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The Sun Is Rising in Africa and the Middle East: On the Road to a Solar Energy Future (Pan Stanford Series on Renewable Energy Book 9) Book Features

The lowest The Sun Is Rising in Africa and the Middle East: On the Road to a Solar Energy Future (Pan Stanford Series on Renewable Energy Book 9) Book Price in India is ₹2,566 at Amazon.
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The Sun Is Rising in Africa and the Middle East: On the Road to a Solar Energy Future (Pan Stanford Series on Renewable Energy Book 9) Book Reviews from YouTube

The Problem with Solar Energy in Africa
The Biggest Lie About Renewable Energy
The Scope and Future of Renewable Resources in India | Kunal Munshi | TEDxTheNewtownSchool
Morocco turns the Sahara desert into a solar energy oasis
150 million * 592 is a bit more than 8.9 billion $
But we have billions for ukraine...
With all that empty and unpopulated, arid land in Spain, can't Europe just build more solar panel facilities there?
Now there is a new perspective… letting your economy at the hands of not so close forms of government and countries.
I live in Israel, and I have unlimited hot water except in the coldest and darkest part of winter (which lasts about a month, LOL.) The dud shemesh is a brilliant and simple design. When there is no sun, just flip the switch to the dud hashmal. You'll have hot water in about 15 minutes. Add to that, the majority of out water is desalinated sea water, sparing the impact on the Jordan River. BTW, Israel has given all of their technology to the PA, not that we get any thanks for it. 🙄
only a German would think he could economically engineer solar w/o appreciating the negative impact of being at a high latitude und cloudy skies
Smoke and mirrors waste of money
But they spend billions on a war in 100 days this is insane the money is not the obstacle it’s the willingness to do it
I think its worth it. I'd imagine alot of corruption and theft but still I think it will help
Uuh I do not hear any problems why solar panels can't be built there?
So the idea is that a large solar facility many kilometers in area in the Sahara can power the world. The potential energy collection per solar panel is more than 2× in the Sahara vs in Europe but socioeconomic, terrorism, and distance issues completely nullify the advantage. So take whatever facility hypothesized for the Sahara and make 2x more in any of a myriad of regions that are eminently more safe and are hundreds of miles closer to where the energy is needed. Problem solved.
just ask elon to pay for it.
African sun to power Europe what a genius idea, how about powering all of Africa first
Why would they wont to do that
“For CURRENT needs”. lol
Do you really think you are making sense if you are talking about 5 billion when Elon Mask wants to spend 40 billion on Twitter.I don't believe German engineers are stupid.After all the V rockets where powered by hydrogen peroxide.
It's high time African countries come together to invest in solar energy.
The only answer I see... for now... is decentralised power generation. If all houses / factories / buildings had solar on the roof for e.g. and plugged into the grid we already have, surely this would generate a large % of the power we need already.
some countries spend a lot more in useless shit (cough.. cough US)
"A big reason for the steep incline in car sales is the rapid decline in price of lithium batteries" Nope. Biggest reasons are propoganda against ICE and the threat of banning sales of new ICE engine cars. Most mature people do not want the frequent hassle of remembering to charge and then running around trying to find an unused compatible charger and connecting charging cables and waiting upwards of 1-10 hours to charge or the compromises in range, declining batteries, higher costs. With an ICE car, you go once in a while to a gas station, 5 minutes fill to full and you are good for the next 500 miles. Younger people want to go for them for the same wow/novelty factors as when buying new unecessary mobile phones. Oil companies are pushing for them and love them, cause their oil is going to get burned powering them and their logistics costs will improve cause now they only need to distribute oil to fewer central locations.
These people are stupid and short sighted!
Gee, this didn't age well at all!
You're not gonna tell me what to vote on. But u did like your video otherwise
Error 4:04 ICE not found
Renewables don’t work. And the climate change movement is a grift.
There was a Medieval Industrial Revolution, but unfortunately the Medieval Civilisation was completely destroyed by the "Little Ice Age". The Current Industrial Revolution is taking place in China and not the USA.
Except that wind and solar power aren't reliable, solar power stops producing when there isnt sun shining, which is half of the day, wind power stops producing when there isnt suficient wind, which happens frequently, the only modern power source that is actually more efficient and more reliable than all of the previous combined (including wind and solar) is nuclear power, but people with agendas keep giving nuclear power a bad rep so there wont be a major shift toward it anytime soon.
EU reached 14% BEV in March -22 if this is representative of the entire year this is 3 years ahead of the estimated 2025 in the video. My guess would be 45% BEV of all annual sales in EU by 2025.
‘Lies’ is indeed the correct title! Never seen so much fiction. What about back-up, which is required 100% of the time because wind and solar go from 100% of generation capacity to 0% from minute to minute, and averages only around 30%? Alarmists never include that in the cost, but it actually means you need two energy systems side by side. And right now, battery tech is years from being up to the job, pumped hydro is unrealistic in most countries (and incredibly expensive to set up), while green hydro is a pipe dream (and a dangerous one). The ONLY back-up that works is gas. So renewables will only work if backed up by massive amounts of that fossil fuel. And then there’s the huge cost of building enough solar and wind farms, the cost of distribution from ridiculously widespread sources, the tech cost of dealing with the intermittence, and the environmental cost of the mining of the necessary minerals for renewables, especially highly toxic rare earth minerals. Oh, and of course, no one has any plans for dealing with the those toxic elements once the solar panels and wind turbines have reached the end of their short lives.
That button shirt fits you well brother!
what is the internet of things?
Marshmallow logic. Highly unconvincing.
For each big problem humanity faces, there is always a simple and stupid idea to "solve".
Bro top 5 dumbest videos that exist. "Tax the rich, it'll bring money" until about 2 years later when theyre rolling in money. But in china, not here. Collect 70% for a couple of years and then 0 for the rest. Great idea! Keep up the good work!
Deutschland is not an example of clean energy 😅 30% of electrical production is coal... 30% of Russian gaz... Nuclear power is best way for example in France. Except if we improve renewable energies and produced only in local
Hay dios mio!!! Se parte !!!🤣🤣🤣
I can't wait for this video to age poorly.
Transforming wind in electric energy perhaps could change the atmospheric circulation with a detrimental result on climate? Or not? I believe yes.
Zyada English mt jhadiye aapke 76% subscribes indian hi honge Kyou hum indian hoke hindi bolne me sherm krte h kyou koi meri terh nhi sochta jis zamin per paida hue jis bhasha me doctor ne humare parents ko keha aapko beta/beti hui hui h usi bhasha ko bolne me kyou sherm krte h log
Sir theory sunene ka time nhi h
Ultra super super super awesome!!! Super thanks!!
Don’t worry corona has arrived to control population .
Great Speech Sir, but I have a few queries: Solar is very difficult to install in India because of land unavailability. The wind is not available in the number of parts of India. The grid does not have capabilities to accommodate so much solar and wind (at max 50%). You talk about small square power the whole world how big battery we will need to tackle intermittency. How would you transfer that much energy to the countries? Who would pay so much money for transmission?..... I hope you would answer a few of my questions. Thank you!
Please maintain the Ted Standards man
Waste of tym!!! Topic is good bt he is just acting smart..! Worst presentation!
You can find perfect idea for that on Avasva Solutions website.
I want to take admission in bsc renewable energy sir please tell whats the procedure
I loved listening to your talk. Your words were poetry to my ears. Also, I want to tell you that while you have been thinking about energy for many years, I have been thinking about population for many years. I have been thinking about overpopulation for more than fifty years. For all those years I thought about this subject every single day. I talked with and to all sorts of people about population. Now that I am over seventy years old, I want to share with you my most important conclusion how to ameliorate, or at least most positively effect this problem. The one biggest answer I have found in all these years is this: EMPOWER WOMEN! When women have the power to choose what they do with their own bodies, the question of too many people will have the greatest chance of fixing itself. Thank you for having the courage to give this wonderful talk.
Clapping 👏🏻 Salute to you👍🏻
His success story only so boring not relevant to topic
worst talk
Worst Ted talk ever. And that small solar and wind area to power entire world is ridiculous.
Worst presentation ever!!!!
Why he can't stand still watch him at 2× 😂😂😂
Dude not 90% it's 70%+ for India in case of conventional power generation!
Very poor presentation. Emphasising each and every sentence undermines the importance of emphasising when needed
best information.
but Government policies are not favourable.

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