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The Star Builders: Nuclear Fusion and the Race to Power the Planet Book Reviews from YouTube

Nuclear Fusion and the Race to Power the Planet - with Arthur Turrell
Nuclear Fusion Energy: The Race to Create a Star on Earth
Be careful and good luck... whatever happened to generating energy for the earth using energy from the earth? Is that too easy and safe, or too anti fossil fuel? If and when common sense ever gets itself involved in mainstream technology and politics a billion dollar geothermal energy processing plant will power a city the size of Los Angeles.
As long as we keep gravity as the primary source of energy and ignore electricity we will be stuck in the 20th century
Ah yes, nuclear fusion ? That's always good for a laugh.
Sweet laser dude! Absolutely incredible!
i guessing, we will never have a 1 metre square sized fusion reactor using whats available on earth? Perhaps when the privateers mine the asteroids, some exotic Bob Lazar type of elements (115) able to be fused easily? So maybe in 50 years fusion will be easy if we cant get over unity now... Be great if we could find some 115,116 around that island of stability, maybe natural other places but not on earth but those endless rocks out there in massive belts?
"Greens" oppose energy abundance -- of whatever source. I wind "turbines" were actually capable of producing enough USABLE energy, "Greens" would oppose them ... one of the many reasons we can tell that wind "power" is just a PR exercise. We should aim for a world with a massive abundance of cheap energy. If it weren't for interference with astronomy, birds, etc, I would love a world in which we left lights on all the time! (I can sleep ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!)
So where does the sun collect the ingredients-fuel and what is the mechanism by which it works.. surely the laser experiments point to electrical to manifest reaction.. surely the sun is an electrical energy converter.. which can be demonstrated in lab based experiments.. many experiments have shown we can generate massive amounts of static electricity which can easily be stored in batteries for little to no cost.. image home based devices capable of generating tens of thousands of volts of electricity which could be stored and used to power the home.. unfortunately we have to stop the usef of meters and profit driven energy production.. corporations that stop any real invention or innovation.. Kate and her comrades are hamstrung by financial pressures and agendas.. so no wonder so many things have moved so slowly and stifled and real innovation.. light is electrical, gravity is electrical, magnetism is electrical, I am electrical.. the world is electrical there is so much of the stuff it discharges 3000 times a second worldwide as lightning... it must be the easiest thing to collect in mind boggling amounts at no cost .. come on get real
i would like to refer to the last 5/6 ice ages in the northern hemisphere over the last 2 billion years on which science has studied extensively. there are what is called interglacial phases which are warming events lasting 10,s of thousands of years and they melt the ice/glaciers in the northern hemisphere and also permafrost and even if humanity gets control of reducing carbon emissions (which is a good thing as to have clean air ) the sea level will still rise until all the ice melts away in the northern hemisphere due to interglacial warming phases will raise the ocean 120 meters above the last glacial maximum. this natural cycle has been going on a long time.
Even if the necessary temperature and pressure could be sustained, its doubtful that any containment could be achieved due to chaotic effects. There's a reason actual stars only exist in the vacuum of space.
Commonwealth Fusion is building a tokamak with superconducting containment around 30 tesla.
Fusion really is not needed. With Generation IV reactors we have a safe practical source for all our power needs for about 1.5 billion years. At that point I guess in 30 years fusion will become practical.
Will fusion power release a lot of energy/heat to heat the planet, or will it be used to cool the planet? It could go either way, right?
Those figures for JET are ambiguous as they don’t include all the input energy. Only the heating component. Substantially lower on the order of 100 below the required energy to break even. For example 11 megawatts of fusion power as opposed to 700 megawatts of total input power. And that doesn’t account for losses for conversion which could be as high as 50%
Good review, thanks. However, I could not disagree more with your enthusiasm with fusion. There are two ways to open a safe. One is by using an explosive (hot fusion). Another is using he key and knowing the secret code (cold fusion). Energy and money wasted in hot fusion could be put to a much better use if applied to other sources much easier to tame.
Exceptional presentation. Please do more.
Another "Climate Change" propaganda video.
I'm confused ? isn't fusion taking Hydrogen and converting it to Helium? you said they start with Helium ?
Boring and nothing new
Too complicated, too expensive, too central. If they can put a meter on it they'll throw a fortune it's way. Gravity and other natural processes can be easily harnessed and converted to turn any size generator. Everyone could have there own G.Generator to power anything. All you need is imagination, And a pile of junk, a little mechanical skill and a place to hide it! This message will self-destruct!
I rather they spend all the trillions on developing thorium nuclear to tide us over for the half century or two, then moving on to fusion
A month or so ago they managed to run such reactor for 5 seconds. Doesn't sound much but scientists say it was big step forward. I became believer since then, of course we need to go full nuclear with current reactors and gen 4 ones (MSR, fMSR, useTh fuel instead of uranium, etc). We will cook the earth if it doesn't happen, China already put online long awaited molten salt reactor working on thorium fuel. They will get most power from them by 2050 which are really really good news :)
Hmm we can't control our nearest star sol and yet want to play with things we don't understand and create a star to play with here on our home world were in if a fuck up occurred (will likely) we and all life in the sol system burns out ya no sounds like a grate thought process just because you can do something dosnt mean you should do it ffs
going to keep on till they blow the entire world up.
I’ve been wondering if an atomic pump generator could be built where atoms are somehow excited and are on the verge of splitting and reforming,kind of like a fluxing 2-1-2-1 vibration fission then fusion..power may be able to be harvested...or an atomic loop coil generator..where the atoms passing through the coil are fluxing and exciting in an electromagnetic field
All is fun and games until they create a stable blackhole on the earth 🌑
they better get it done before Chuck Norris plugs in his new night-light.
ITER project will fail! Watch the video conclusive proof! Watch the video:
"Fusion is the ultimate energy source"? I thought that award would go to antimatter-matter annihilation?
It has happened. Only 5 seconds though.
No it's a race to destroy earth first
Come on I need fusioncores for my power armor hurry up
It could also provide the nesasary energy for a theraradical warp drive
What happens to stars...they turn into Black Holes...What happens if this is made and it later turns into a Black Hole???
distributed solar energy is the future. People *owning* what they produce. Centralized energy is for evil people who abuse workers.
They made this to be a weapon. Not to give regular citizens energy. High tech is NEVER prioritized for anything but military purpose.
So cool and single handedly the real reason nuclear science is important... finally it seems things are happening that arnt just fancy boilers... long live science and the exploration into creating the unknown
monstrosity of a machine that only produces lightning, can you imagine this actually making commercially viable fusion , am estatic that its 30 years away and hopefully this one will always be !!
Someday one of the things is going to cause a resonance cascade
2 Billion people without a regular source of power is profound, people will have power because all are equal, deny this and we lose. help it along and we all may become empowered.

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