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Texas Instruments TI - 36X II Scientific Calculator - by Stealodeal ...

1 x TI - 36X II Scientific Calculator · Scientific Calculator · Display Digit : 11 · 3 Years Texas Instruments India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance. · 100% ...


Flipkart.com | TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI - 36X II Scientific Calculator

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI - 36X II Stealodeal TI - 36X II Scientific Calculator (10 Digit) ; 1 Item. ₹999 ; 2 Add-ons. ₹731 ; Total · 1,730.


Texas TI-36X II Scientific Calculator Features

  • Scientific Calculator
  • Model Name : TI 36 XII
  • It has 2-line scrolling display shows entry and calculated result at same time, scroll up/down to review recent calculations, 11-digit scrollable entry line, 10 digit answer and 2 digit exponent
  • Two-variable statistics, fraction conversion, trignometric functions, hyperbolic Functions
  • Polar and rectangular coordinates, permutations and combinations, random number and random integer generator
  • Fixed decimal compatibility, common and natural algorithms, universal power and roots
  • Dual power (solar and battery)
  • Scientific

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Texas TI-36X II Scientific Calculator Reviews from YouTube

TI-36X Pro Engineering/Scientific Calculator Review
TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator Review
TI 36X Pro Review and Feature Overview
What's the best calculator for the CA Engineering Surveying Exam?
Buy it here: https://amzn.to/2HPCC1Z
Hey how can I use sigma on this calculator
Hp laserjet printer and scanner
We cant see the whole calculator or everything you’re doing. Thumbs down
yes pls
Still, I am much more comfortable with Casio FX 991EX.
Is this better than Casio-FX91EX?
Is this a graphing calculator?
Best calculator for people who are used to TI graphing calculators, but are not allowed to use it. Been using it for at least 5+ years. Hands down my favorite calculator to date.
Are there games on it
Wow. Just purchased this. Dont have a clue how to use! Thanks for overview.
Can you do 4 (any number) raised to the square root of 9 (any number)?
Where is the degree sign?
These Exam "examiners" are killing Canon, Sharp and HP. Plus a community that likes them. Shame on them, they need to get fired! They don't even do their research.
WOW they will need to revise the HP front of that list. The competitor of the Casio FX991 EX and TI 36x Pro is not the HP 35s anymore... FOR A LONG TIME... It is the HP300s+. Also, where is the Sharp EL-W516T, another same level calculator? The Canons I understand why they don't include, even if it is not the reason... THEY ARE SLOOOW (I.e. Canon F-792SGA). I still like them, but Canon needs to catch up with the game.
That was a really concise and helpful review. Thanks!
The most important feature of the TI-36X Pro is its power-off memory protection. If your TI times-out and turns off (or if you turn it off yourself) you can resume the calculations you were doing when you power back on, --not so with Casio scientifics as Casio destroys your calculation history. /Regards
The Ti-36X Pro is still a very interesting product but i think the new Ti-30X Pro simply overcomes it. Don't get me wrong, it's a very similar product but the new design and most of all screen make it more appealing for about the same price imho.
Logan, does this calculator solve permutations and combinations, for example: nC3 : (n-1)C4 = 8 : 5 then n=...? Can I just write this equation on it and just solve for the variable n and simply get the value of n, if it really do that, it will be sooo great, because I really waste a lot of time in dong like that questions. Please I just want a helpful reply, thank you.
Does it work on batteries or solar energy? how different is it from the Ti 30x pro mathprint and ti 30x pro multiview?
hey uhm idk the english definition but ig its "rounding"? like you know the "≈"? where u can shorten a number for example u calculate 2 * pi and the result is 6,2831853071795864769252867665590057683943 and u can shorten that number to 6.28, is there a button for that? i didnt see it in the vid im probably just blind
Hi Logan. I surely hope you're gonna answer. I need a new calculator for my thermodynamycs exam, as my professor can't let use programmable calculators like the one I normally use (fx-cg50 CASIO). I needed to know how many lanes of operations were memorized by the calculators, as i keep on doing calculations. To explain it properly, if i make a mathematical operation, then another, then another, and so on, all using the ANS function to connect them, how many of them are saved by the calculators before they start getting deleted? Moreover, does this calculator let me write a long mathematical operation (like very long) on a single line, or stops me at some point. Thermodynamycs are so full of loop calculus, and I need a calculator that lets me go back to a lot of operations, to change something in every one of them, and then evaluate the new results. Greetings from Italy.
thank you! Very complete and succinct. Helped me a lot while preparing for an exam :)
where is the brackets button
I used my pbos points to but this calculator I hope it's worth it
Can it do probability like when it asks what what’s the proportions and what the chance of a certain event happening
can we do 6(2x+3) and it give the answer with the variable in this case 12x+18?
3+3root2 how do u get a decimal?
Didn’t need to see any other video! Great tutorial 🔥🙏🏼
6:42 Stat Register - thank you!
I do not understand the powers how does this work because my son is in fifth grade
The best review of TI-36X-Pro. Thanks!
Is it programmable ? Can I enter the formulae for tha vertex of a 2nd grade funcion calculation?
Thanks! You're not too boring!
The 36xPro is a lot of calculator for the money. But it's curved and bulky for no obvious reason form factor drives me a little nuts, and the silver arithmetic buttons just ticked me off. I finally colored in the characters with sharpie like they should have been. The 89 Titanium from around the same design period has a bunch of other what-the-hell visual design decisions, like light pastel blue and green on gray background.
What do the A,B,C,D,E &F keys do? 2nd key for the 1,2,3,4,5,&6 keys.
Can u play games??
Can you please compare, TI-36X PRO VS CASIO FX991 EX PLEASE. help me choose between these two for my FE exam
Two of the three produce the result in decimal degrees, while the casio gives the result in DMS - to me, that's an added bonus because you're probably not adding DMS to DMS to use decimals, right? It seems to me the real pluses to the Ti-89 is that 1) you can access the history on the screen, so if you have to do multiple DMS calcs, you can scroll back up to reuse the ->DMS input and 2) you can download and install programs into it.
Like the FX-115 ES, this calculation is also easy to do on the HP Prime, especially in RPN mode.
TI is like trash when compare to Casio, was forced to buy a TI calculator because of some stupid exams
But Casio is so slow when they calculate (1/2)!. I waited for 5 minutes and it is still calculating.
Casio fx-115.
Seven point one seven.
Who told you the TI-89 was allowed? To my knowledge it is not...no graphing calculators allowed. https://ncees.org/exams/calculator/
I like Casio fx-570ES plus natural-V.P.A.M
The best calculator I can find for the price was the Casio fx-991es plus c which is the Canadian version of the fx-115es plus...Thumbs up, this calc rules...it does so many little things that the rest don't....like repeating decimal...by far the most accurate calc I own...I also have a awesome pc simulator of it as well. Oh and the Sharp EL-w516X is just as easy to enter that equation with the DMS key...
Terrific video. I always carry a little pocket Casio fx-260 scientific with my TI-36X Pro, because the sexagesimal calculations (DMS) on Casio are very simple and fast.
Comparing the TI-36X Pro to the Casio 115ES Plus is reasonable. The TI-89 Titanium not so much since you are sacrificing ease of use for a lot more power. You are really comparing apples to oranges. Also I own both the Casio 115 ES plus and the TI-36X Pro. I agree that the DMS button on the Casio is much more convenient. However, TI designed the 36X Pro to be more menu driven. It may slow it down compared to the Casio but it makes the TI overall a little easier to use.
You're the most badass engineer I've ever known

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