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The Case Against Perfection – Ethics in the Age of Genetic Engineering Book Reviews from YouTube

The Case against Perfection Ethics in the Age of Genetic Engineering
Harvard Prof. Michael Sandel on Human Genetic Modification, Berkeley, CA, 7 May 2007
Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever CRISPR
Justice with Michael Sandel - CCCB: Bioethics: Designer children
Does someone have the whole video? Please share it
whoever did the sound for this video needs to be fucking shot.
That doesn't sound problematic. Why did you chose the word "threatens"?
We need genetic engineering to meet the otherwise unsolvable challenge of using microphones properly.
It's all alright!Prof. Yamanaka found ips cell!
I just don't see the problem with engineering your child. I mean, of course there should be rules, but why would you want to prevent it completely? In the future you might be able to remove cancer-prone genes and disabilities. And as long as the parents are not intent on making a deformed child, then why would designing it be a problem?
@ThePlatoon4 I study criminal justice, so I am aware of the factors that surrounds intelligence. Nough said. Stop being so liberal you fucking hipster.
@happyghost2011 LOL you're a moron.
I think we need genetic engineering because everyone that is mating today has an IQ of less than 70.
@avantibarbari is that really a threat?
BOOOO eugenics
@smallen642 you are dangerous, very dangerous way of thinking.....i hope you will never get into political office
Choosing sex I don't think is a good idea especially for places who hold men above women or vis versa.Although I'm sure there would be regulations on what could and couldn't be done. How would people go about enforcing these regulations globally?I just don't want to see this get out of hand in the future. Any problem that gets out of hand can't just be erased because we are talking about human life.
Lets put it this way, who will likely screw things up first. Humans or evolution? We tenth to do things that end up badly because of or selfish instinct. How many species did we destroyed already by just living on this planned? Yes you can fix some genetic code but please make sure it is actually broken.
The problem is that although we may find distinct genes for certain disabilities, there are no distinct gene for things like violence or greed. These are whole categories of complex human behaviors determined by many factors, both genetic and social. Modifying related genes can lead to unforeseen, and most likely unfortunate results.Even modifying physical attributes can have such problems. For example, the gene for sickle cell blood disorder also helps resist malaria. It's a risky business.
LOL those people who object "designing" a baby don't seem to realize that choosing a spouse is also partially an act that "designs" a baby.I personally think it's ok to engineer genetically without upsetting the current social structure.Sex selection: not a good idea.Intentionally making a disabled child: rather selfish.Hair color: no thanks I don't want to see blonds everywhere in certain shallow communities.Fixing disability: If it's reliable, I'm all for it.
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5th graders in 2056 will use insults likeYou were made in a lab and you still ugly
Whatever happens lets not let it end up like man after man or all tomorrows.
I see a lot of people saying they would want something like this for all the benefits. And that a balance should be maintained to avoid extreme and bad cases. But that's not how humans are. We greedy, selfish and would do anything to gain advantages, moral or not. Beneficial layer or harmful. I feel this stuff should be stopped now, so as to cut out a potential problem from its root. Yes it could be beneficial, but just the fact that it could be used the other way is terrifying. But alas, once even this much is discovered, whoever wants can try stop it, you can't stop everyone from undertaking this research. Somebody will.
Will people modified by CRISPR be called Crisps?
I asked my dad how life was for him at that time (He was born In september 1960), he told me that for him it just came out of nowhere. It was so random but also fascinating.
Were becoming too powerful for our own good
Ah yes, truly no possible way of a person harboring a grudge from being lab grown.
So, where are the sources in the description 15:48
Three years ago I saw this video when I didnt know what to study, thank to it I discovered what my passion was, now Im studying Engineering in Biotechnology and in my classes we are seeing this specific topic, so I came to thank you. Keep it up with great videos!
11:29 - "Convince a smart billionaire"ELON MUSK
didn't expect DBZ reference
Wow, this vid would have been really useful if the algorithm recommended it to me a week ago
Ok, but isn't this illegal
Good intro
I dont know if it was your video or if it was somebody elsesBut it talked about evolution and how genetics work and stuff like thatAnd every time I hear of evolution or genetics or um just call it reproductionAll I can think about is sperm and eggsI need this to stop I cant take it stop my body please
The thing is, there are cures for cancer that aren't boasted about by big pharma, the media doesn't keep on about it either, so many people will rely on the treatment that hospitals provide and will have this belief system it's the only way to treat cancer but it's mainly to keep the funds coming in that will be a great loss if everyone just opted to try nature's medicine. I have been reading about black seed oil for a few years and have had the privilege to meet two ladies who cured their cancer, one of those was only given 6 to 12 months left to live, 3 years later, she's sharing her miracle with many others and hoping that many patients will also follow her to prove that natural products are not pseudoscience. We evolved for millennia with mother earth's natural farmacy, it's time we followed our ancestors and get back to living a somewhat decent human life, unlike today where there are soulless humans who are programmed to hell and back by the mainstream narrative. They're only ideas from people like us, we are all equal and we should all leave nature deal with us rather than take opinions and ideas by people who are just crazy about money than their actual career which requires care for others. The world is a stage run by criminals and some or many are psychopaths and are only out for their selves. There's always a plot twist to something that sounds good and promising. Example: artificial womb and babies. What exactly is people thinking? I honestly think it's like as if there is psychopath's playing god with genes etc and are possibly gonna create many soulless humans to build an army or something. After all, these artificial womb babies won't be nurtured, won't have that bond like a baby that has been done the proper way.The left woke are tapped in the head. Fuk all this nonsense. There's only two genders that can create humans, only women get pregnant. There's no such thing as transgender so most of the left woke brigade should accept that instead of pushing it out in to schools, in the media etc.Get a fukin life and read about human anatomy instead, saddos
I show this video in my class every year. It always sparks incredible debates within the class as to the extent that we should use genetic engineering in the future. Thank you for making this!
The Ultimate Life Form

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