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The Rickover Effect: The Inside Story of How Adm. Hyman Rickover Built the Nuclear Navy Book Reviews from YouTube

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The Father of the Nuclear Navy: An Introduction to Hyman Rickover - Cold Waters
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I always loved jimmy carter's story about him being interviewed by Rickover. If you've never heard about these, look that up he personally interviewed every officer for nukes for 30 years and were full of outlandish and insane questions and statements. He asked if he did his absolute best at everything he did, honestly answered no. He asked why not, and he didn't know. Interesting thing I never thought of before hearing that.
Otherwise, great video.
Hyman Rickover was ... (4 minutes later) ... was born in Poland
Excellent piece on the KOG! Minor Correction. Admiral Rickover ceased being a Line Officer (1100) and became an ENGINEERING Duty Officer (EDO) 1400 - not an ELECTRICAL Duty Officer. I also changed from Line Officer to EDO and continued to work for Admiral Rickover.
You gave up on this history...
I think we were more afraid of Uncle Hymie than we were of the Soviets. And to put a point on your final statement, only two things limit a nuclear submarine underwater endurance, food and toilet paper.
Great video! God I hate having to use Mk.37's in the '68 campaign. Painfully terrible torp.
Great video, really enjoy listening to these episodes you've been doing on naval history. Keep it up!
I made the Nautilus! And pretty much every American sub since 1945. So if you want to show-case or play one, just let me know.
" to win WWIII " ? What would " victory " look like then ?
I loved it! Looking forward to hearing more :3 I just wish there was a similar comprehensive view of the Soviet submarine program
lel, November finished off by his own torp
In the late 80s, I was a rather unhappy student at my 3rd choice college, which I considered mostly a very uninspiring, borderline anti-intellectual, excessively pre-professional degree mill, seemingly nothing more than a career stepping stone for virtually everybody involved: the students attending, and the side charging tuition and assigning the work. Learning seemed to be completely beside the point there. One day, goofing off in the library (my favorite procrastination spot), I stumbled on a series of cassette recordings issued by an entity called "The Center For the Study of Democratic Institutions," presided over by University of Chicago President Robert M. Hutchins. On these tapes, recorded in the 1960s or perhaps early 70's, Hutchins led panel discussions about democracy and educational policy and practices with many of the country's most important leaders and intellectuals, including and especially Admiral Rickover. So because of these tapes featuring Admiral Rickover, the intellectual torpor of that campus found a nightly exception, and break from the endless drinking, exam cramming, term paper writing, and report card grubbing as my roommates and I, from all racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds (yes, our single dormitory suite on this public university campus really was that diverse!), would listen for 15 or 20 minutes to those tapes featuring Admiral Rickover and Hutchins, and argue about politics, education, and the future of democracy. Whatever anybody in that suite did or didn't get out of their educational program, not one left that campus not knowing who Hyman Rickover was and about his deep love of and concern for this country and the importance of preserving and nurturing its intellectual vitality, without which democracy could not survive.
Give that speech today and you would be called a racist or supremacist by ~40% of the population... who are losers looking to BLAME others for THEIR failures.
Interesting but not sure I would agree.
"Real courage is going against something you know you fear, and doing it anyway. Not because you are fearless, but because you understand it".....
Fantastic Topic I always enjoy learning more about who takes this Mans place in the Modern Era we need to Men like him to guide us through these dark days ahead
Not totally unlike my interview with the KOG in 1965.
Excellent story!
As a former 1980's sub sailor, I love hearing these Rickover interview stories!!
If he would ask me why do I want to be in the Nuclear Navy because this is the breaking edge of Technology this is unlimited power that we can use and defend our nation and attack our adversaries are navel crew are safer can move faster can live on the water longer that's why I want to be a member of the Nuclear Navy he might accepted me after he tore my ass off but he might have accepted me
That's why "The Bare Necessities" is my favorite all-time song (former Nuke).
my favorite rickover interview story was when the first question "son, why aren't you like jesus christ?"
Remember everyone, there was no such thing as "Political Correctness" when this video was made, there is nothing wrong with breaking a man down and building him up to your liking like Rickover did with his men.. Sad we may never see another Admiral like him... - Godspeed Admiral Rickover
This guy is great & funny too !!👍👍 Admiral Rickover told me something like that ( I too wanted be on a sub ) He said I would be better as a UDT , or some kind of diver ( I was already an accomplished diver ...) He was right ...besides I later found out I am more than a bit claustrophobic ... Respect for this guy & all respect for my Admiral Rickover & the 🇺🇸US Navy !!! 👍👊👍
1,000 feet under water?  Not on any US fast attack or boomer!
Rickover was great !!!!!
Thanks for sharing "your thoughtS"on this subject it fits a lot of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together  of us the universe existence conscious thought and how it all fits together .
If you stop and think of it, we are 99.99 % the same DNA and 98% the same air, water and minerals. All humans are less than 1 in 1 billion parts biologically and physically different. The only thing that makes us "think" we are different, are those "thoughts." It is thoughts from the mind that every religious or spiritual master or philosopher has spoken that forms the essence of a nation, company, leader, culture and person.
Our thoughts change physical reality by molding our self esteem, which is the #1 indicator of success and happiness; thoughts form our reaction to events, creating stress or endorphins; our thoughts are shared between us, forming our collective consciousness; thoughts stored in our cells create belief systems which dictate our behavior; thoughts in the form of memories form psychological "tapes" which are the source of emotional responses.
There is a long explanation in 11 Days in May about what is matter, what are thoughts. But the short answer, everything is energy, including thoughts. What we think of as solid, is actually energy held together by binding forces per Noble Laureate research. Our "brains" are fiber optic tubes and our "mind" is the most powerful supercomputer in the world, sending a hundred trillion electrical impulses to 100 trillion cells every billionth of a second. Over 500 Trillion tera flops.
UUM-44, we can see that now.
One of the greatest engineers in history! *Retired 24 Year US Navy Submariner - USNA Class of 1965 - Former Enlisted Man*

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