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Theory and Design Methods of Special Space Orbits Book Reviews from YouTube

Science & Technology: Satellite and Orbits | Types of Orbits | Space Missions with Ma'am Richa
Types of Orbits (S &T - Space ) || La Excellence || Best IAS Coaching In Hyderabad
Relativity book by Albert Einstein || The Special and General theory
Topic : Space Orbits | Classification | Detailed Analysis | Prelims + Mains
Explaination is awesome
Please can you make a video on gravity please please please I have some doubt in it.
23hrs 56mins 4.09 second
Thank you mam You cleared all my doubts thank you so much for your efforts and love
Excellent video
Hi! how are you ma'am.?
Great clarity of concepts! Thank you
Thank you .
Marvelous videos literally hats off to the hardwork of the mam
Mam thxu your explanation is good and fabolurs .
Mam thank you very much I m from Kashmir Valley proud to be that I m your student thanks a lot
Ma'am where is this pdf available on pdf bank? It's not there. I have bought pdf bank
Mam type of asteroid ka video Banao mam
Ma'am, I think for geo stationary orbit, the satellite shall not move at the same speed of earth's rotation as the path covered by satellite around earth is greater than earth's circumference at the equator. So, for a geo stationary satellite, it should rotate with greater speed to appear fixed from earth apparently. Now it can be said in another way as, the angular velocity of any point on the equator must be same as the angular velocity of satellite covering the earth's orbit.
Mam sun move nahi karta hai to polar orbit object sun ke according kaise move kar sakta hai
23 hrs 56 min 4 sec rotation of earth
5:04-5:10 means ki ye geo m satellite bas ek hi jagah m rahegi humesa I mean ki jaise earth revolve hoga or jaise apne kaha ki nepal mai dala jaega to humesa nepal k position m hi rahega,kya vo dusre places ko cover nai krega as earth revolves,please clarify mam
Thank ma ,m
*09 JANUARY 2022* *♨️ आज की प्रेरणा ♨️* ज़िन्दगी में सब कुछ अस्थायी है। अगर सब कुछ अच्छा चल रहा है तो उसका आनंद लें क्योंकि वो हमेशा रहने वाला नहीं है और यदि कुछ बुरा चल रहा है तो चिंता न करें क्योंकि वो भी हमेशा के लिए रहने वाला नहीं है। *आज से हम* हर चीज़ की क्षणिक प्रकृति को ध्यान में रखें. * TODAY'S INSPIRATION * All things in life are temporary. If they are going well, enjoy them, they will not last forever. If they are going wrong, don't worry, they can't last long either. *TODAY ONWARDS LET'S* keep in mind the transient nature of everything.
Nice explanation. please upload a video for radio occultation.
Kamal ka xplanatn
7.42 , how come it will again come to the same point after 90 mins , when u said before that in polar orbit satellite takes 90 mins to travel from North to South which means it takes 90 mins to travel 180 degrees dn how come the same satellite will travel 360 degrees in 90 mins if I m wrong plz clear it for me may b through comment if possible
Nice Explanation madam, i am from Ethiopia
Thank you ma’am
Indian English Gonna Kill me!
Thanks ma'am
Clarity is missing in this video.
Mam, Can you please explain about the Sun Synchronous Orbit ?
nice mam you are amazing teacher
mam it help me a lot
Wonderful explanation
Crystal clear explanation . thanks mam
Very nicely explained,thanks.
Thanks alot mam
Thank you very much for the video madam
Wow so nicely explained mam , thanks a lot mam
Thank you
Good video
Hindi me kaha milegi ye book Plz bro reply kar do
VLCEK vs EINSTEIN, Exceptional experimental evidence, Critique of the basics contemporary physicshttps:// bro
This person is exact example of that, do not judge a person by his face or language, knowledge is power.
Can a 9th grader understand this book?
Plz discussion the book principia written by newton
I need this book where i gets this book
Is it readable for a high school student Please reply fast
Sir aisi koi book bataiye jisme गति ke bare me puri all total jankari ho vo hindi me Please please please Sir bataiye
Is this book available at shop?
Are you an Indian?
Can you show me how tobuy this book please because I am another country.
Very Much Honest Review ! Liked it
Very helpful
What is the price of this book
wonderful man! the book that u recommended is made for general public but the explanation is for a literate high school student who is a very good understanding of mathematics and physics! the SR can be understood but GR is not a child's play . this book is actually not for beginners. yeah its true that SR and GR are not the common sense that humans have, thats why this theory is very elegant in its own right. and GR is not the generalized version of SR . it more kind of a theory that explains the motion of everything in the largest scale. the books like elegant universe is a good books for the foundational understanding of the two theories. and QM and ST in addition.

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