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The Theory of Fault Travel Waves and Its Application Book Reviews from YouTube

Utility Experience with Traveling Wave Fault Locating on Lower Voltage Transmission Lines
by / Book Review / The Books Unboxer
Traveling Waves: Crash Course Physics #17
Student Reaction | Paper Review by students ISC | Class 12 | Mathematics | Yash Maheshwari |
Hey, I want to tell you something that maine ek cheez note kri h ki aap ek hero h sunny kaushal unki trh dikhte ho and you are really good looking and ya off course I love all your videos....keep it up....lots of love from my side
Badiya h bro
Great video
Bro can you do ranking of Harry Potter novels
plz buy and read Percy Jackson complete series plz plz plz
Thank you , I will definitely read this book .
Hats off to this Author.....!!! He done such a nice work at such an unbelievable age
Awesome book
Nice review. I have also read this book and I really loved the poem in the beginning.
Nice review bhai
Extremely Great Review
Nice bhai
What is the exact difference between the continuous wave and the transverse wave? They were presented quite alike in this video.
Oh homework
Whos here for Virtual school (online school bc Coronavirus ) Stay safe Crash Course and people in the world!
I would trust this person a lot less if they had an American accent
Who watches this for fun
The moment you watch English physics videos for your German finals, so you learn English and physics at the same time xD
I swear teachers are giving us more work than we would do in school
thanks covid
Lmaoo I barely started learning about waves and Im in 8th grade, I didnt get most of the information in the video.
wow this was really useful , thank you
Thank you so much, I really needed this. We need more people like you and the guys from Crash Course, I thank all of them with the utmost love and appreciation. You are hero's that wear no capes.
sent here from my science teacher
where my 9th grade digital learning physics bois at
Corona what what
3 years ago, I had no what this video was about and now I'm using this to catch up on my physics class lmao. How time has flown by
thank you sister!
I get that British people sound smart, but the accent mixed with the extremely fast talking makes this really hard to follow along with
Sir mere pure 40/40 sir thanks a lot
Guruji ko sadar charan sparsh maine apko subscribe kar diya sir
Thank you sir . You were my saviour for this exam.. Thanks a lot sir
Thank you so much Sir. I expect full marks!
Since morning looking at no. Of subscribers ...... we need it sir for chemistry also
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Thank you so much sir for ur one shot video and sample papers...It helped us a from kolkata
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