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The Gold Fields of Nova Scotia: A Prospectors Handbook Book Reviews from YouTube

Gold Opportunities
Gold Prospectors Handbook
Nova Scotia Gold History and Cartography (1906)
DIY Ryobi Gold Sniping Hand Dredge
he says by goverment controled ...nova scotia has greedist goverment in world ..nova scotia 2 smallest province but goverment steals 15% off every dollar and does nothing to help the tax payers just lines there greedy pockets ....
Could you develop an interview series highlight Mining companies in Nova Scotia? Such as MegumaGold, Anaconda, Atlantic Gold. etc. thanks
98 Internet has been down for a few days. Looks like I missed a couple of videos.
Congrats on 100 vids Chris n keep on panning mate. Would like to get a copy of new book as will b alot of info, well done
Greetings from South Africa. love your videos. Congrats on 100 vids. will be keeping a lookout online for your book.
Little rough bits means bigger bits are hiding there somewhere. Keep chasing that yellow stuff.
I am so jealous of the fact you are so close to gold bearing creeks. May have to see if I can convince the Boss to buy something up that way.Congratulations mate on making your 100th video. I for one am looking forward to seeing many more into the future.
Looking forward to see your book
Congats on the 100th video Chris, keep going hard mate and I will be getting a few of your books as soon as you release it. Good stuff man
anyone live in NS with a pump/setup need someone to help do some diggin? lmk, experience with small scale placer and geology, also 3rd class PE looking for work
funny 1906 is about when my granny and her older brothers went to boston she never talked about cape breton island. from the highlands to the islands. NS was not the destination of our 1000 year trek. its a long way.
Mont te gue .... Not hard to pronunce and Ard Doise ....
The map is backwards. The solid red dots are where Gold was found. They are mostly all old gold mine sites. The hollow circles are where there is a high probability of gold.
Great map, doesn't have the modern clutter.
here it is 2020, how is your business doin'.? Not that I care. 28 sec.s in and I comment then get out.
There is more in south west of NS. They just hadn't discovered it yet because of larger gold rushes. People left
good video
I would love to help you with pronouncing the names of places in Nova Scotia. Best video I've seen in awhile. Thank you.
Thank you thank you thank you
Can you find one for new brunswick?
just making a guess, you're not from Nova Scotia
I will be coming to Halifax in June , for prospecting gold , placer , Hope you can help me
Really cool.
So interesting!
New subscriber! I am loving this! I have a channel with urban explorations, metal detecting and Magnet fishing. If you could find some kind of a map of known old dump sites (that might have been cleaned up or not) that would be AWESOME! I know there used to be a dump right near the shore in Grosses Coques, Clare, NS (Big Clams would be the literal translation but we just say it in Acadian French) Thanks for the information! ATB-Darlene
hi what maps do you have of oak island
Where did you get that map
hello sir im a local here and i was wondering if you had a copy i could have or a photo or link
Prospector Jerry......that is a fantastic and Slim really love it .....we got to get out in the field and test it..... Thanks and keep those vids coming....
Awesome idea :)
Hey, did you ever get any videos of you using this, or did it work well? Still using it?
I would give you 10 likes if I could!!!!
Put this on my "do not do " list
Amazing. Lol. Great share.
This is exactly what I was thinking of making. And now I know my idea (not originally mine obviously lol) works! Took a bit to find this video but well worth finding. Subbed
I can't find one :(
proof? Wow!
go man go!!
late to the party. but I'm thinking about this for some waterfall cracks. could you attach the pole and use a shorter nozel, to push down through the faster moving water down into the cracks?
Thats not fair, thats cheating.I love it........
Thanks for the video grate advice. your a good man...
One hell of an idea. Love it
That thing is waterproof?
Excellent. Love it. Been looking for something like that for years. Thanks
They are so bloody expensive. And unfortunately in most places all machinery is illegal.
thank you for the tips!! it would sure beat the heck out of my turkey baster i,m now using!!
Great Idea
Nice. Thank you for sharing

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