein intake in general, right?
Great video! Idk if you have already covered this (I'm going to search for it later when I have free time again..) but the thing I'm curious is whether or not calorie deficit affects to your gains IF you get enough protein? In my case for example I get 1.5-2.2 times my body weight of protein each day, but I'm on roughly 400-700kcal calorie deficit. (don't know my maintenance calories so don't know exactly) I also don't know how to add more calories "the wise way" since I feel totally fine with this diet and don't feel hungry or low in energy, almost the opposite. Would I get significantly better, slightly better or exactly the same results if I increased my calories to match my maintenance level?
Well though out and concise video
You can start watching from 3:25
"Only" 9 %? 9% is much
Protein powder gives me the shits !!!!
I drink a whey shake after workouts plus take BCAA before and during the workout. These things works.
An additional 9% could be the difference between a participant and the podium
His comment on hyperplasia is incorrect... just like the rest of his video
Don't eat fats but have a smoke to relax doctors advice from.a few years ago
Protein shakes and diet are a myth. Prisoners are proof of that. They're getting ripped and jacked up with a shit diet and no protein shakes. The more lifting and exercise is what gives you that body you want.
Never took protein powder supplements. Worked my ass of in gym. Gained a lot of strength. Gained muscles too but not too much just more than an average person. Having a flat belly but no visible abs. Overall happy with my fitness level and endurance.
I m a mouth cancer patient. So I can't eat much. Can protein shake help?
Something tells me I should be listening to this guy about building muscle
stupid video lmfao
"Only 9%"? What do you mean only 9%? 9% extra is amazing for a non-PED supplement.
I’m a cyclist and use a 20g does of vegan protein as a shake. What I want to know is the effect on endurance and recovery after training. Also, is there a best time to take it. Thank you.
Hahahahaha dont listen to skinny indian. Does He even lift?
You need to take in consideration the kind of protein. Casein is excellent as anti catabolic at nighttime

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