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The Sawyer and Filers Friend Book Reviews from YouTube

5 Amazing Books about Friendship || Friendship Book Recommendations
Friendship Day Book Review | Must Read Books 2020 | Magic Of Friendships Shubha Vilas Prabhu
friends to lovers books that don't suck
i read + ranked sally rooney's novels to see if they're worth the hype
i need a help related to to contact you ?
Can u suggest me a book to gift a female best friend...
Of mice and men by John favourite book
Tq for the video it's really helpful... Of course friends become our strength in our bad times but first we should think the intention behind the friend ship of others .... The true hearted friend is life long too us and with us
Sakhas or friends encourage you and push you way more than you can push yourself. They can see the good in you even when you cant see it in yourself!!!
Thank you zara for doin this....may good fortune follow up like a shadow
I personally love shub Vilas prabhus writings. His play of words has the power to transform your old perspectives and view life with a new lense.i highly recommend his books to all those who seek change....change to be a better version of yourself. ...much luv....
What an adorable way to say goodbye
Ancient wisdom on modern day scenario this book sounds like a gem
I had wished under my breath to see you do book reviews since the book recommendation video and looks like my wishes reached your ears
Pranaam Badi Bhabhii...Good Morning!! Kithe ho aaaap...
Short n sweet vlog on friendship book..will definitely try to read this book...happy Friendship day sweetheart!
Happy friendship week to you both
Hello awesome video dear
Happy friendship day Mam...
Thanks for sharing. You look lovely today. Happy friendship day!
I love the necklace you are wearing it's simple&beautiful and suits you so well Zara with this outfit and the traditional outfit too! I forgot to tell you in your previous video on Raksha Bandan look!
Thank you so much Zara for you review!!!! I believe if I can be 100% myself with a person, here lives FRIENDSHIP !!! A very happy friendship day Zara and Saurabh !!!! My huge love to both of you
Nice explaination of friendship . Happy friendship day
What a beautiful explanation about friendship and ofcourse shubh vilas sir
I make video about QUOTES from books
This video made me decide to add The Problem with Forever to my TBR. Thank you for the recommendation Steph!
You should check out inked in lies
I actually finished The Play by Elle Kennedy today and it reminded me how much i love friends to lovers
Friends to lovers trope >>>>
I just now finished Love and Other Words; TYSM STEPH! Its so good!
I read the The problem with forever after seeing your video and it is such a good book....I really loved it!!!Thank you for recommending it
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hey does anyone know any wlw friends to lovers books?
Why is she so I C O N I C
Why does her description of Archer (Archers Voice) remind me of Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird, though? XD
Thanks for another great video
These book rec videos are saving my life right now!! Been working from home since March 2020 and with living alone, I'm bored out of my tree, books are my lifeline. So thanks
I dont think theyre boring I just dhflqehlfq i dont even know how to explain it but it just doesnt sit right when I read them it just makes me feel bleh. Only if its bestfriends to lovers though. If its just friends and the main character has another best friend then thats fine. when its bestfreind to lovers I think i dont like it because I dont like how overly in love the girl usually is and when the guy gets a girlfriend she makes it so obvious shes jelous and I just dont like it when it comes to this certain trope because theyre meant to be BESTFRIENDS so when theres jelousy involved especially a lot coming from the girls part I just don't feel like reading it. But if its like 'A pizza my heart' and the girl is oblivious to the guy liking her thats when im like ok this is GOOOD. BUT!!! (theres a but so do not come for me and my opinion. ) when its done really well like the ones steph suggested I can really get into it especially if theres other tropes involved and its written by authors i like. espeically love and other words that sounds so good omg
I have conflicting feelings about love and other words.Spoilers************It broke my heart how he said I love you on the phone then to be found drunk and cheated on Macy . When he was so in love with her. she was already so insucure about Emma though book. I just can't see him doing that. I don't know if it's forgiveable .Then there this is this other part of me that thinks maybe Emma took advantage of him but it's really a grey line for me.
i always wanted a friends to enemies to lovers, but then i got an "enemy" and i dont want it anymore. still a super cute trope to read about.
Ok so I have always hated this trope until I saw a really really really lovely couple in real life on a reality show, who broke my perspective. For the sensitivity of their journey, I will not name them but do let me know if anyone would be interested in a fanfic on them which just tells their story on Wattpad.
Maybe someday is a good friends to lovers book that doesn't suck too...!!!
Catching up your videos! I hardly see anyone talk about Bright Side, and it's possibly my all time favorite book, because it has made me think about life differently. Kate is my fictional role model. I think "do epic" and "you are brave" a lot. Also loved The Problem With Forever. I've had a lot of these others on my tbr for a while! I'd also highly recommend Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino (one of my absolute favorites, story within a story and friends to lovers who reunite years later) and Up in the Treehouse by K.K. Allen (friends to one-sided enemies to lovers)!
love and other words is the best friends to lovers book i've read
I think plot-wise Conversations with Friends was more gripping especially because of Frances' relationship with Nick. I really hated them together but it was interesting to see these characters interact. And this book's ending just felt like a cliff hanger like what was that ending!!! I liked the ending because it kind of suggests that these characters will always be stuck in a cycle of making mistakes and sometimes learning from thembecause that's life right? I just like that none of these relationships were 'resolved'. Also Bobby sucked lol I felt like she was just leading Frances on the whole book and playing with her feelings I didn't really like her
Jack, Carley and Joel.The icons.We need a bigger collab between these legends
I cant understand how you liked normal people the most
So yummy
okay i loved this video, thank u sm
not you, jack and me having the same preferations
omg its so interesting you loved Bobby bc I hated her sm
My ranking would be almost exactly the opposite of yours - Conversations with Friends is by far my favourite, I really liked Normal People and then Beautiful World Where Are You I found pretty awful. The only thing I remember about Beautiful World is the weird way Rooney described texting or using apps on your phone - descriptions like "He turned on his mobile phone using the power button, selected the Contacts application and located the Contact within the application with Alice's name attached to it to send a text message to Alice." Seriously? So weird and offputting to read.
New subscriber here :) loved the way u review the books!!
rooney's novels read the way it feels to watch an artsy indie movie, for better or worse
OK I literally just found your hannel and I am so excited this looks super fun. And I appreciate that we had straight out of the crossover with uncarley and Jack Edwards we stan. That is one hell of a crossover, I'm here for it. And this is my prediction for your ranking.1 Normal People2 Beautiful World, Where are You?3 Conversations with friends
omg, wow!!! I found you yesterday through that Penguin Mental Health video you did & then I browsed through your channel & because I had just finished reading Conversations with Friends myself, I stumbled upon this video & was sooo in love with it the effort you put into this - I loved that you dressed the part for the books, I loved the way that you presented this whole video, and I was genuinely so excited to hear your ranking at the end because you hyped me up so much for it throughout the video! This felt like such a thought-through and incredibly well executed video, wow! Applause!
Im actually kinda conflicted about Rooney. The first book of her Ive read was Beautiful World, Where Are You and as much as I didnt like some parts I overall really liked it so I went for Conversations with Friends and.. I kinda really didnt like it? But I was like.. okay lets go with Normal People and I just got even more disappointed. The more Ive read the more I found her characters more and more annoying. And I found idealising of Marxism and communism a bit triggering. As someone who was raised by people that were raised in a communistic country (at the time) I just cant stand it. Communism never works out, its an utopia and utopia is very close to hegemony and dictatorship.
im so glad youtube recommended your video to me!!
A LO FI VERSION OF THE REAL HOUSEWIVES omg thats exactly how i feel about sally rooneys characters omg thank you for putting it into words hahaha
About 3/4 of the way through beautiful world where are you and really enjoying it! Although I did find the emails a little weird and tangentey, but I liked the rest of it a lot!
i like how her books are just realistic like characters in most books are bigger than life but the characters in her books are real and they seem realistic and i think thats why i like them theyre just real
Oh man thats so interesting! I hated Bobby I found her to be very narcissistic and self involved theres a part in the book were Bobby discusses cutting Frances her and uses words such as we should cut your hair as if it didnt belong to France and was the property of Bobby
I love the colours of this video

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