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bookGeeks recommends: Identity Quest by Seshadri S | Book Review
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Assassin's Quest | DISCUSSION
Recommend me some good fantasy series?
Loved the videoWill surely try to pick this book up
Check this, you may like it😊😊👉
Thanks for reviewing.......i have also started a BOOKTUBE CHANNEL....wish ma good luck👍👍👍👍
This cud be my first fantasy read... Lets see...
i have read two fantasies this month inkredia luwan of brida and kalith origin of the kings nine...both were awesome
Read Lord of Rings. You'll love it
Nice review 💜
I don't like to read fantasy series yet I watched this review to end to find to some motivation to go through one... certainly this one didn't motivate me ..
Looking beautiful sankalpita.. You makes the review soo suspense that it automatically gets added to my TBR...😬😬
Can you make a book review to FIX FEAR by SIC ILL . You can read it in full at
How to contact with Author?
This is not fair di I participate many Giveaway But i can't win any
thank you mam for such nice video. 📖
4th comment 5th like.. Love you didi!
Nice review babe.
First comment first time 🙏🙏
I've never found a podcast worth listening to
You lost me at Joe Rogan.
This is all amazing information.
Magical Insight Logging Framework = MILF. Nice.
Good God 5 Apps to do something pretty simple - unbelievable!
I love the content, but you're speaking so fast, it gives me buzz-brain!
videos in ali abdaal the book that changed my life the apps that changed my life 5 things changed my life rules that changed my life .................changed my life pro does your life changes everyday !!!
this video resonated with me.
Easter egg : MILF
I remember hearing about an app or site that sends you custom user-inputed emails. An example is when I read a book and there’re loads of useful information. I take the sentences and let the app send them to me daily one-by-one so I don’t forget them right away.
This is so exciting Ali!!!!!
Thank you, Master. Now, I am only required to obtain/find/create a tool for integrating YouTube and Netflix highlights (clips – with notes attached) into my second brain (Obsidian). — If anyone knows of such tools, please do share. — Additional remark: Audible also permits you to highlight parts of your audiobooks, whilst attaching notes. I, take full advantage of this when working my way through dense books – such as "Polgara the Sorceress", written by the late 'David Eddings'.
I find your videos quite insightful.... Watching what you are doing shows me how we are actually made up from the books we read.... There is no Ali really.... Ali is made from all the books he has read.. The mind is made from its content and Ali is the mind.
00:10 "dozens of hours of content consumption"..... You are the content.
MILF? Really? Lol
can you suggest me an app where i can watch english series without any cost with subtitle
Thanks Ali for that great video. You totally got me there. Set up the whole thing, just took momento instead of airr since I am an android-user. Unfortunately the sync doesn't work between Momento and Notion. I mean there is this sync but in the end the memento content doesn't show up in Notion. Does anyone here have the same problem? And what would be a good alternative for Memento that can also be synced to Notion? Thank you
Amazing Video. Very informative. Definitely trying out these apps. Thanks Ali
Reminds me of Dave Duncan's A man of his word series, but its ending is much more satisfying.
I totally agree with you on how the ending wasn’t satisfying. Regal, the forging, the dragons, all wrapped up in one chapter in a few sentences for each. Huh? For being over 800 pages, I was expecting a bit more time to be devoted to each of these plot lines.
Your opinions are super valid but you don't need to smack the book with each syllable...
I'm so glad i found this place to share thoughts :) I just finished chapter 2 where there's a big scene between Fitz and Burrich in the cabin and I was so upset with Fitz I couldnt keep reading. Guess that's the sign of a good author? haha I hope to calm down soon as I guess its still worth continuing based on the spoiler free reviews.... p.s. I would like to see a spinoff of the adventures of Burrich and Chade :)
Just finished it. The ending infuriated me so much. One one hand i wish there was more focus on beating the red ships and killing regal but on the other hand it made so much sense cause this whole story showed that fitz is only one part of the world. He just a the idea that he would do every single important thing is unrealistic in a world that meant to feel real
also I was so disappointed with how everyone accepted and quickly moved on with the dragons and the magic, the "black stones", the old city (I have read the series in French so I don't know what terms are used in English), and they didn't do anything with that when I saw a lot of potential. I also wanted to know about Fitz's origin (who is his mum and how come Chevalerie gave in) , but I guess everything will be explained in later books
I saved this video for when I finally finished this behemoth. We got like 200 pages of Verity chiseling stone and I was like...we could be learning more about the Wit right now??? I felt like every time there was a glimmer of some real momentum the book shot itself in the foot. The Regal thing especially! I thought that it would at least be interesting to see him with this Skilled loyalty, because Galen was Skilled that way too and his bitterness still seeped out anyway, and I was interested to see if that's what would happen to Regal eventually, but no. Killed by a ferret a paragraph later. I just feel like...this book was a solid 3 like you said, but there IS a 5 star book buried in here, and that's what frustrated me.
This series is my favorite thing ever right now. I'm about to start Ship of Destiny.
Ahahaha. I gave up on this book. I just . . . the flashbacks for 1/3 of the book pre-quest killed it for me. (I was still bitter about the ending of book two. And while this solved some of the dangling threads there, the flashbacks felt misplaced.) And I really disliked that bard lady. >.< I do like her writing style for the most part but her endings haven't been that great for me in books one and two. :-)
Totally fair review. I think what Robin Hobb does with this trilogy is just lets her potential shine and then literally blows you away with the next trilogy. I think Liveship is a masterpiece !!! So excited for you, because you can now step on board Vivacia and Cruise out of Bingtown on incredible journey !!! Not going to rant becuase i don' t want to give anymore away. Really looking forward to seeing your thoughts. I will say that you are gonna love Althea!!!
Yeah this book really dragged and is the worst of her books. Liveships is so much improved especially the conclusion! I am hoping to move on to Tawny Man later this year. I read them 10-15 years ago now and I have been enjoying being back in the world so much. Especially now the finsl book in Fitz and the Fool is released so I know there is a final conclusion to the whole world!
The thing that sticks in my mind the most from this book (and it is a long time since I read it) is the real start to the deepening of Fitz and the Fool's relationship (I was going to write friendship but it goes much deeper than that). The ending wasn't satisfying but I couldn't wait to get on to the Tawny Man trilogy which is my favourite trilogy following Fitz. I have lots of issues with Molly's relationship with Fitz, as I felt he had a far better connection with Kettricken (but I won't say any more due to spoilers). Enjoy the Liveship Traders - and don't will start off wanting to slap one of the characters but you won't always feel that way. 😁
Omg I agree with most points. I never liked him with Molly but I was so heartbroken for him at the end that he was all alone with night eyes and they thought he was dead still and he never had his child and I sobbed. The end broke me.
1) With your affinity toward the Wit, I will echo what a lot of people have already said that I believe you will enjoy Tawny Man. It was kind of annoying for me, but I felt like the first book of Tawny Man was more of a wrap-up to Farseer than Assassin's Quest. Then the second two of Tawny Man were a separate adventure now that Fitz has wrapped things up. 2) I LOATHE Starling. 3) I agree with your feelings about Burrich and Molly. It was an odd pairing to me, even though I love Burrich and want to see him happy. I just think everyone can do better than Molly. 4) Before you begin Tawny Man (when that happens), I don't think you should sleep on The Wilfull Princess and the Piebald Prince to give you more context to the Wit. 5) BLESS...I am so ready for you to get to Liveships as well!!!
I read assassin quest in february too and I was so disappointed! I absolutely loved the first two books and I just wanted more from this book, I thought the middle dragged on so much and then everything was resolved in like 50 pages! I feel exactly the same about molly!! I just don't think they make sense together! I'm excited to get to the live ship traders series though and I'm hoping this book was just a blip because I really love Fitz and the Fool!
It's hard for me to watch reviews of this series because I started reading it when I couldn't speak English yet and so I read it in French. But it's published in an entirely different format in French. They cut the books in two or three parts. So up until the halfway point of your review, I wasn't sure which part of the story you had just read. ^^' (I think in French it's books 4-5-6) I never read Liveship Traders, I've only read the books about Fitz, and his story is so heartbreakingly beautiful. You'll definitely learn more about the Wit in his later books.
Ok, about the old blood. You do get Fitz telling you what happened with them in the beginning of Fool's Errand. That was something I was worried about too and I just wanted to tell you so you're not as frustrated as I was when I didn't know what was coming. And man, Assassin's Quest is in my opinion her worst book. It's so slow, terribly paced, huge for no reason, and it had little to no actual pay off for all the things that have been building up. But don't worry, she gets MUCH better at finishing series after this... Like, 500% better. You're gonna LOVE Liveship Traders. Seriously. Also if you don't ship Fitz and the Fool yet... You will.
The wit and the forging stuff will be explored more in the tawny man trilogy 😉
Given your thoughts about the Wit, I'm thinking you might find the Tawny Man trilogy interesting! On first read this was my favorite Farseer book, and I think it was primarily because of the development of Fitz's connection with the Fool. I LOVED that aspect. I'm also one of those people who ships them though, lol.
I ship Fool and Fitz, but kinda platonically, if that makes sense? Like they're two of a whole, soulmates and everything, which kind of supersedes in my mind romantic & sexual love. But also Fool is just a big favorite of mine, so I'm strongly biased in his favor and want them to be together, because I love them both. My other choice for Fitz would be Kettricken, tbh, they work well together as a team, and would be suitable even politically for them to be king and queen of the Six Duchies. I've also been wondering whether Molly is self-insert for Hobb herself, and that's why she's pushed the Molly agenda, even though, as you mention, they aren't a good match, at all. Much like supposedly Rowling pushed Hermione and Ron, because of a relationship in her past. Looking forward to your thoughts on Liveship trilogy!

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