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The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware Book Reviews from YouTube

The Hardware Hacker - T2sday Updates #251
Samy Kamkar's Crash Course in How to Be a Hardware Hacker
Best Hacking Gadgets 2021 Every hacker Should Have stay (HINDI)
Hardware Hacking - Computerphile
people behaviour is so fascinating…the crowd were oblivious to majority of audio information, but soon as they see a funny picture of Nicholas Cage they explode with emotion…
This is incredibly inspirational yet Im sat here thinking . "That's all great n stuff Samy but uhm, I havent gotta clue about half of the stuff you just spoke about :)" what's simple to him ain't so simple to others. Passion develops from study and understanding. He's very passionate. Great video Samy. I doubt I'll be hacking anything hardware related any time in the near future :(
I want to hack into my Surface motherboard to remove the password that has lock me out.
He's a true legend
Whats this a repeat of? Didnt he do this lesson at defcon or something?
Its all about, Learn, LEARN, LEARN! *Learn.*
he said you need os10, I feel like I'm the only one that got it, zero reaction from the crowd.kinda disappointing, was a great joke!
Where can buy those tools to open cars ?
proud to be indian
The absolute madlad who crashed MySpace
WTF Y show this info public. Nothings sacred.
wow, am so happy, forbesfamilyweb. net credited my account with $11,000 , am so happy i gave this a try
Such a DEAD audience
Is this legal ?
Dont use windows for anything.
He is like a salesman popularizing trading platforms . It is sux
this boy dangerous haha inspiring
How do you decrypt docm inccryption ?
Where is answer of question in title Absolutely useless video. He just lists some hardware tools.
Thank you so much, this thing got me a perfect summary on what to do, which tools to pick first, confirmed theories, learned a good structure, this is such a bunch of good info in a nutshell
Bro first of fall real hacker doesn't reveal their own equipments in any situation
Plz help
May I can have your contact number please?
Tumse contact kaise karun
Hey brother mujhe bhi sikhana hai
ap ka whtss app melagaa
কোথায় পাওয়া যাবে
Bhai mujhe help karo
Very nicely
Very very.impressive.
8GB RAM bohot jyada hota hai kya?
M b online clases lena chahunga sir to m kess contact kru aapse?
Hiiiiiii hello
Hlo bro Mujhe hacking sikhani hai Starting m kya sikhe
hi sir I want your num to discuss something personal about hacking
bhi kis web site se haking sikh te ho
im using the same x8dt to watch this, lol
Got it. This is the exact exploit.
argh An IT specialist telling you how things a MAC
seymur is alive
the NSA definitely did this with Cisco routers. it's not a conspiracy theory.
Altyazı için teşekkürler
Does toxoplasma have hardware requirements?
Is this about Huawei or piece of garbage Windows 10? Lol
Just wipe the BMC. somehow.
* intel management engine has left the chat *
how can hack mobile phone
Love the disclaimer in the middleLMAO
Form a hardware standpoint , yes its possible . But there is no "hack chip" they prob just flashed some compromised code on the ILO controller.
If one looks into it it becomes quite a dubious claim.
Back in the late 90's/2000's I've been asking the question. What's stopping the Chinese substituting critical processors and firmware on systems considering they are the ones manufacturing these chips and motherboards and had basically keys to the kingdom. This is not limited to Servers, PCs etc, there is every possibility that most telco routers, gateways, firewalls and managed switches, but not necessarily mum and dad devices could all be open to tampering with the ability to unwrap packets of data read, re-package the data for transmission to the intended destination while re-transmitting decrypted or re-encrypted data to an unknown destination in stealth. While allowing stealth accesses to the devices secure communication appliances.
This story has be confirmed fake news. a big hoax made by Bloomberg No such chips exists.
I’ve had a idea for a new type of ram memory, it’s a inductor with a compass in the middle that spins could maybe have different voltages to represent a different numerical value ‍♂️ i don’t think it’s base 2
If such a hidden chip or circuit does exist, I'm sure it wouldn't be sending out any data otherwise it would get detected by firewalls. My guess, if there really is such a thing, would be a small ticking time bomb circuit. A hidden chip embedded in thousands of servers could have a set date to disable the board and rendering the server inoperable. This type of hack would be very difficult to detect or troubleshoot.
hACMEe was totally asking for it though, amirite?
Why does Steve need so many keyboards?

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