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Tiltrotor Uav Design Book Reviews from YouTube

The MiniHawk-VTOL: Design, Modeling, and Experiments of a Rapidly-prototyped Tiltrotor UAV
Drone Design #1 - Selecting an Airfoil
Switch UAV | Indigenous Design & built Hybrid Tactical Drone By India..
VTBIRD VTOL 3 Minutes Design Explanations
Hi! Very good and informative videos.I find it very sad that you are so underated. Deserve millions of views.
Thank you. Just opened solid works and ready to start when I realized after all this drone flying I have no clue about aerodynamics. This was a good starter!
Im currently doing A Level Design Tech and part of my coursework is to design something of our choice this will involve Low fidelity and medium fidelity prototyping of some sort. Do you think it is possible for me to design an aerofoil or something? I want it to link to aerospace Engineering. Do you have any ideas on what I could do?
Don't remove the beard, it looks nice on you
Which airfoil to use in 1045 propeller in typical quadcopters?
Can airshaper provide CFD analysis for wing ground effect? Can it determine the center of pressure shift with respect to percentage of height to chord ratio. Thanks
Can you share a resource about vertical takeoff fixed wing vehicles. Do you have a site or an article video?Thank you.
Iam frome sudan iwant learn about air but idont know english
Do you know any hooks to teach designing airfoil? I need to learn to design airfoil wings but I have no knowledge. If you let me know what are the books I need to buy I thank you
Really good Explanation!
Hello Buddy, You explained it very well.I'm an undergrad student and I'm supposed to design a fixed wing vtol with 2 hours flight time and 2 kg payload carrying capacity, so which airfoil you would suggest to achieve these milestones?
A new easy way is to grab the free Airfoil Tools add-in for Fusion360 - it asks you how big/fast/high/etc, and inserts the CFD-optimised shape you need directly. https://apps.autodesk.com/FUSION/en/Detail/Index?id=5447707798035545266&appLang=en&os=Win64
Sir I am an aeronautical engineer. Which designing software do you prefer for me for today aeronautical field. I really learned a lot of things by your videos.
I have to search in english because there isnt anything in spanish.
this is a good video. though I'm currently having a hard time selecting an airfoil for my fixed-wing drone. can you help me?
Why don't Airlines' use vortex generators to prevent drag, just like race cars & high performance cars use vortex generators to create downforce? Ok I just searched on google, that they do, after I actually typed the comment. I know i can delete it but I won't.
This is amazing. Thanks for uploading this video.
1/2*rho*v^2 is not the stagnation pressure. It's the dynamic pressure.
Sir make more vedios
India needs to buy more than just 240, we should by 5000 minimum. great to stop infiltration by Pakistanis.
i wonder what is the 3d tool.. catia? inventor?
Nice, what is the c rating of the battery
A nice design and some interesting approaches. I have a few questions to the design:a) if you shorten the back motor booms in the 4+1 setup, won't that result in an increase in thrust requirement of the back motors to compensate the distance from the CG?b) do I interpret it right, if I say that by using a 20000 mAh battery, the space for a payload is basically reduced the half?
Hii with 6s22000 mah how much the flight time?
The perfect plane i wanted
Please dont do servo connector in carbon tube... if have some problem without horisontal stab , plane will fall to ground .... no need.
I like it. I want regular two motors on wings !
the overlap of the rear lift props with the wing will not end well.. and the pusher prop that close to the rear lift props is also a problem. Also the forward swept wing.. and using stereo jacks embedded in the CF tubes is not reliable. Nice CAD work, but got to get the design right first.

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