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The Commercial Pilot's Study Manual: v.4 (The commercial pilot's study manual series) Book Reviews from YouTube

How to Become Pilot in India | Commercial Pilot | Eligibility | Fees | Salary [HINDI]
Commercial Pilot Oral Exam | FAA Checkride Prep
Commercial Pilot Oral Exam (FAA Checkride Prep)
How to Become Pilot in India | Commercial Pilot Eligibility, Fees, CPL Training & Salary
Main to bhai NDA hi dunga
Go sell ur google gyan anywhere else randdyykk
40 lakh dega kaun
Hlo l am pilot srinjana aplogo wish jarur pura hoga plz keep it up
Which entrance exam to be given for admission in flying school??
Sir i have been not talking maths but i take physic and chemestry then what can i do. Can i clear the exam
If we want to go abroad to study then what the procedure is seen of different
I can pass exam but have not enough to get my dream
Can we take computer science for 11th and 12th ?
What if a biology student want to become a pilot? Is it possible?
Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 se agr kre toh
Abroad krte he toh kitna kharch aayega
bro video was nice but i have a doubt that after giving NDA exam i don't want to join airforce i want to be a commercial pilot so can i be commercial pilot with giving nda
praveen bhai aap indian air force pilot se commercial pilot kaise bne ispe video bnao!!pls in full details
We have to give JEE Exam 12 th
Is science compulsory to become a pilot
Sir female Airforce pilot ki retirement age kitni hoti?
Gujcat exam jaruri hoti hai ki nai? Pailot banne me.
Thank you so much bhaiya for good information 👍
Damn, $500 checkride is cheap asf
18:20 That is one tall antenna tower.
My examiner also says “cool” and “awesome”for every reply
You can tell it's a real examination because the student is trying to make jokes to make him less nervous and the instructor is just a (polite) brick wall 😂
haha when he said interesting about the vfr altitude being the heading and not magnetic course.
I like the "discontinue" option so pilots don't force themselves to fly in fear of failure
6:08 NO,NO,NO. A Commercial pilot MAY NOT pay for, procure, or provide an aircraft in which a flight will be completed.
very helpful as always, thanks for sharing! starting my commercial training, and I'm so excited! :)
What if the tower were 12,500 feet high? Well, that'd be a damn big tower. :D
Around 13:30, isnt altitude determined by magnetic course, not aircraft heading?
How difficult is learning in terms of Mathematics and Physics for a pilot?
One punch man is performing exceptionally in the role of a DPE 👏🏼
Thanks for the great content! I passed my commercial check-ride last Friday August 28!
I’m a little confused at 5:41 Why can’t he get paid $250 if it is a rental airplane?
The hemispheric rule is based on magnetic course, not heading
Please use better audio next time, it's not hard
I thought the cruising altitudes are based off of the course.
Why is everything AWESOME in America??? 🇺🇸
all i heard was cool awesome cool awesome cool awesome how old was this guy ?
Kudos for the video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried - Rozardner Flying Bird Reality (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one off product for how to get pilot license minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.
I am so thankful I go to a 141 school
I need help funding
Love your videos— pro tip: throw a high-pass filter on the audio to dampen those vibrations from the table to the mic.
Lol i get that everywhere people are taught differently but the g, b,e thing instead of echo, bravo, delta was like nails on a chalk board for me
Good job 👍 to both of you for posting this! Ignore the hate comments
Very good oral exam. He got you on the small things, but in general you did very well
“passengers don’t need oxygen” 😁😁😁👌🏻
Man, you guys need to get out of here with all the negativity. I dare one of you to record your oral so we can see how you do under pressure. give the guy a break.
Funny reading all the negative comments (most likely from kids that haven't flown anything other than Microsoft Flight Sim). Unless you've been in that hot seat you have NO IDEA. I thought the student did great.
10:44 the guy in the background is amazed at this guys lack of answers
*he may not have been perfect, but the whole reason John posts' these videos is to help others and help the people in his video be better pilots as well. thanks for the review, seemed an awful lot like a private pilot checkride from what I remember of mine*.
I am ready to take my Commercial Exam right now if I can use this guy.
Please tell me this is an example of bad acting. This kid is going for his commercial license yet he says, “I’m not sure” way too often. I would be concerned how proficient he is even as a private pilot. SMH ....
yhaw! So far he has shown the knowledge to ride a bicycle.. and even that is questionable. Honestly these kinds of pilots are ones I am scared to share the air. One can only imagine what his W&B looks like. Mike I love your channel and have learned and enjoyed quiet a bit from you. But for better ratings you should have picked a different candidate.
My CFI woulda slapped me to Sunday if I called them E and G not Echo and Golf 😂😂😂
E, G 😂😂😂
I would've gotten UNSAT soooo many times if I answered like that............currently at UND ND. We need angel examiner like him.
Mannnn! This dude put himself into some bad situations lol
Every time he moves his hands... POUND POUND POUND
I hate when you are looking for something and someone is waiting for you. Idk for some reason I tend to not concentrate when I am feeling rushed, seems scary!
Guys, I want to Clarify Something here. In the End of this Video, I said "Koi Bewkoof hi hoga jo Fauj me Isliye pilot bane qki wahan paise nahi lagte" What I mean is That don't abuse Free Training of Indian Air Force because it has more to offer than that. Please Use your Head while Watching Videos and Pura sune. My Dad is retired from Army And lot of my Family Members and relatives are still serving so please don't preach Patriotism here.
Who came here after watching Runway34
Can we can't join flying school after 12th
Well explained didi 😌 but there are some doubts in my mind hope you clear my doubts 1. I am just promote to class 11 so can i join any school for preparation and after 12 I can apply for job 2.through this process I also became a international flight pilot 😌 3.which one is better for me 60 lacs or 80 lacs
Which authorsbook should i prefer for NIOS for physics and maths
U r a fool go sell ur google gyan anywhere else randyy
Thank you dii ❤️
Please someone reply to me I have completed my 12th class from CBSE arts stream can I still take NIOS exam and pass with physics chemistry and biology wouldn't it be illegal please help me with this please arts wale log jo CBSE se Hain vah bhi NIOS exam de sakte hain kya PCB stream mein aur vo degree palat hogi aur legal hai kya yah
Middle class students RIP
80 lakh rupya LGA kar ke agar koi business kar lege .. to 80cr monthly earn kar lega.. or aisa ek apna aeroplane fleet bhi open kar lega.. use or 80 cr kma lega 🤣
Much nhi too much.. 30 lakh 🙄🙄
Mam.... Jo junior... Ho kar pilot hote hai jis plane me join hote hai kya hum alg koi plane me join hue to kya promotion nahi hota hai kya
Thanku so much
Can a person with biology in 12th can go for pilot..
Fees 🙄🙄🤧
Agar koi SC ya ST category ka ho to usko bhi etni fees lagti hai kya
I am 32 years old can i become a CPL and then take a pilot job ?
Felt sorry after knowing the fees 😅💔
Hi mam .....I am hemangi from gandhingar . I have a question . To become a pilot you need to do NDA after 12th ......pls reply mem
Mam does all flying school has common entrance test or different?

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