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Theory Of Satellite Fragmentation In Orbit Book Reviews from YouTube

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Yaad hai sir 🙂🙂
from bangladesh sir....i love physics due to u..respect sir..
Life me itni easy tarike se pehli bar physics padh rahe h 🙏🙏🙏
watching this lect today when PW is Indias leading edtech brand...thanku soo much leagend 👑✨❤
Yes sir aapne 2π√R\g padhaya hai
U r amazing alakh sir
Thanku sir
I have pass in physics because of you
Sir aap ki physics ki price Kya he
Bhai yr isko 2x speed se jyada nhi kr skte kya ,tomorrow is my exam.
Kaun sa bola - Hyperbola 🤣🤣🤣 He is Godfather 🙏
From pakistan Kaash ap pakistan me paraty
We deserve 100million soon
Question at 28:00 Can be solved through K.E= Rotation K.E+ linear K.E 1/2Iw^2 + 1/2mv^2 I = mR^2 for circular/ring like And w = v/R So, w= v^2/R^2 K.E= 1/2 .mR^2 .v^2/R^2 + 1/2 mv^2 K.E= 1/2 mv^2 + 1/2 mv^2 K.E= mv^2...... option B
Awesome lecture sir 😇
Ha Sir yaad hai 40:30 variation in 'g' due to rotation of earth ka question tha.
Thank u sir ji
Please deliver 1 for me
Bro, can you make a review of theory of everything book review?
Kya Hindi me mil sakata hai
Idk why i think he dint read it
Please tell whether student of class 9 can read it.
Totally page kitna hai i Oder only 140 rs
Very good review 👍
padha bhi ki khareed ke rakh liya bas?
Can you review book : Brief history of time
Thanks bro
Good video bro
Miss u sir 😭😭
Sir thank you soo much
thanks obama
Who is here in 2020
Thank u sir ur a great man
You will remind in our mind and respect for u
Excellent lecture Sir. Regards
1. Why clumsy terminologies and definitions are used in a physics lecture, as it is done here? What will the lecture convey to the students? 2. It is also said centripetal force and centrifugal force (assumed as acting on the same satellite) cancel each other. If the resultant force acting on the satellite is zero, then it would have continued moving with a constant velocity, that is, with a constant speed, in a straight line. That the satellite is undergoing uniform circular (uniform circular motion is when speed is constant and velocity keeps on changing - try to understand what I say) motion in itself means it is having a centripetal acceleration and it is Newton's second law which implies anything moving with an acceleration is under the influence of a non zero force (unless you have anew theory sure to win a Nobel prize). 3. It is the centripetal force acting on the body (not being cancelled by any other thing) that keeps it in its circular orbit. 4. It is very evident you had a casual approach while delivering and uploading this lecture, as evident from the clumsy terminologies you use. Don't get upbeat (and you don't deserve to, with the kind of knowledge you have) by having so little knowledge, to think you must die to educate the whole world. 5. What purpose did you want to serve by uploading this lecture of yours? This question is because, this one is of no good use. 6. I will request you to revise your basics from 9th standard (in school) onward. 7. At least see: (I am not very confident you will understand this video, with the kind of basic physics knowledge you have). If you are able to understand this video, you will know centripetal force and centrifugal force are not acting on the satellite and centrifugal force has one more of its kind called, 'reactionary centrifugal force.' That is not anyway cancelling out the centripetal force on the body moving in a circular orbit. This is because, the centrifugal force is actually acting on the body supplying the centripetal force. 8. If you decide to improve, all the best for you. With the kind of lecture uploaded by you, I cannot be any less harsh. Jot jossan
Welcome to satlite arshi.....?
Follow .. ?
Pulls it = bullshit😂
U r wrong condition for circular
Thank you, sir!
Sir F (gravitational force) is directly proportional to the square of velocity this means greater the velocity greater will be it's attraction towards earth so how a body escape from orbit when there will be greater velocity. Please answer me
Sir if g is in m/s and radius in kilometres, don’t we need to convert them
sir I'm from Pakistan plzz make video on quantum mechanics
u r great sir
Thanks. What is the difference between critical velocity and orbital velocity?
Dosto Apni Puri Koshish ki hai samjhane ki, hope aap logo Ko ab Orbit samajh aa Gaya Hoga. Is video k liye aim h 4000 likes ka, so like ka button jarur daba Dena 👍👍👍 #ReviewMasterVikrant
Bahut tez speed hai.baat karne ki...ap phir se dheema yani ruk ruk kar video banayen..otherwise quir irritating..ty.
parking orbit ?
Too good way to speak sir awesome fabulous and speed is also very nice ...
Please explain moliniya orbit
3600 yaar 36000
Awesome explanation sir 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏tnq so much for your important information
Bhai Indian missile system par video banaiye,ab Tak jitna bhi development hua hai
Please make a video on " why not, all satellites have circular orbit. Why they have elliptical orbits ?
Tnx sir it helps me in my Paper which is based on artificial satellite
Awesome 👍
Very nice. How to keep satellite within orbit? N what drags them out? Plz advise if possible? Thnx
vry2 nce vdo, Kul kitne satellite hai, aur ek dusre takrate nhi,,,,
I like your knowledge
Thnk u sir.
what is halo orbit in aditya l1 mission??

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