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The Hulk Series Pure Glutamine (300gm) Features

  • Size: 300 Gms
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The lowest The Hulk Series Pure Glutamine (300gm) Price in India is ₹1,320 at Amazon.
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The Hulk Series Pure Glutamine (300gm) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Hulk Series
Manufacturer Hulk Series
Size 300 Gms

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The Hulk Series Pure Glutamine (300gm) Reviews from YouTube

Avvatar L - Glutamine Results in 50 days | best l glutamine supplement | genuine supplements |
My FitFuel L-Glutamine Review!Best Product Under Rs 900 Only! No chance of Duplicacy! सबसे अच्छा है!
Pro burst l glutamine | cheap & best l glutamine | what is l glutamine |
Glutamine can also be used for gut inflammation?
बाबू यादव सर बोल रहा
Sir avvatr creatine or glutamin box ke andar scoops milta hai ya nhi
Buy muscleblaze guys
Sir 1600 m race k liye btao kuch jo speed or stamina k liye ho
good bhai
Delvry free?
ESN ka review Kee jeya
Sir kya isse weight gaining bhi hogi ya muscle gaining ??
Running..walo...KE... supplement..btao..Bhai....
Hair growth karega.
Very useful vedio veer g🤙
Unboxing bhi kro na avvatar bcaa and glutamin ka
Animal ka whey and preworkout riew
Sir best brand in glutamine
sir nutraybay ka review karo
WOW! Nearly 2,000 views on this! If you are interested in more similar videos subscribe because I'm gonna be making more!
I am starving to death because I had celiac disease for 27 years and didn't know it. I've tried all foods and everythjng is still hurting and deteriating my muscles. I didn't understand why until now I've searched for over 5 years for this video and finally figured this shit out. I went to a health store the other day and the woman there recommended L-glutamine subliments and I started taking them with very little agitation. I wanted to know more and came across this video All of my muscles are destroyed some worse than others. Don't let you body get as bad as mine Take care of your health. Eat good foods Stop eating garbage and get tested for things like celiac disease even if you dont have any symptoms or signs You still might have it and can get worse down the road. Really bad Get your kids tested Make sure you eat some bread or gluten of some kind so the test results are more accurate.
Great video.
Well done! I
I took it once it upset my stomach like mad so i stayed with creatine and bcaas. I hear 👂 you about the sup store lol this was interesting ty like and sub 👍
Thank you got this because I was lost feeling so depleted but not knowing I need to buy this nonessential amino acid? But I suffer from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder meaning my body is flooded by cortisol and depleted from the stress. I have no strength to do anything not even work out and I use to love working out and riding my bike and running but now I lay in bed all day from my depression. I’m looking into buying D,L-phenalynine (I know it’s spelled wrong, I’m bilingual so I apologize if spelled wrong), L-glutamine, and at 5-HTTPS (I think it’s spelled like that) to help fuel my body with dopamine, nitrogen, endorphins, basically help aid my overstressed body due from my Severe complex PTSD due from severe long term trauma I suffered that killed my spirit. So thank you for your video, to the point and not trying to sell sell sell a company’s products, just pure educational so thank you
I've found that taking glutamine supplements helped me feel less worn out when jogging.
U convinced me I have plenty supplements but this sounds the 1
I agree u can get cheaper tbh than health stores
Awesome vid I wait til penny sale Holland & Barretts xx
My friends mom is a dr. And gave me a tub a glutamine when she heard I was bodybuilding. She told me that they put glutamine in the IV drips for burn victims in the ER... that’s enough of a reason for me to take it. Arnold himself has also detailed one of the first things any serious lifter should do is supplement glutamine. Again I take HIS word over the hold my beer YouTube douche bags in the comment sections lol
why not just eat more protein?
great video
You're a legend. Thank you for your hard work with these videos!
When to take the l glutamine capsule
Never! Understood why ??! I used it for 1 months and I definitely saw some results look lots bigger And I haven't gain much weight on the scale!! Same thing for EAA was very effective but no body talk about it!
Economics 101
Thank you Dorian for your hard work you put in this video just like all videos. I appreciate you bringing us this wisdom and appreciate your vision to make humanity aware of such things including the human body and scientific compounds. GOD bless you my man ❣ 😃 💫
Unfortunately it's one of the fuels for cancer cells (the other one is glucose).
Great video paul!
Thank you for this information. You are great sir
Send u r address bro
Bhai mass ganer k sath le sakte hai
Muscles sorness thiik krne k lyea kya use kre
Sir aapka phone number chayea supplement ka bareme bate karna h
Nitro tech ka review Kro kitne ka h 10 lbs
Nitro tech ka review kre 10 lbs ka Bahi
Bhai glutamine ka kam kya hota hai body me?????

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