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The Whole Story Alternative Medicine on Trial? Book Reviews from YouTube

REBUTTAL: Book Review of "Trick or Treatment" - Alternative Medicine On Trial
Trick or treatment? Alternative medicine on trial. Simon Singh
72nd Cellular, Tissue and Gene Therapies Advisory Committee - Day 2
A promising new treatment for depression
Good job
this ignorant jackass is just another know-it-all who actually knows nothing, most of all, the truth.
So, back after a year. Calling them liars IS a conspiracy theory, and a poor one. They have done the best they can; The main point still stands, it is up to the CAM people to demonstrate with a clinical trial that they have something to offer. To label Singh and Ernst as liars because of potential minor errors in a popular science book is just a ridiculous attempt to try to discredit the authors without having a real argument. As for meditation, I can only guess but for example they most likely could not ignore reports about the Kundalini syndrome; That still doesn't mean all forms of meditation is dangerous, most meditation is most likely not dangerous, but it would also be wrong to totally ignore the reports. There are a lot of strange claims in this thread, I think it is important to stress that you should seek advice from the regular conventional health care when you have health related questions.
Conspiracy theories? I've called them liars in my emails. ALL they have to do is prove me wrong. Reports about meditation bad for mental health? Produce the reports. Dangers of anthroposofic medicine? Show the studies. 365 distinct body parts in TCM? Show the text. Shiatsu dangerous for osteoporosis? Show the studies. Alternative medicine oblivious to safety issues.? Prove it. Evidence about alternative diets being flawed? Explain why and prove it. And a long etc. They can't? Then they are LIARS
It continues: "Which therapies are safe and which ones are dangerous".So to establish that "truth", they invent dangers for almost all therapies in the appendix. Therapies which they describe: "these wacky therapies . included in the examine each therapy's history, practice, claims and dangers." Need I say more? Another of YOU "truths"
And they are lying in most of the book, from the talk about surveys in the introduction and they reach conclusions that belie what the surveys show. Have you read those surveys? I doubt it. I have. Therefore, everyone knows I am not using my brain, and those who believe the book are using their brain by believing something and not checking it. Even the best chapter in the book,chapter 1, lies. "This book is about establishing the truth in relation to alternative medicine"
Look, replying to someone as close-minded as you, who doesn't even admit his mistakes when talking about the lack of references and the made-up lies such as meditation and mental health which HAD ALREADY been proved beneficial when they wrote the book is like trying to talk to a wall. You are wrong in most of what you say. It is not a question of writing more clearly. It is a question of not making things up, of not lying. They have made many things up, some of them AGAINST scientific evidence.
The book main focus is about the clinical trial and when it is being used, or not used, within alternative medicin. This is important! It explains that some alternative medicin seems to be working, or rather is not CAM any longer because it has been tested, and is therefore now conventional medicin. There are some therapies that totally lack valid clinical trials or it is shown that its not working. There are some dangers with that kind of therapies besides the additional cost for it.
If they leave it out they are in trouble because there are some reports that maybe we should pay attention to. However, it should have been more clearly written what they refer to, it is a problem that arise as they trying to make that chapter too compact. Therefore, if you are worried about it, check with your doctor.
Because some people intend to interpret the book as an intentional lie, it is better to be clear on the last point. When the authors saw something, like some reports about meditation and mental illness, they can either say nothing or try to write something about it.
Keep in mind that science tries to test all "truths", so what is explained in this book may change over time as we discover new things. Unfortunately the quick guide about some therapies is a bit too short phrased and it is difficult to understand the context of some warnings as they lack direct references as explained earlier or could be more specific in the explanation.
For the rest of the population that are using their brains and try to understand the book without assuming that the authors has ill intent, it is also clearly written in the reference link below that this is a popular science book. It is also obvious when reading it. As such they choose to not overload it with referenses.
And I last time that page that gives HARDLY ANY references was last updated was April 2013. Over the coming weeks? HA, HA ,HA, HA. Another "truth" from Ernst, Singh and MrRinaldo. Just some advice mate. Why don't you do some research before talking nonsense and putting your foot in it?
I have read all that. And I believe it is an excuse. Why? 1) There are hardly any references on the book's website as I have told you twice before (why ignore it in your reply?). Only about herbal medicine and nothing (do you understand the word nothing or are you going to use one of your excuses?) NOTHING ELSE. 2) The website was created in 2008. Are you saying they haven't had time to publish those references? Is THAT your excuse? Over the coming weeks means years? Pathetic, as usual.
and continues; "However, since publishing the book, we have received a few emails from readers, usually healthcare professionals, who were keen to have more detailed references, so we have decided to provide a fuller list of references on this website. The list of references on this site is not yet complete, but we will load them chapter by chapter over the coming weeks."
They write; "When we wrote Trick or Treatment? we deliberately avoided peppering it with references as the book was intended for the general reader. Instead, the Further Reading section of the book included only the key papers with indications of where readers might find more detailed information."
It is not possible to add links in these fields so I add blanks on the blanks so people can put it together themselves; trickortreatment . com / references . html "Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial By Professor Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh References"
Before they say how people might read the book their exact words are: "you have purchased this book to find out the truth" "all truths in this book are based on science". Now, if you dislike the fact that many accusations are not true in the book, and most of it is not based on science but on flights of the imagination (without any evidence), if you dislike the fact that there is no scientific evidence for their claims, the I'm sorry I can't help YOU understand that science is about evidence.
Wrong again MrRigaldo. If that were how I'd read the book, I couldn't have found its lies and inconsistencies. On the contrary, YOU and those who defend the book have read the book and accepted its contents without doing any research to see if it was true. YOU helping me understand the book correctly? That's a laugh. When you refuse even to check the facts?
You already made up your mind, that is also how you read the book. Singh actually mention that early in the book, the really convinced in CAM will most likely not understand this book correctly. I can also cherry pick among your words and say that because you are wrong in some cases, to my understanding, then you are also intentionally lying in all cases. What's the point? I only wrote this very last message to say - I'm sad I that I can't help you to understand the book correctly. Bye!
My opinion about the book stands firm too. They go out of their way to criticise CAM with false accusations with no evidence. What you find more important is only your interpretation of a "general" message that has nothing to do with the exact words in the book. They claim to be telling the truth - more than anyone else - and to be two reputed scientists - as if that were proof of the truth of their statements. I think I've proved their bad faith. You reject it because of an interpretation.
I’m tired of my mother always telling me to let go & be happy. That I’m selfish & how I should be ashame because I have a 5 year old son. Always telling me what kind of example am I going to give always being depress. I’m tired of my family thinking I drink pills for attention. & I’m tired of always feeling guilty when I cry on the corner as quiet as I can while my son & family sleeps. I hope these procedures don’t have any harmful side affects years to come. & I PRAY ! That people like me who been dealing with great severe depression, bi polar, & schizophrenia for yearssss can get a chance to feel finally free
Are there clinical trials available (6/22)?
When will this be available/& covered by Medicare?
The truth is this will never be widely available for people who are lower income. Rather than change our structure of how the US operates, they'd rather push pills onto people and treat them as crazy while they live in a world that distorts what is supposed to be the most basic information of life.
Very Nice information ma'am . i was to suffering from this disease due to my marriage life and i did tried my treatments but have no relief. My friend suggest me to follow your channel and use some of these medicines along with the diet and depression care pack of planet ayurveda that am taking for few months and have good results
What's the down side. I did TMS made my depression way worse? How long does this last? anyone who did this 7 months ago, how are they now? What about the people it didn't work for or got sicker from it?
shows how little these people know about the value of human life, that they use physical techniques to relieve spiritual burden. They have only further extended the hollowness of their patients with this treatment. May they read the Gospel and realize the real cure.
I have encountered the scrutinizing gloominess of depression, and I say that the human race can do nothing to resolve its brutal emptiness except create distractions to produce temporary bliss. Life is hollow if you are unaware and unprepared for your time after death, I can assure you that the decomposition of your body does not conclude the existence of your essence. And energy is not who you are, it does not comprise your personality and intelligence, but rather something more profound does. Read the Gospel to realize the profound truth. Life has purpose, and we are self aware of our complex understanding to comprehend such things. Our design is valuable beyond the flesh. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord Almighty, Jesus Christ our eternal Savior!
I follow from Italy very promising
What I love here is how her husband cares for her mental health and whole she’s such a great person with a loving family happy for her recovery
Thanks to depression and anxiety I have isolated for decades. I am 59 yrs old and my one sibling I barely talk to is not understanding. I cant win. I dont call so I dont upset her and so she doesnt make me a nervous wreck because she wants me to do all kinds of stuff and snap out of it yet by not calling she gets upset. I dont have a support system because I have isolated feel ashamed live on a rural area without opportunity. and MEDS DO NOT WORK. Forget finding a therapist . Once a week appointments will take 100 years to heal. Not to mention trying to find the right therapist for me. I do not want to live. There is no point. Who knows how much this treatment will cost in this country who doesnt give a sh$! about people. Sorry for the rant , I just cant take it much longer . I'm still waiting for my life to start and I'm almost 60. Never married no kids.
I can't wait to come to this medication, working up to a disappointment of being alive in the morning is overwhelming
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Here’s a prescription for you: Eat healthy & exercise. Surround yourself with happy, likeminded people. Your depression will go away fast. Trust me.
1:00 the Un wanted chatter is not a disease it is a demonic attack: (THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT THIS Genesis 3:11 And he said, “Who told you that you were naked?.) Repent, ask for forgiveness . Read , fast and pray. problem RESOLVED.
Cheap, easy, safe, highly effective treatment is being found in research of mini doses of a homegrown fruit. But the gov has said it's not allowed for the past 50 years, when it was discovered then to be effective. So many unnecessarily depressed.
Is it cheaper than smoking weed?
Here is a video on how can approach and appreciate prayer in our life with a guided prayer and meditation I hope it can bring you peace love and light what’s even more sad is when us men say we have depression everyone in our family tells us “ oh you’ll get over it” and that’s why we usually turn to drugs

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