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The Iran Threat: President Ahmadinejad and the Coming Nuclear Crisis Book Reviews from YouTube

Full Interview: Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad | CNBC International
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Nuclear Threats
Stop threats if you want nuclear deal: Ahmadinejad
Inside the Iranian Nuclear Crisis
This interviewer just keep accusing Iran's political system,She isn't obviously in a place to question the choice of millions of Iranian peopleWhat Dr Ahmadinejad doesn't mention is that it is not permitted to run for more than two consecutive terms.
this is the worst interview ive ever seen, she is very very bias in asking questions wow. stop this media circus
Why a minority for Iran's president?
Its funny this woman asks any questions she wants from this ex president but when it comes to ask questions from UAE or Saudi Arabia asks very soft questions praising them and showing a lot of fake respect!
It is interesting that he looks a lot alike with Floyd Mayweather.
Anyhow even American soldiers killed iranian general qasem soleimani on the platform in iraq, but we know, that qazem soleimani himself was also a leader of revolutionary qud's troops in Iran!
It was good interview!
I agree.
this guy is a evil mofo, his contributions led to many deaths and rapes of civilians
Madar jendeh man bebinamet jendeh mikoshamet . Kiram dahan dean it kiram dahan famileat. Ridam dahane Mohammed jendeh.
Javid Shah! Marg bar Ahmadinejad!
What is the name of this beautiful lady announcer?
2:46 ... strange cutscenes !!!!!!!!!!!!
dr fauci
Key in AZ Al mackthum uaeTame UK pilef HousekeepingGHD live
Why should I lie about rihan 4
Western media always seem as if they're trying to dictate the narrative in these interviews with Arab leaders. They're so obvious in undermining their intelligence and come across as a Lecture rather than a conversation. This lady is all over the place and indignant. If it where an Israeli official or a NatO member, should definitely wouldn't conduct the interview this way.
Viva la liberty!
There is no peace in this world... peace is a wishful thought
US and greater Israel slowly slowly hold and eat whole middle only speaks they are doing
The truth has been spoken. Zionist scumbag problem of all this world. Using islam and muslims in their game to gain power. 9/11 was done by US goverment. A ''plane' crashed in pentagon? haha. No footage, no evidence. I though Pentagon had over 100 cameras both inside and outside? Lies, lies everywhere
wow the lies here are off the lie-o-meter.
because everything he says are lies made up by the "Palestinians".burning fields?when did that ever happen?
half truths can be worst than lies.
Dear Iranians, I know many of you dont like Ahmadinejad, but one thing for sure, because you have nuclear program, that is why US dont dare to attack Iran. Example like Iraq & Afghan, US know they dont have mass destruction, that is why they dare to attack. So u must have nuclear program to make sure your country will not be attack. US is the biggest terrorist.
pleasant and polite personality is also a good leader....I support Iran's nuclear program
@italianshark Every Country has the right to rule themselves and are not to be interfered with... Unless they threaten they are an immediate threat to another nation.... DEATH TO AMERICA, Ignore U.N. sanctions, and build the nuclear weapons anyway. BRILLIANT!!! You have now given the United States and all its allies enough reason to invade. Your one alliy Russia has even promised to back military action if you dont stop acting crazy.
nose pick @ 5:54
That fool of a ahmadinejad, he's making nuclear weapons and what are Amerika and Europe doing? They let him making his weapons! Please do something before it's too late!
uhmmm some is right and some is notahmadi nejad is strong guy and he can do yes but his big layer hahaha his strong but without us his noting i mean us the younger people is Iranhis speaks to much but i no he can do Caz hes not scar and is Full power
the propaganda proves the truth of his words. if what he says were lies then there would be no need to attack his character...lies speak for themselves and the truth has a certain sound and when he speaks, so that sound is in him
So the question is - will Ahmadinejad's invasion of Southern Iraq in 3-4 years be seen to be more like Sudetenland or more like Poland?Ahmadinejad is convinced that no-one abroad will actually do anything to oppose him and has stated this publicly, in fact (Reuters, 3 Sept 08). His brand of leadership requires a perpetual enemy and he will have one whether we want to give him one or not. Of course, if we lie on our backs with our legs in the air he will be forced to do more to provoke us.
ok true but you cant just blow up a country you know islail is palestine. so what about the people in plaestine? do they desreve to die too? no !!! we all have to coem to a deal to work on thin rather than killing
i love him he is a smart and truthful man
wow you really are an idiot lol!
"american" isnt a religion.
By the way Bubba Ahmadinejad and Obama are FascistsHave you looked at the protests latelyThe FASCIST Goons in riot Gear
Libya wasn't all or nothing thinking actually.Not at allLibya WAS what Iraq should have beenIRAQ is a JOKE and a WASTEAll or Nothing Thinking is Killing The Middle Eastand The US Empire
My guess is Either Iran or Pakistan.whatever Country the new world ODOR invades will end in total war.That is profitable for the eliteMadmen can be taken care of without invasion.The US Empire never leaves once they arrive.COMPROMISE is the solution.All or Nothing Thinking is killing the world.
I am Tired of Propaganda too but this man is CRAZY and will make life in the Middle east miserable for real NO JOKE NO propaganda involved in his basic style of madman.His own citizens hate him.This has nothing to do with Muslim hate in fact I think their fate is very charitable when they actually give 3 percent of their wealth away.Propaganda is a two edged sword
Yes the US wants the Oil and so does China the poopies will hit the fan soon
Google "Ahmadinejad punished my Christian mother's rapist" and see his good work as mayor!
* I didn't mean manipulating the elections; I mean stirring trouble to try and topple their government to keep war from happening.Journalists and their companies are banned because these companies are more than likely the gateway for the various spy agencies of the world: MOD CIA, etc.To be honest, I think war is pretty inevitable in that region. Iran has too much pride for intimidation. The governments need a different approach to the problem.
But if we really want to cut to the ancient root of this problem it goes ALLLLL the way back to religion. Stupid fucking religion. Reagen and the whole lot of right wingers believe Israel is holly in some way, as does the Islamic world. The decisions that followed took this in consideration.If humans continue to live and think like cavemen, we are never going to get anywhere, and their will always be warSpirituality, science, and music. If Counties emphasized those, Earth would fucking rock
How is he a dictator? He doesn't control the whole Country.He probably was elected by his people, and because we don't like their pursuit of nuclear weapons the CIA is probably manipulating the elections.We should have never let Israel acquire nuclear weapons. Our rules for nuclear weapons should have applied to all nations, and since we didn't follow that rule, we have this mess to deal with now. Now we are scrambling knowing what it would mean for oil prices if war was to break out.
Muzthedodger - Ahmad is so smooth with his answer with those reporters it's just too funny because they are sweating trying to get him to admit to something that will come back to hunt him and Obama is the same way. It's ashame people dont know how good they have it now but when Bush was in office he was helping Zionist robbing them while starting wars in Arab countries. I say Zionist are going to side up with China and USA will be the new 3rd world country thanks to Bush.
He is the best.....
fuck ur self...
well ur mother needs a shave for sure....
Man ghanooni be ahmadinejad migam ke dokhtareto gaeedam... ghanooni bood dige...
"Kiram to kose vatanforosh ke zede Iran hastan."thats what hes saying to the iranians that helped arabs and british kill Iranians.
@sufiatheart another Germankos24.u can't fool us.
old sumer aint no punk
the thing is they just dont want Iran to become a local super power because if they get nukes sooner or later Iran is going to be powerfully enough that it cannot be ignored like Russia. thats what their trying to prevent and if Israel attacks Iran all hell will break loose.
Haha true, USA sucks.

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