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Theoretical Hydrodynamics (Dover Books on Physics) Book Reviews from YouTube

My physics books suggestions / gate/ csir net / iit jam etcetra
5 Physics Books You Should Read (Popular Science + Textbook Recommendations)
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Next video tomorrow :- nuclear physics :)instagram:- have HK dass and this is best book .
Sir please tell hc verma for quantum mechanics is good for gate physics preparation
Hi sir sher a quantum mechanics notes
Thanks a lot Bhai
Sir ji hindi medium k liye koi uupai btai
Suggest me book for previous years solved questions
Hello sirrrr plz emt start kab kare gar
Sir plz a lecture on atomic scattering factor
Sir 12th ka HC Verma book ke jagha SL Arora book se prepare kar sakte hai?(please reply)
Mathematical physics BD Gupta acha hai ya HK Das?(please reply)
sir pdf mil jayegi kya garg bansal ghosh ki
MSc Physics SEM-IMathematical PhysicsClassical MechanicsStatical MechanicsAnalog & Digital ElectronicsSolid State PhysicsBest Book for This Syllabus
Sir mere pass book purchase karne ke liye money nhi hai
Sir iam mechanical engineer can I give gate in physics
Quantum mechanics zettly solution manual milega he kya..
Sir app vdo banaiye app ka vdo bahat help kar taa hai
Such an honest review. I must say that u r the talented and hardworking person.
I would also like to meet u
Sir, kya fundamentals of mechanics by jc upadhayay aur classical mechanics by JC upadhayay,,,, dono same book h?
The Fundamentals of Physics by Resnik, Walker and Halliday
I'm quite late for the party, but I cannot recommend enough Manjit Kumar's _Quantum: Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality_. It's a popular book, but it's a bit more rigorous than most such because the author strives to give you an accurate understanding of the matters at hand, sans math. It's well worth the effort.
QED by Feynman is a delightful intro to quantum theory. It conveys the deep strangeness of the quantum world better than any book I've read, yet does so without maths. The main technical concept he uses is, well... clock dials. Feynman prepared these lectures for Alix Mautner, an English literature friend, with the goal of using no math at all. He fudged that goal a bit in the footnotes, but only because he could not resist pointing out that complex numbers provide an extraordinarily efficient way to represent and calculate changes in large numbers of those little clock dials. By taking so much of the mystery out of the maths, Feynman makes *what* they say about the quantum world all the more striking.
"Concepts of physics" by H C VERMA
What do think about 'The brief history of time ' .I read it. But couldn't understand it to the fullest. But could relate with some ideas. I would also like to know what u think about ' For the love of physics ' by Lewin Walter ,and 'Relativity ' by Albert Einstein?
One of my favourites; great insight in the scientific method and its application for a layman; The Big Bang, by Simon Singh. For those who have a background in physics, albeit rather a long time ago like me; a real classic; Einsteins theory of relativity, by Max Born (Dover Publications). Rather quaint English, but really well formulated.
Good Books to study optics are optics by Eugene Hecht(Theory) and Ajoy Ghatak(Mathematical formulations)
Can 10th class people read it
hi parth G . I am a fresher at university . I want to increase love on physics . Can you give me some good physics puzzle brain-teaser book suggestions ? not like a syllabus book ... i want interesting puzzle brain storming books ....please reply me .
Fetter and Walecka
I don't really know much about physics and I'm not good at mathematics, But I always had a fascination with our universe and physics ideas and theories! I feel like videos that talk about physics ideas are amazing, but I felt maybe that these videos (like ted talks and whatnot) are just surface knowledge and you don't really get a deep knowledge on the subject. Thank you for these recommendations! I'll start reading and learn more about the universe!
Thank you so much Parth!! You are a beautiful soul, and so wonderful for making all this possible, and sharing!
hi! can u make a video on under-grad & grad textbooks on physics
Sleeping beauties in theoretical physics by Thanu Padmanabhan is less known but really is a nice collection of startling results!
What about students in middle school? Are there some books for students
Who noticed that this man got Schordinger Equation on his T-shirt.
Parth is on his path
Can you giveaway me those books because my father not buying me those books and i want to read these books.
Advanced theoretical physics by Nick Lucid. @The Science Asylum
Today I went through the EM Purcell book and have to say it, Purcell is way better than Griffiths.
The 2nd book is the best I've read it and it's been very useful during my bsc. I gotta say that DJ Griffith's book is very overrated but the book by Edward M Purcell is very good.
Griffiths or purcell?
Would you please sell your books I am ready to purchase
Which book would be best for physics optional(electrodynamics) for upsc cse.
Can we use these books for undergraduate
From where did u buy jerold franklin classical electromagnetism? Please tell... And what was the price?
Thanks Bhaiya
Sir classical electrodynamics ke liya accha book sujjest kijiye
GRIFFITHS OR PURCELL? which one is good for conceptual understanding
Thank you! I will buy Purcell I like it the most from first impression.
Jackson or Griffith?
Have a look at "Modern Electrodynamics" by Andrew Zangwill.

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