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The lowest Teranga Punjab Tiger Hockey Stick Price in India is ₹2,999 at Shopclues.
Buy Teranga Punjab Tiger Hockey Stick online at Shopclues.
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Teranga Punjab Tiger Hockey Stick Reviews from YouTube

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Love that OU jersey
more blind tests. cheap sticks please. 3 or more a test. thanks
Bauer and ccm
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best ice skates *scafe.shop/tbis2019?AO* hope it helps you out too!"
Do high flex vs low flex
You should do these: Bauer Supreme vs Bauer Vapor CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY vs CCM Ribcor Reckoner Warrior Covert QRE vs Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Bauer Vapor 1X Lite vs CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY Bauer Vapor ADV vs Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Bauer Nexus 2N Pro vs CCM Super Tacks AS1 Warrior Covert QRE vs Warrior Alpha QX Bauer Nexus 2N Pro vs Easton Synergy
177 flex?!
Panther - yellow warrior-green
Could you blind test a Bauer vapor 1x be a Easton synergy htx
get a pop guard for your mic all we hear is the constant click of your tongue
It’s funny to see how brits talk about hockey. Also no offence but they’re not that good, they true do these skills to look cool but let’s be honest this is what 10 year olds do, they’re stick handling and skating (in all fairness they weren’t trying to show off skating speed) was painfully slow. The one thing I like about they’re play is NO ONE uses the back handed which is a great shot for quick elevation and unpredictably. I always used my backhand cause my slap shot is shit and my wrister until recently also sucked
Should have used spray paint
How do you play hockey in the UK? Does it end in a tie and both teams lose or 0-0 double losers. Anyways I'm sure your efforts really aid your country on the international stage.
You should’ve just spray painted them
You should do a thin layer of plasti dip instead of the tape, with the full tape job your adding almost 20% additional weight to the stick, and the plasti will peel off at the end as well
Is that a Oklahoma sweater
If u put a long strip on tape vertically down the shaft you’ll use way less tape so it’s lighter and you still can’t see what it is
This was a great idea! I'd be interested to see the CCM Trigger 3D vs a comparable PAMA stick.
True vs bauer
Bhan Chowde🤬🤬🤬🤬✋✋🤜🤜🤜🤛👏🤛
Worst and very misleading video...Looks admin has no knowledge about hockey...Thumbs down 👎🏻
Alfa y 30 I have
Worst video ever watched
Bhaiya hame hockey kahan se milega tell me
Bhai apne order ulta kar diya
Itna kam daam mein kahan se Milta Hai hockey stick
I like how he isn't biased saying that the 5 is better. I like that he has some criticism of the newer stick. Great video
I noticed the tape on the one stick is a bit lighter... I like this look more for black tape, can someone confirm, is it just the wax that adds that lighter appearance to the black tape? Thanks
The stick is pretty bad it breaks too easily worst durability
Can you make a video on trigger 5 vs. trigger 5 pro I'm deciding which stick to get and I don't know if I want to spend the extra money on the pro when the trigger 5 is just as good
I just got this stick and I absolutely love it, I have always been a huge fan of ccm sticks I have had all of the three lines and love this line the most definitely get it
I’m so confused what is he talking about I have trigger 4 and 5 and he says when you take a clap ur hand moves. First off I don’t know who takes a slap shot with their hand that low on the stick and the concave side is as deep as it is on the trigger 4 so Idk what he’s talking about
notice how he blinked too much.
Don’t take a slap shot with the 5, broke on the third ice time ona a slap shot right In the heel of the blade
Can you do a Bauer vapour flylite full on review
I work at a hockey store, (pro hockey life) in the stick department and I train the staff about the new products so I have an understanding of these two sticks, the only new "tech" is the nanolite layering; what that means is that they have found a "new way" of weaving and compressing the carbon fiber to use less walls while not decreasing the durability, but reducing the weight. What I can tell you is that in the few weeks since they have come out we have had to warranty a number of them cause; guess what, when you remove the walls you decrease your durability because its the same stick. This is nothing new Bauer has pulled this same "magic trick" with their vapor's in the past.
nexus adv please, personally love mine I just want to hear what you guys think of it
Trigger 5 breaks so easy tho
This guy on the ice has zero idea what he’s talking about. I’ve had both the trigger 4 and 5 and the shaft is the exact same. I would notice if it wasn’t as I care about every little feel on my stick. Don’t listen to this guy. The trigger 5 is better as it is lighter and has all the great features of the trigger 4.
Stop shooting off your toes so much
Do an all adv comparison
can you guys do a review on the bauer nexus adv
Is the beyond the boards podcast coming back? I really enjoyed listening to the episodes at work.
Great video editing.
ive heard that the 5 is just about too light for it to actually be enjoyable, like you cant really find the puck because you cant feel the stick
I tried both and I prefer trigger 4
This did not feel like a 19 min video lol. Idk how you made it this interesting lol
Do they have 95 flex? Also when you say the blade is flat you mean the rocker of the blade?
Just a bit of information for shooters - sorry goalies I do that also but - the OVIE has that "staging" available in its release - the follow-through will be at 3-feet but if you slightly adjust the wrist, that puck stages upward. If you have not played goal then try to visualize that I can see your follow-through at its height and end of release - behind a group of payers - I can stick my glove out and it's in there - the OVIE blade shape and pattern allows for a slight staging where that visual is different from most sticks in how the puck comes off that blade. I've done this for 40+ years; Mogilny had some blades that were wood, curved etc. but the action that the goaltender saw was different from their normal view. The stiffness is actual, if not feeling stiffer...I could care less what anyone says here, but I've had former-NHL players and local (StL)coaches ask who I played for; this stick can deliver and if you ARE serious you've got consistency. I don't sell for him or anything like that - I just had the mindset, when younger, if I'm going to play and get the chance I want something in my hands that feels like an extension of my vision...into the net.
Throwing this information out there for any potential customers: I like mine much and I've been doing pro sticks since 1978. My "custom" Laine came in at 397 grams full - length and my MacKinnon at 378 grams. The options are great!!! Being older a straighter stick was also needed and their LEON gave me that! I'm the cowbird and switch patterns depending upon what I'm doing so this company gives me options and a serious consistency that I appreciate. Hockey Tote
i really want to try these guys out
Do we have new Mission inline skates this year? Not found anything online yet
I'm curious, do they have different shaft shapes? Contoured, traditional, etc ?
I remember you were pretty big on hoapa. How would you compare these to hoapa? I have the right handed fact daddy arriving tomorrow btw.
Been thinking about getting one of these for a while, would anyone seriously recomend it over a top brand stick?
I love my prostock stick I got. Highly recommend trying it
Last summer I had bought a Rasky pro curve. Could not shoot for the life of me. But the feel of the stick was fantastic so I bought a 5 pack of fully customized sticks. I could not be more happy with how they came out. I message the Instagram account often with questions and I can confirm they have the best costumer service known to mankind. They truly do care about what they send to each customer. The only complaint I have is I wish I knew about this company sooner. I cannot believe I’ve been paying for $350 sticks just for them to sit on my wall as these sticks are by far my favorite I’ve used.
The textured finish on the blade makes a decent difference for inline and dek imo
I have a McDavid and rasky, my brother has a pm9, my neighbor has a geno. We all love the sticks. Great pop, great feel, super durable. I sent him some goalie sticks to make customs so maybe order one when he puts up the preorder
So interesting, wish I could try them out but I just got two new twigs over the summer
But please do more Reviews on smaller Brand sticks
Please dont get venal, I Always appreciated the honest Reviews
I have a few of these sticks... agreed that they're pretty good
For what it is worth, as someone that watches all youtube videos on a large TV through the app, the multi colored logo can get a little distracting especially during game play.. Maybe make it smaller or a neutral color? Just some feedback.

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