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The Folkboat Story: From Cult to Classic - The Renaissance of a Legend Book Reviews from YouTube

tier-ranking every classic book (so you know which ones to read)
i read tiktok's most popular books -- can booktok be trusted?? *no spoilers*
Biography Recommendations #thehistorychallenge
I’ve watched this video a couple of times now and I just have to finally ask, what plot twist is he talking about in The Picture of Dorian Gray I’ve read the book, recently even, and I can not for the love of god figure out what plot twist he’s talking about? Did anyone else experience a plot twist in that book? Please help a girl move on
i love LOTR but it is a very hard book to read, as someone with some reading disorders and attention issues i've never finished the hobbit, but i still love them
Okay I was with you until the very end but putting LotR at the bottom is atrocious. Dune, okay, i get it, not for everyone, frankly I might be enjoying it because the translation I got is good and I really liked the movie, but not liking LotR is criminal.
When you failed to categorize " Wuthering Heights" in "shoot it from a literal canon" you lost all credibility
I love the Iliad, I used to have a first edition copy
Regarding charlotte’s web: Charlotte is the self-sacrificing mother figure. Wilbur IS special, because he is charlotte’s son and she would do everything to protect him
I agree a lot with this list. Dune, treasure island and lord of the rings (fellowship) are pretty cheeks. Not a genre thing either for me, I very much read those genres and enjoy them. The hobbit for example I think is great.
Great Gatsby is such a pointless waste of time
Obviously his subjective take, but just can't get past some of the weird choices. It's as if he's studied under a Michelin star chef, then decides he loves macaroni and cheese or hotdogs. We all have guilty pleasures I guess.
would definitely rate Pride and Prejudice highest and would probs put Dune in clothbound classics
I think something like this is very subjective. One book someone hates is going to be someone else's favorite. I'm just happy that some people read at all.
I was 60% done with 1984 then spoiled it for myself and now know the ending. Should I go back and read it? I just couldn’t get behind the writing style
What about "The human comedy" by Balzac?! You havent read it?
Why did he call them classics of English literature? There are books in it which weren't written in English originally like crime and punishment, the alchemist etc.
Wow you had some things I agreed with and some things that you should be drawn and quartered for saying. But hey we all have differing opinions (Dune bruh, cmon) (Fellowship )
I just realized you're a DAY younger than me haha
Jack, ignore the nerds in the comments crying bc a random guy on the internet doesn’t like their favourite book. You said what needed to be said!
wow this video is getting so much unfounded hate. I am a firm believer that something can be a classic and intentionally fulfilling but you can not enjoy it. People are even having the nerve to say you aren't qualified a) you read the books and therefore can have an opinion in the and b) literally have a degree. I'm sorry so many people are making fun or you or berating and insulting you.
Totally agree with you on Dune, the writing style is horrible. But Lord of the Rings is a great read no matter how familiar you already are with the story. James Joyce and Pynchon are not for the normal reader, you need to belong to a higher class of being to appreciate them. The funny thing with several books by Pynchon, if you read them for a second time, they seem more confusing than the first. Moby Dick is not as boring as they say, when I started it I was expecting it to be a drag , but it took me less than a week to finish it. But I would not recommend it to someone who does not have a lot of free time in his hands. Same thing applies if you wanna read Joyce of Pynchon. If you got to work 9 to 5, five days a week, better forget it.
You don't like Charles Dickens? I am sorry but I can not respect your opinion.
have u read family of liars?
i loved the plot of we were liars but the execution wasnt done that well which is why i did not like it that much. we were liars is a book which people either absolutely hate or absolutely love but i found myself right in the middle.
loving reading is really a loving thing to do!
Just God knows how much I love The Song of Aquiles. The writing, the style, the story line and, overall, the genuine love between Aquiles and Patroclus Yes, it is INDEED worth reading!
That’s good you have interesting books from tiktok
That’s good
I am books lover i have library
Watching this in may 2022 and you have a million subscribers WHAT lol
Your ideas for the concept of They Both Die At The End… yes please. I need that book.
This country is fucked.
I finished the song of achilles A YEAR AGO and it's still too soon. I cry by only hearing it's title. i screamed in pain while reading it.
They both die at the end
they both die at the end was such a disappointing book, I love the concept but hate the execution. also, the female characters were very one dimensional and empty which was very disappointing for a book with other good rep
I just finished We were liars. i am BRokEn
"We were liars" was supposed to be a murder mystery or somethin to JUST READ. I wasn't supposed to have a headache and a runny nose because of bawlin'. my. eyes. out.
“The book tried to tackle every. Social. Issue. Ever.” ok then I’ll pass. Love your reviews. Hope you do a part 2 soon.
Can someone recommend me some good romantic novels / story books.
When it comes to The Midnight Library, the only issue I had was with how it ended. Halfway through the book you kind of knew what was going to happen. Other than that I really enjoyed it
i absolutely loved we were liars however i do understand why most people hate it. the first part was boring and a struggle to get through. the second part just kinda felt like useless information but it really starts being interesting and a massive page turner towards the third part. and i agree that the plot twist was predictable, i kinda figured it out halfway through but i loved going through the journey of how it happened. SPOILER who set the fire. why did they set the fire. what was cadence not remembering. what's the entire family so terrified of telling her. i knew they were dead almost immediately but i was absolutely hooked on how it happened and how they got there and what led to it.
I was bored through out We Were Liars until the very end and when I finished I wanted to start it over
The Oak and the Calf by A. Solznetsyn as well as the 3 volume Gulag series ( more history than biography) Also the Lioness: Golda Meyer by 't go wrong with R. Chenov: US Grant.
I read the Romanovs this year and it was brilliant such a fun read
The House of Morgan's difficult to come across, I wish I had a copy
Do you have a Goodreads account?
thank you for the recommendations! rare to see people discussing about history and biographies books. how long it took for you to read books those long ?

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