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Thermo-Hydraulics of Nuclear Reactors Book Reviews from YouTube

Fluid Mechanics Podcast - Dr Giovanni Giustini on on Nuclear Reactor Cooling and Thermal Hydraulics
Thermal Hydraulics of Advanced Liquid Metal Cooled Reactors - lecture 1
Webinar on Thermal-Hydraulics & Nuclear Reactors Application | Palash Bhowmik
Overview Slideshow of the Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics Laboratory
Truly an insightful conversation. Hoping to see similar content in the forthcoming additions to this series.
Another fluid which is considered for those GenIV are liquid metals. Turbulence modeling of them in different convection regimes are challenging! My PhD and actual research is focused in more advanced turbulent heat flux models.
Thanks for another great podcast! Looking forward to hearing from Dr. Giovanni again!
*Does Ryzen CPU and nividia GPU driver have issue ? I have heard from Tom Hardware website..... Can I run mechanical software like Openfoam, Hypermesh, Ansys(Simulation), Converge CFD, Ansa in Ryzen smoothly or will I get problem?and what about linux*
As a nuclear engineer and a PhD candidate with research focusing on CFD application in Nuclear power plant ( in particular subcooled wall boiling) this was very interesting talk. Thank you for this great podcast and for pointing out this important application of CFD that many people are unaware of.
This was a very interesting podcast, thank you Dr Aidan!
Very interesting talk. It sounds like sub-grid models may be the answer in the end.
Please, do a podcast also for supersonic inlet
Please remove the coughing from the audio!
Sir turn on caption pleaseThank you

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