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Find the best deal on The Electric Car: Mobility in Upheaval Book at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest The Electric Car: Mobility in Upheaval Book Price in India is ₹5,607 at Amazon.
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The Electric Car: Mobility in Upheaval Book Reviews from YouTube

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If electric cars were to become the norm Africa would sink once we have enough lithium to make them work. Plus if people bought cars like they do today then we'll have to do the same thing in 3 years. Then again, hard to convince first world environuts to care about Africa unless its a live aid concert.
He's not saying EVs are bad, only that we need more and more renewable electricity so that everything we make has an increasingly lower carbon footprint.
What a bunch of nonsense. He says the CO2 from a horse goes back to plants to make oxygen but the CO2 from the coal or gas powered vehicles do not go back to plants to make oxygen. CO2 is CO2 no matter what the source is, which plants can take in and make oxygen. The way to change climate is to reduce the population on earth by at least half. Hard choices would have to be made on who can reproduce and who will be sterilized.
The only real answer to the energy problem is nuclear. Safe clean and abundant.
Plugin hybrids would be great and could even be a complete solution if they had 100 mile batteries and small engines but that's not what is being built and people don't even bother to plug them in so the consumption is higher than if they didn't have batteries at all.
What about the massive environmental cost of industrially producing a field full of solar panels? High manufacturing temps needed are gained by burning coal etc. It’s basically all a lie. You can’t power 7 billion people and a billion cars without significantly damaging the environment. Renewable is so misleading.
The only possible solution is implementing Carbon Tax.
Fossil fuel is over a hundred years out of date it's only the people who don't like change who has issues swapping for something practical
The eventual best technology is Hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen can be produced from renewable power solar, wind, wave, pumped hydro etc The problem we all face with renewable generation now is they are unpredictable. The methods at present to deal with the peaks and toughs is via fossil fueled turbines etc and batteries. Without a stable frequency Hz and voltage, damage to electrical items such as TV and list is huge of all items. So as from the lecture it will take trillions of dollars and many years to establish a complete and viable cycle.
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There are also many other fuels available to power an internal combustion engine, the trouble is the governments and oil companies don't want us to use them. It's all about greed, and the climate change hoax is brainwashing people who don't know the real facts.
Climate change is going to happen whatever we do. Earth has a cycle. We can't change the climate with carbon fuels. Carbon is dinosaurs carcasses and all decaying matter
Renewable energy parts are made by what?
Conservatives call this "common sense", leftists call it "fake news".
Part of the answer is more nuclear power. It's much safer than transportation of fossil fuels, and it has a fraction of the carbon emissions. Also, what happened to hydro?
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Out of date information by a long shot.
California what's to be all electric by 2030I. they can't power air conditioning in the summer with out brown outs and power failures. good luck charging those cars.
Pričate gluposti kolko se zemlje mora uništiti da bi se došlo do litija i kada se ta baterija potroši možeš baciti auto jer je skuplja baterija nego cijeli auto!I kolko se zemlje zagadi izkopa ajući taj litij to nikog ne briga nego eto kada gotov proizvod kao ne zagađiva okoliš a okoliš je prije toga uništen !
Great work bro
Thank you because I want to learn about how make a n electric car
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Tesla refused to start its business in India due to lack of Government of India's cooperation. All promises of Government are in papers and never materialized.
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