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The Illusion of Knowledge: The paradigm shift in aging research that shows the way to human rejuvenation Book Reviews from YouTube

The Illusion of Knowledge by Dr. Harold Katcher - Book Trailer
Dr Harold Katcher's New Book Launch: The Illusion Of Knowledge
A paradigm shift in aging research?
The Illusion Of Knowledge | Dr Harold Katcher Interview Series 2 - Ep1
Will there be a new "interview"?
If you would like to support our channel, wed love a coffee thank you!Dr. Harold Katchers New Book Dr. Harold Katcher Interview Series Playlist
A quote from Dr. Katcher's book ..."Nowadays, I rarely remember my dreams, but this was different. I was in an alcove high above a dusky road, lit by a dim red sun. But it was noon and marching down that road were soldiers, and a person of some importance was addressing the troops, and I knew then that they were marching in honor of me. I knew I was not on the Earth, but perhaps on a planet orbiting a red dwarf star. I knew, perhaps by what the speaker said, that it was 400 years in the future; I cant remember every word of the speech this official gave, but the line that resonated with me and changed my life was: To honor Harold Katcher, who brought immortality to mankind. And yet it did not feel like a dream, it felt like a vision, a message that I was not about to die, and impossibly more."
Looks interesting - ordered! I had to change to the UK site after clicking the link so I hope you still get the affiliate commission, I know it all helps.
I already read a third of the book. I bought it today at like 3 am or something. Its been interesting, it doesnt reveal anything new about E5 though (because they have to patent it first). But he does go fairly deep into his theory of aging. He also mentions how they discovered E5, which is insteresting too. Among other things, like explaining why things like rapamicyn, senolytics or celular reprogramming work according to his programmed aging theory. Its an insteresting book to read if you are following harold katchers work.Edit: he does talk more about E5, and he mentions things about it that i hadnt heard before. Its just that he doesnt yet reveal the details of the compound, which is understandable... if big pharma were to get their hands on it they might never want it out to the public, because they would lose a lot of money by not selling the drugs that only treat the symptoms of the deseases of old age (but never cure it)
I wish there was a webcam in the lab where the E-5 trial is going on. The promise of those experiments is next level, but waiting for rats to die is a bit morbid... would be more fun to see young looking E-5 rats running rings around their "old" buddies
Dr Katcher is a fascinating scientist, I really enjoy his interview and I 'm sure I will enjoy his book.
Hi Richard. Thanks for this book information - I'm off to Amazon now to buy a copy. By the way, do you have Dr. Fahy's contact information for investors please? Thanks! :)
Thanks for this update!
So much age reversing video and not one of them show anyone actual person being younger than when they got started with a program. My friend is almost 50, with a body of a late twenty's person, including face. He uses a lot of herbs combination. I've compared people in their late twenty's and thirty's, who all look older than him. I will have to take a few days to gather all his herbs to take notes. I, myself, have been trying to replicate taking some of the herbs, and I've seen changes. The problem is, I have to keep up with the routine.
This is great news and I'll be sure to buy it. Congrats on the exclusive, it will be great to support Dr Katcher and his lab.
Which treatment for health span / rejuvenation clearly stands out best? For example with Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes is visually greater hair density with darkening. Plasma dilution offers no obvious aesthetic change, i'm interested to see what Alzheimer changes occurred though. Like for like, if you had to choose just one mine is stem cells.
Thanks Richard.
,)) I'm waiting for new information about E5 ,))
Will spread the news, thank you for letting us know a way to support Dr Katcher's work.
Good announcement! Love Dr. Katcher's work, his E5 and Dr. Fahy thymus rejuvenation are the most promising reversing aging therapy, I think. Looking forward to reading his book!
So the experiment worked? Were the rats actually 54% younger? Cos I remember there was a question whether its just the markers or if they actually got younger. Are they gonna do trials in humans? Need more info and answers.
PS. I wonder if oxytocin is one ingredient in E5....
Yes, Conboy's work on plasma dilution needs more work, but during their experiments they did provide some evidence that albumin was not responsible for the observed changes. They measured changes by genetic expression and proteomic which they content is better than the Horvath clcok. Their exeriment also provide evedince that the effects seems to last at least several weeks, but again, a lot more work is needed. In any case, would like to see both approaches, introduction of young factors and dilution of old factors, run to ground.
Harold Katcher in Biology and James Woodward in Physics, these guys are shaking worlds
There are Bitcoins in every church
It honestly doesn't matter if the theory is correct or not. What matters is that they at least claim to have found the youth-promoting factors. One thing that seems a bit odd is that only this one group found the magic, and no one else has done it independently. They aren't the only ones who have looked into this. At 1:26, Katcher mentions predation. To that I would add infection and starvation, which does make me wonder if a death program is really needed. Another thing: If E5 is given to old people, what happens to their extracellular matrix? Do the glucosepane links get broken? How? I'm guessing that just doesn't happen, so you'll still look like hell even if your cells are healthy.
"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge".Powerful.
Damn. There are a few key points where the Internet cut out. 59:11 or so is one
but why do mice die then?)
I got 40-50 years by late 21st Century standards as we (ridiculously) understand them now. Hmmm. I'd rather not get much older at all. My back hurts. My knees hurt. I have benefitted a lt from NAD IV therapy, although it is very expensive. But it does help rejuvenate me somewhat, so the hype is real.But things still hurt, mostly because my back and hip muscles are very tight from all the anxiety stuffed away in them. So only if they learn how to fix our miserable, fearful minds as well. Increased longevity will NOT do this. It will allow us to live long enough to see the fullness of the potential of neuroscience in this area realized, however. Which is massive and may have no upper limit - one neuroscientist whose podcast I listen to recently said, "There is probably no limit to neuroplasticity." Just like, perhaps, longevity.
80 % of our body is the Extracellular matrix and only 20% is the volume of cells. It is a result of the ECM stiffening, aka aging.Blood plasma dilution results in short time rejuvenation. Like after intake of senolytics. In a month the effect gets gone. Also Dobrov told that it results in no phenotypical change of appiarence. It is not real rejuvenation. Stem cells produce own phenotype which is a signal of youth, senescent cell produce SASP. But a combination of the signals is determined by the ECM stiffening.It is possible to use intermittent injections or senolytics to shift the balance but i doubt it will extend maximum lifespan radically. May be 30-40% maximum.Also, i cannot understand why Mr Katcher didn't try this e5 on himself to grow younger. He looks according to his chronological age.I am disappointed. Dislike.
Great vid
Im rooting for Yuvan Research! Thanks David!
Harold is pretty compelling
Lets see what happens. I'd love E5 to work, but if it fails i still wont be discouraged because reprogramming cells has become very promising according to many scientists anyways. So this is exciting times for biomedical science
Harold doesnt understand evolution very well. Then again, most scientists don't.
Great job David Wood, Nicolas Chernavsky, Nina Torres Zanvettor & Harold Katcher! Ive added this video to my Harold Katcher YouTube playlist
This is really exciting in the near term, assuming it pans out. Let's hope it succeeds and that the forms of damage that E5 is not able to overcome will not be neglected, but that their repair will continue to be researched and brought to the clinic.
Outstanding video. Outstanding presentation especially the presentation at the start showing disease of later life circling old age.Harald is undoubtedly a genius and what he has discovered will change our world and others. Allowing us interstellar travel in one lifetime. A very long one!This discovery/invention almost completes the pillars of health. Hygiene, vaccination, antibiotics, medical procedures and lastly youth regeneration. This is the most astonishing thing I can imagine coming into reality.
Outstanding presentation by Dr. Herald Katcher.
WE WERE 'DESIGNED' TO LIVE MUCH, MUCH LONGER!No longer will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, Or an old man who does not live out his days; For the youth will die at the age of one hundred And the one who does not reach the age of one hundred Will be thought accursed. (ISAIAH 65:20, NASB1995)
If you would like to support our channel, wed love a coffee thank you! Dr. Harold Katcher Interivew Series Aug 2021
I love how chill Katcher is.
Richard, I just want to compliment you for doing a fantastic interview here. You allowed Dr Katcher to just speak and tell his story, with no interruptions. Just a really wonderful job. Thank you!
Great Content. But your Greenscreen looks bad. No greenscreen is way better.
Great video! In a future interview can you ask him (if you haven't already) that - Were they able repeat the Elixir on the rats over and over, to keep them living forever?
Please bring us forward!
Let's contact some billionaires to speed up this research.
When will this be available
Fascinating and exciting. Thanks!
He's the one who think out of the box, like Elon Musk, but he's the one in aging field. Read his book to figure out how much effort he put after he figure out E5 in his life, it's amazing!
Great to see Dr Katcher again, thank you
thank you Dr Katcher is amazing. Hope E5 works - this would be a game changer
Thank you for bringing Dr. Katcher again, his talking always so fascinating, it will be good to know more about E5's schedule.
I really hope more people support Dr. Katcher's work, it's most promising and reachable therapy in the near future I can see so far!
Just dawned on me why vampires live forever
Fantastic Interview! Dr. Katcher looks relax and confident with his work. Thank you for giving us hope!
Is there a way to invest in his company? I wanna be a millionaire by next year
Have any of Dr Katcher's claims regarding his elixir been independently replicated? Until his extraordinary claims are backed by extraordinary proof I remain skeptical...
Good interview, did you ask him if he is doing anything to stay young? Did he tried his own elixer?
Wow. Hes right about taking all these supplements to fight the damage when we should be focused on the plasma factors. Where can I/we get some? What is it about the plasma? Could someone generate a suitable artificial plasma with the needed factors? I thought they already have artificial plasma? Could we harvest plasma from a suitable animal?

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