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The Taking of K-129: How the CIA Used Howard Hughes to Steal a Russian Sub in the Most Daring Covert Operation in History Book Features

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The Taking of K-129: How the CIA Used Howard Hughes to Steal a Russian Sub in the Most Daring Covert Operation in History Book Reviews from YouTube

Mystery of K-129 - a Soviet Submarine Sinks during a Nuclear Launch?
Spy Collection Highlights: K-129 Soviet Submarine | CIA & Howard Hughes
Incredible Way the CIA Stole a Soviet Submarine During Cold War
K129 - The CIA deception to raise the submarine.
# 722 No wonder they lost it.
Where did this guy learn English?! Casualties don't "mount up;" they're not getting on a horse. "Casualties mounted" is the phrase you're after, buddy. On top of that, whoever wrote the script is seriously overusing the word "the" in some parts, specifically between 3:00-4:00.
Project Jenifer
Sinks during a Nuclear Launch? This is such BS. Just terrible, Unsubscribed.
I remember reading a book about the entire story about the recovery. It was called "A matter of risk" if I remember it correctly. I was in Jr. High when I read it and was completely enthralled by the story. Been trying to find that book, with no luck, It's out of print and difficult to find. That was just an incredible story.
The Russian sub went flooded its launch bays, not one which would have been seen as a "Test" but all of them, then it went in to a real launch mode position..we had trailed the K-129 for weeks with our hunter killer sub....standing orders of the day...sink any known hostile sub that met all the rules of engagement for our Navy. The Captain of our Navy did just that....Russia was trying to contact the Russian Captain who had sent coded messages of what he had planned......Russia knew we must have sank it, but was forced not to say anything.
Ooops🤭 Someone left a window open.. The poor bastards..
** Absolutely ridiculous that a test firing would actually contain a munition of any type, and would also be a violation of the nuclear atmospheric test ban treaty signed by USSR and USA. **
The narraters voice is absolutely terrible. Surely they could have gotten someone more suitable.Ruined the whole presentation.
They were smuggling cigarettes and Cuban cigars and was sank by the USCG .
Elvis did it.
The US military was practically on leave after destroying the Vietcong and much of the NVA during the Tet Offensive.
Nothing surprising and putin says he could destroy the west with nukes. Not from a submarine.
Your channels are some of my favorites. I hope you will do a video on LRRPs one day!
A may have missed something. How and why was it determined the sub was about to launch nukes when it sank?
Red October .... the movie .. Done .
“The missing nuclear device was never found.” Are you SHITTING ME!?
Blimey you don’t half go round the block instead of getting to the point🥱
Why does they didn't give the sunk pictures to the russians?
0:59 artefacts? if you call military tech artefacts, then yes..
********NOPE**********Actually, K-129 sank 350 miles from Pearl Harbor after it attempted to fire a nuclear warhead at the island and take out the Navy’s Pacific Fleet. This was confirmed by satellite photos and an oil slick on the ocean surface. For years U.S. Navy officer Johnny Walker was paid millions of dollars by the Russians for stolen top secret documents. One top secret document was a report that U.S. was concerned China would launch a nuclear missile at the United States. Russia’s plan was for the U.S. to think it was China that launched the missile. Before the submarine left port, 15 unknown men who were not part of the normal crew joined the already full submarine. Theses 15 men were never added to the master list. At some point the 15 men took control of the submarine and attempted to fire the missile. A fail safe that the rogue team was unaware about caused the missile to explode in the missile tube and rip a 10 foot hole in the submarine. When K-129 was located, there were 40-50 crew members locked in the forward compartment, when normally there would be no more than 8-10. Russia’s missiles had a range of over a 1,000 miles, but China’s missiles had a max of 350 miles, that’s why Russia attempted to launch at 350 miles. Russia’s submarines could launch a missile while submerged, but China’s couldn’t. That’s why K-129 attempted to launch the warhead at the surface. K-129 didn’t “break apart” when the claw was raising it out of the water. Almost the entire submarine was retrieved. PROJECT JENNIFER was a complete success and they retrieved everything they wanted.
Keith, this is 1 of my favorite stories that captivates my attention on many levels. Looking forward to getting together with you again later this year. Be Safe! Your Friend, Greg Pasden
Soviet submarines don’t get lost the submarine was 300 miles off course that in itself is a staggering admission captain submarine had decided to do something that he was not authorized to do either he was looking for asylum or looking to start World War III. When K-129 passed longitude 180, it should have been farther north, at a latitude of 45 degrees, or more than three hundred miles away. If that was a navigational mistake it would be an error of historic proportions. Thus if the sub were not somewhere in the vicinity of where the Soviets supposed it to be, there would be a high probability, if not a certainty, that the submarine was a rogue, off on its own, in grave disobedience of its orders.[6]:206 Craven does not explain why he eliminated the possibilities that K-129 was proceeding to a newly assigned and officially approved patrol area, or using a new track to an established patrol area, nor why he concluded that K-129 was acting in an abnormal or criminal manner for a Soviet strategic missile submarine. Craven also noted: While the Russian submarine was presumed to be at sea, an oceanographic ship of the University of Hawaii was conducting research in the oceanic waters off Hawaii's Leeward Islands. The researchers discovered a large slick on the surface of the ocean, collected a sample, and found that it was highly radioactive. They reported this to George Woolard, the director of the Hawaii Institute of Geophysical Research.[6]:216
The submarine was not a nuclear, but a diesel-electric powered submarine. It is mentioned by the narrator in the video :)
you've lost another submarine !
Such cool stuff out there in the world. I wanna start making cool things with Americas name on it we can all be proud of, like this.
I remember when they launched the Glomar Explorer. Big fan fare and cover story when it was in San Pedro, Cal.
And then the times California revealed it
so there is half a sub at the bottom of the ocean with a few nukes in it, and every one knows where it is?
ive literally just watched a video about how the Russians are struggling to raise old nuclear subs that weren't properly decommissioned it really shows the difference between what can be done in the name of war vs what can be done in the name of cleaning up our planet
I knew people that built that ship. They obviously knew it wasn't for mining. They assumed it was to pick up one larger item.
“SOSUS” Among us moment
Just found out my uncle worked on refitting it into a real actual drill ship, he said that the metal was a pain to work with because it was thicker and stronger, took multiple days to weld. He also said that even when the government stripped all the classified stuff out, there was still one room no one was allowed in.
350 million dollars is the amount that it costs to fix the Queen Mary in Long Beach
CIA is the best 👍💯
The bell was returned
2:00 nice
Incredible way the CIA ruined Philippines
It didn't. It fell apart quite early on the lift.
"during" what do you mean? Now is still cold war
It's the nosy American publicists who blew the possible second attempt. Why not just allow your government to do it's job of getting one over the soviets?
Isn't this a huge war crime. What happened to burial at sea status.
I remember all the news fuss over this at the time. Even as a kid, I knew something strange was going on.
*Russian Government watching this video be raging.*
People in the comments are using big fancy words that I don’t understand. ;-;
Hope the Nuked weren’t left there
hasn't the scorpion vanished in the atlantic ?
A joint mission with USSR?! REALLY?! Nope
I too was fascinated by the manganese nodules as a source of almost unlimited methane gas. This was a clever ruse with a good bit of science thrown in for fun!
Actually the CIA and Global Marine asked Hughes permission to put his name on the ship as part of the cover since Howard Hughes was noon maverick and eccentric. It was designed by Global Marine because of their deep sea drilling ship experience, but it was all funded by the CIA with engineering from the US Government using various engineering departments at places like MIT, Cal Tech, UCLA, Purdue University, etc. Lastly, it was not a failure. Not a 100% success, but pretty close to it.
Since when did 16,700 feet become 5 miles? As someone else had said; 10,000 tons definitely seems on the high side. The sub was 2000 tons and i can easily see water that filled it doubling that figure. 5,000 tons seems more likely. The code name "Azorian" may be a reference to where USS Scorpion was lost.....very near the Azores in the same year: 1968. Either through a fault of their own, or the Soviets. Personally I believe the latter.
Soviets at the time would have done the same if we had a US Sub go down in their backyard. There was a similar scenario played out in the movie Red October with Sean Connery as the Captain of the sub.
Why are comments turned off on your latest videos? Story with that?
The sub was not sitting in mud it was on rock they designed the claw to pull it out of the mud but not stone and the steal was too brittle
There are several versions about the lifting of the submarine. One says, the submarine was already in two pieces on the ocean floor and the CIA was only interested in lifting the part with the nuclear torpedos. That makes sense because: The submarine was longer then the lifting bay of the ship and would have never fitted in there in one piece. Still a nice documentary!
At least they gave the recovered Soviets a service. Even if they were doing shady things they still had the decency to treat their fallen opposition with honour.
The Scorpion sank in the Atlantic Ocean, returning from a mission in the Mediterranean Sea. Please get your facts straight!
And we wonder why the public is so hypnotized with global warming nonsense. People will swallow a lie rather than expend energy and brain power figuring out the truth.
Most expensive, that we know of.. 🙂 Mining minerals in the ocean.
Now i have watched this vid now going on to, K129 new information vid, Thanks Simon Love your work & videos, thumbs up !..
How did i miss this one?
Keep up the amazing work professor..
Once again a fantastic video, well done Prof’
USS Scorpion was lost in the Atlantic! It has been found since.
Ahh, nothing like cold war propaganda.

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