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Theory of Vibration: An Introduction (Mechanical Engineering Series) Book Reviews from YouTube

VIBRATION: introduction, term used in vibration, and types of vibration.
Vibration Part 1 | Mechanical Engineering
19. Introduction to Mechanical Vibration
Free GATE 2021 Crash Course | Mechanical | Mechanical Vibrations | Part 1 | Dr Vijayender
Sir muje numerical m problem h
😁👍 good work bro
Your videos are too underrated..thank you
Copied from Theory of Machines by R.S Khurmi
Sir please har ek methods pe ek ek problems karo sir pls pls
Sir please teach English
Achha se samajh aa gya sir
Kal hi viva hai mechanical vibration ka
Bahut badhiya sir
Undamped vibration kyu nahi he
Smart teaching
Sir help for mcq question
Mode of vibration ?
Sir please give example of every definition
Sir ap sequence m dalo kro video unit wise sath hi sath full topics dalo kro particular subject ke Vibration m to vahut kuch hai but apne 5-6 video hi dali h or topics hm kha se dekhenge phir
The term uses vibration is related to __________ . My teacher ask me plz give me answer . Choice . Momentum . Oscilation . Waves . Force
Great job man! Really need this kinda teaching.
Sir please please make the video on vibration causes and remedies.
Nice explanation sir
Good work 👍
Good explanation
Super explanation and it was easy to understand. Thank you
great session sir
big respect for u sir
Padhana sikhle bhai
Speak english, it's not only indians are watching
sir ek doubt hai. i(A-B)=RcosΦ kaise let krliya. Jbki cosΦ ki value imaginary ho nhi skti aur agar R imaginary h toh RsinΦ imaginary kyu nhi h
Majedar h, thanq so much
Sir na kya comp vibration krva deya ha
Governor and gear and gear train k lecture you tube pr upload kr dijiye please sir
CF for imaginery roots are eax( C1 cosbx+c2sinbx) But you are using solution for real and different roots why?
Engg Mechanics please
great sir
solution of differential equation, CF for roots which contain imaginary term is wrong.kindly crt it...
Nice explanation sir please provide full lecture on vibration. And do videos on engineering mechanics.
After seeing the quality of the instruction in these courses I understand why it means something different to go to these schools - compared to my 100% acceptance local engineering university... for a professor to exhibit this level of organization, eloquence, and lucidity is truly something special... would be fantasy at ATU...
How could I obtain the relevant acceleration by taking into account the Fourier transform? Because if you use the Simple Harmonic Motion, acceleration will always increase as frequency increases. In reality, structures are affected by certain frequency. So, how can I consider both the peak acceleration and the frequency in which my structure will have resonance effects?
Lectures about Lagrangian &Hamilton mechanics
Thank you so so so much
Professors Wit Busza,Yen-Jie Lee or Walter Lewin (all MITOPENCOURSE) do a much better job
I can finally afford to go to MIT
Professor Vandiver, thank you for an incredible lecture on the Introduction to Mechanical Vibration. Mechanical Vibration is a very important third year class for Mechanical Engineering students. All students majoring in Mechanical Engineering should master these concepts before taking Mechanical Vibrations.
So when something rings it’s charged?
Haven't a clue what he's talking about , But he makes it sound interesting 🤔
watch it at 1.25x at 1x I fell asleep :)
I really hate powerpoint
Are all mechanical engineering courses this hard or is it just MIT?
shoutout cameraman lmao
32:08 the inverse tangent should be (w_n*x_0)/(v_0), isn't it?
can i make time machine from this formula?
Sir, Please add detailed lecture on complete heat transfer topic for both competitive exams, interview technical questions & pre requisite for further r&d point of view.......🙏
exellent... no words .... superbbbbbbb
Sir, where can i find part 2??
Thank u sir apka videos bahut ache hai
sir could you tell where the second part is , I even searched in the website but i could not find
part 2 sir
Where is part 2???
Sir please take video on velocity and acceleration analysis, , bahut kripa hogi
Sir mechanics wale lectures jo aapne youtube pr liye hai, unko private se hata dijiye please sir
Thank you sir👍
waiting for this class sir thank you so much

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