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Find the best deal on The Foundrymen's Primer Book at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest The Foundrymen's Primer Book Price in India is ₹1,332 at Amazon.
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Cool! I really recommend "Implementing Useful Algorithms in C++" by Dmytro Kedyk. I worked with Dmytro at Bloomberg the guy has some of the highest raw intellect I have seen in the field. His book will really come in handy when building complex systems. If you are into chess, he also wrote a bunch of chess material re his experience in the Russian chess system.
What do you think about python instead of c++?
Coding jesus Alcohol in backdrop
انت مبدع
christ, you look like Jesus
Thank you!
great info CODE - jesus! THANKYOU
Great videos.
Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne do you think?
hello Coding Jesus, could you make a video and show how a trading algorithm looks like. I mean, show us some simplified code with some simple parameters. or you may show us a simplified Block Diagram. is it possible?
Coding Jesus, what is your opinion on the fintech industry? Do you see some business opportunities in fintech?
I’m here based off a HILARIOUS comment on KS live. You made my night man.
Should we only read the books or also write the programmes to remember the topics?
Glad to see high quality books that are outside the typical recommendations you see repeated everywhere on the internet.
Unsubscribe everyone, this guys a proven anti-Semite.
have you always started with 'what the hell is up?' lmaooo idk how im just noticing
I love the fact that the book concurrency in action has a concubine on the cover
So my school focuses on Java and Python- is there a tool you recommend for those? I am self- learning C++ as well since fintech does focus on that as you mentioned it- I’m excited to read these over summer!
उत्सुकतेचा चढ उत्तर होतो, हे पुस्तक वाचताना पण काही गोष्टी अशासुद्धा आहेत ज्या अजन्म स्मरणात रहातील, अशा गोष्टींमुळेच पुस्तकाचा शेवट करण्यास वाचकास भाग पडते त्याकाळची - समाज रचना, जातीभेद, दुष्काळी परस्तिती, एकत्रित कुटुंब वेवस्था गरिबी, भूक, बालोते, पाटीलकी, देशमुखी, इमानदारी, मयाळू पणा, रोगराई, व अशा भरपूर गोष्टीबद्दल त्याकाळच्या परस्तीथी काशु होती याबद्दल स्पष्ट माहिती मिळते
hindu mhanje kay he sangayala Swami vivekananda ahet amchya kdeNo need of this stupid person
मी हे पुस्तक विकत घेतले पण समजले नाही.आता ते sell कराव वाटतं!
Mst explain kel
* keep it up Good work.
Mala eka sadhya prashnaach Uttar de Hindu la Dyanpith purskar kaa milala aahe ?
सध्या हे पुस्तक story tell ॲप वर आहे.एवढं मोठं पुस्तक वाचणं सध्या शक्य नसेल तर जरूर ऐका. स्टोरी टेल ॲप वर.
You are criticized Nemade Sir book. Just tell about book, don't criticise it you are not enough capable to do this.
Fakt Deshi
तुझ्याकडून हे पुस्तक म्हातारपणी वाचलं गेलं असतं तर बरं झालं असतं किमान, थोडी बुद्धी विकसित झाली असती.
भालचंद्र नेमाडे चा जाहीर निषेध त्याने बंजारा समाजाबद्दल चुकीचे लिखाण केलेले आहे.
Hahaha nemade ha kharach desi vadi aahe
Aare gapp bas tula kahich kalala nahi
Thanks for this review, my name is also Amit. Jai Shree Ram.
Stuppid writing and his thinking wait for the result of nemade
kontya pn jati cha apmaan kru nhe tumcha sarkya lokanchan srv lok bdnam hotat
हा हरामखो र नेमा डे बंजारा समाज चा अपमान करते आम्ही याचा जाहिर निषेध करतो
हां पुस्तक कात बंजारा समाजाची चुकी लेखन झाली आहे भालचंद्र नेमाड़े एक बंजारा समाज स्त्री च्य विषय घान लीहल आहे
तो खजिना आता आहे का अस्तित्वात आणि ते महाराजांचे बत्तीस मण सोन्याचे सिंहासन आत्ता कुठे आहे
मी पण वाचले आहे हे पुस्तक खूप छान आहे
Nice book review
Khup mast ahe book
Nuktich vatchli boss what imagination & suspect like it’s not book like you are watching real movie
‘प्रतिपश्चंद्र’ मराठीतील पहिली शिवकालीन ऐतिहासिक रहस्य कादंबरी… एक अद्भुत साहित्यकृती! छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज आणि गुप्तहेरप्रमुख बहिर्जी नाईक यांनी अत्यंत गुप्त पद्धतीने लपविलेले रहस्य…एक असे रहस्य ज्याची सुरक्षा आजही महाराजांच्ये आठ शिलेदार जीवाची बाजी लावून करत आहेत. गेल्या साडेतीनशे वर्षांपासून अत्यंत गुप्त आणि गुढ पद्धतीने एक युद्ध या मातीत सुरू आहे. या युद्धात आजवर शेकडो लोकांनी एकमेकांच्ये जीव घेतले… जीव दिले आहेत. चौदावे शकत, सतरावे शतक आणि एकविसावे शतक या तीन कालखंडाना जोडणारी ऐतिहासिक थरार कादंबरी ‘प्रतिपश्चंद्र’!. इतिहासावर प्रेम करणाऱ्या प्रत्येकाने वाचावी. पुढील लिंकवर आपणास ती सवलतीच्या दरात मिळेल. writing n awesome book
bhai kyo apana time West kar rahe ho⏱️ Yahape koi dharma ka palan nahi kar raha hai Sab ke sab chor hai Swarthi,attitude,darphok, jhute, lalachi,orbatane me kam hoga 5ka mal 50bhechkar karodapati bankar apane dharma se bhag jate hai hamare jawan or mahabharat ke yodha ekhi the
Background music name plz bhau
Dhanyavad Dada mla kadambari milali khup aturta ahe vachaychi ata 19 फेब्रुवारी chi aturata ahe tya suvarn divshi mi Kadambari vachelजय जिजाऊ जय शिवराय ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️
Dada kharach tu khup chngli. Information Sangto Ani video pan Khup chan astaat Tu Chattrapativ SHIVAJI MAHARAJ anchi konti book read keli keli aahe Jijau JAY SHIVRAY
Chava kadbri
jay shiv shambhu raje
Shivaji maharaj chi talwar 187 kg hoti.
Mastach bhava keep it up
जय शिवराय जय शंभुराजे
C++ primer is the real book C++ primer plus is a trashy n just uses the name for marketing
Like the Amp on you desk. Where did you get it from? Thanks
I love that 'Programming in C' book. In depth, well written. Good stuff!
Caleb says "I have developed in java for while obviously I'm in my 20's so I have tons of experience." just started learning programming im 27, I don't know much about java but i'm slowing learning a thing or two. Thanks Professor Calab!
are such a legend I even Emailed Cal Fussman to ask him to interview you. Rock on
No Introduction to Algorithms?
That C# book is all out of order for learning and still missing a few topics. Secondly, nutshell my @$$. Lastly, boring.
Now that is the bold look of a true imposter! C++? What manner of witchery is this? Thise days are long past.hallelujah!
Inspired me to learn all those languages . Thanks Caleb Curry
Ouch The lamp in Amazon Germany is 180 Euro hahah.
brooooooo thank youuuu i realy injoy learning from your videos
Love your vids Caleb!
Once again Caleb, that little chuckle of yours at the end of some comments, is hysterical! I have to hold onto my chair :)
Use better tags dude u deserve millions of views

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